Southwest 50,000 ($833) Sign-up Bonus Ending Tomorrow – 11/11

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Offer expired. Check here for current offer.

Update:  I just confirmed that this offer is indeed ending tomorrow – 11/11/11.  Act quickly if you want in!

Update: For whatever reason, the link is still working!

Southwest Rapid Rewards® Plus Credit Card – 2 FREE FLIGHTS Limited Time Offer

I just saw on The Points Guy’s site that the awesome Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card 50,000 Rapid Reward point sign-up bonus is ending tomorrow.  I am working on getting confirmation myself, but I very much trust his info, so my feeling is that it is true.  So, if you are on the fence about applying for this card, time is up!

My hunch is this 50,000 point offer ($833 in Wanna Get Away credit) will probably be back at some point (though you never know), but if you want in on it now, I would do it by sometime early tomorrow – November 11th.  You can read more about what the Southwest card can do for you here and the possibility of obtaining a companion pass by getting two 50,000 point cards here.  Presumably, if you waited until January 2012 to activate the card and make the first purchase, your 50,000 points can count towards pursuing the Companion Pass in 2012.  That would actually be a pretty good strategy if it works.  A word of warning about this though, at least one reader (see the comments section) has been told by Rapid Rewards that this strategy would not work and that the points wouldn’t count towards 2012 CP qualification.  I’m not 100% why since the points wouldn’t post to your account until 2012, but they obviously know more about the inner workings of Rapid Rewards than I do.  So, if you are applying with this strategy in mind I would get some verification from Rapid Rewards it will work before proceeding.

Good luck if you plan on applying for this very family friendly sign-up bonus!  Let me know if you have any questions, or if you get in on this deal!

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  1. Hi,

    I guess tomorrow is the last day to ask for a points match from them too! I got the same card in March for 20K bonus only and they gave me the difference to bump up to 50K…

    Its definitely worth a shot to call them! =)

    Thanks to all your blog tips as always!

  2. I just got approved for the business card and should get it in 1 week. I am trying to get the points to post this year to get the comp pass. When should I make my billing date? I was told that I have to wait 25 days before I can be billed for a purchase on my statement.

    • @jonathan, off-hand I don’t know for sure, but it would not surprise me at all if that sign-up bonus decreased after tomorrow as well.

  3. I called Rapid Rewards customer service to ask if a card applied for today but not used until 01/12 would still receive the bonus and if those would count toward my companion pass total for 2012. She said I WOULD receive the 50K bonus but that those points WOULD NOT count toward the 110K points needed for the companion pass.

    • @Jeff, thanks so much for the info. I will update the post to reflect that. I wonder how that would work since the points won’t be deposited into your account until 2012. Did they give any indication as to how/why it would somehow not count? Either way, thanks for sharing the info!

      • The rules for RR 2.0 state that bonus points do not count towards Companion Pass qualification – from the T&C:

        “Purchased points and points earned from program enrollment, Tier bonuses, flight bonuses, and Partner bonuses do not count toward Companion Pass status.”

        Now, this year, the bonuses do count since this year (2011) is a transition year from RR 1.0 to RR 2.0 and the less restrictive rules (RR 1.0 in this case) apply. Many people got their Companion Pass through these offers THIS year.

        I guess the response from the CR is an indication that Southwest indeed plans to enforce the stricter rules next year.

        • The T&C also state that credit card points count towards CP:
          “Companion Pass Qualifying Points are earned from revenue flights, points issued on Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Cards, and points earned from Rapid Rewards Partners.”
          Taking that sentence and your quoted sentence into consideration it would seem that the 50K would best match the category of “Rapid Rewards Credit Cards” and would therefore count towards CP (as people have previously reported). The wording, “points issued on”, seems to be all-encompassing and doesn’t seem to exclude signup bonus points.
          If they did decide to exclude the 50K, I think they would need to update their T&C.

          • @maybe, I pretty much agree. So far it has certainly been working and the Terms and Conditions can be interpreted that it has been working as written. You could conclude that all points earned from the credit card will count. I don’t see anything that indicates that should change in 2012 as there is already a whole section of terms and conditions dedicated to the 2011 transition, but you never know. I can also see how it can be interpreted the way that Kate said. I guess the only way to know for sure it is counting toward the CP is to do it now since we know it has been working thus far.

  4. MP: I need your help in deciding whether to go for this card or the Chase Ink Bold. What are your thoughts? Which one holds more value?

    • @Maury, hate to say that is really one of those “it depends” situations. If you are just looking for domestic trips, you plan in advance, and Southwest is convenient for you, then it may be the better bet. If you want more flexibility to use for hotels and/or fly overseas, then the Ink Bold with Ultimate Rewards may be a better choice. They are both great offers though. I'd love to hear what you decide on!

  5. this is another one of those offers I am torn about. I don’t use SW that often, because I don’t do a lot of point to point flying on the mainland, and when I do, I want to post more EQMs to UA so I can maintain 1K there. But I can see that it’s a great value play if you can take the Chase hit, and really good for families that can take advantage of SW.


  6. I am really torn now, I just applied for and received both cards, was waiting until Jan 1 to use to get the CP for 2012/13. I may have to call and see what’s up. Even if I activate and use the card today, the points possibly might not post until 2012 anyway, depending on when the statement closes and how fast the points post to SWA. Have we heard this from anyone else, or just one CSR who possibly may have been confused?

    Also, in terms of bonuses counting this year, I’ve had several bonuses in other categories (dining first step bonus, hotel double points bonus) and those have not counted to CP qualification. So it seems like they have already weeded out which bonuses count and which don’t. From a post I saw on flyertalk, I believe it posted as credit card 51,333 (don’t remember the exact numbers, but something like that) so it all posted as one amount for the bonus and spending. If that is true, I’m not sure how they could even weed it out.

    Either way, this is very unsettling. Blah.

  7. Posted this on another blog, will post it here as well:

    Alright, I just got off the phone with SWA. I just said I was approved for the card but I’m not sure how fast my 50,000 will post and if it will be in this year or next year, since we are so close to the end of the year. She said it will count to CP qualification either way. She told me that there are no changes coming anytime soon regarding CP qualification and that basically they already have it straightened out (dining bonuses, etc not counting).

    And since I really don’t know when my bonuses might post, and I don’t want to end up with one in 2011 and one in 2012, I think I will wait and stick to my org plan.

  8. Was approved for the business cards yesterday as well. so, wife and I got all 4 cards (2 each). thanks to Your Man’s Post!!! I had no idea what a companion pass was and how to get one.

    @Lyssa: How are you going to gain the last 10k points needed to win the companion pass? Any easy Ideas other than fly? I was thinking balance transfer 10k from my us airways card (which also got 10k miles for its current 0% balance transfer from our sapphire cards which also got UR points from buying 10k gift cards for united month of miles challenge).

  9. @Ali, I don’t believe that you can transfer miles from US Airways to Southwest. You usually can’t transfer from one airline to another. I am going to load up on Choice hotel points for the transfer, I just got approved for their card, plus had some AMEX MR points to transfer to Southwest. So first thing in Jan, I will transfer those Choice points to SWA. Also, the dining program (base points, not bonuses) count towards the CP, so I will be doing some extra dining in Jan/Feb and also will transfer some erewards. Right now I am close to having enough erewards currency for 500 Southwest points. I don’t think we know for sure if erewards counts for the CP, but it should.

    Hope that helps!

  10. @Alyssa: 2012. earning 100k in jan 2012 with the 2 credit cards. wondering what your plan is for the last 10k needed to gain the companion pass.

  11. I applied for the southwest card on the 11th but didn’t get approved until a few days later. In your experience do you still get the sign up incentive? I received the card in the mail and there is no mention of the 50,000 pts. Any recommendations? Thank you!

    • @Rachel, you should still get the sign-up bonus with no problem since you signed up during that period. If you are concerned, you can call Chase and verify that your account is linked to that offer. Congrats on the approval!

  12. Awesome thank you so much for your help! I’m new to your blog and LOVE IT!!! My inlaws live in Oregon (we are also in Tx) and we have 2 little boys so we appreciate all the advice and tips on how to travel for cheap with a family. I did have 2 questions, 1 – as far as reward points earned with credit cards, how do you go about limiting yourself to new credit card sign ups so you don’t hurt your credit score and 2 – in your experience with traveling with little ones and rental cars – do you feel safe using their car seats? Are there any companies you recommend more or less because of their car seats? Sorry, again I’m new to all of this 🙂

  13. @Rachel, I’m so glad the site is helpful for you! I would sign up for a new card (or cards) about every three months. At first you could probably get away with doing an extra one or two sooner, but then get on a three month schedule. There are many credit card churners with excellent credit. I got about six new cards this year for 500,000 points and still have over a 750 credit score. Be more careful if you are looking to get a mortgage or other large loan as this does reduce your score some, just not usually a ton. When you are ready for another card, I list my top family credit card recommendations here.

    As far as car seats, I have only used Hertz, but I found their seats to not be as nice as the ones I have at home, but they seemed functional. I would have rather had my own seat though.

    Good luck!

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