The Grand Slam Deadline is Upon Us! Tomorrow (11/14) is the Deadline!

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I can’t believe the end has come for this year’s US Airways Grand Slam promo.  I know no promo is for everyone, but this promo is one of my very favorites!  It doesn’t require travel or credit card sign-ups and yet still paid me out over 100,000 miles!

I wrote a post a few days ago on some good last minute hits.  Most of that advice is still solid – but you do have to be very sure to have any flower delivery dates by 11/14, and be careful if you are still doing a hotel hit that they give credit on check-in date, not check-out date (unless you actually are checking out by 11/14).

I am traveling until tomorrow afternoon, so won’t be available the whole time, but I promise to answer as many questions as a I can between now and the end of the promo tomorrow.  I am getting many last minute questions emailed to me, but it might be more helpful to post the questions here in case someone else could also benefit from the answer.  Also, I know there are tons of knowledgeable Mommy Points readers, so please help each other out as well.  It is the 9th inning , so post your questions in the comments here and let’s see what we can finish together!  Additionally, I know there are some of y’all that are still looking to share the “share miles” hit, so feel free to post here if you are looking for a partner to share with.

Let’s get those last minute hits in!!

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  1. I registered my credit card for the dining program. If I go eat somewhere tonight, but then the points don’t post until a few weeks from now, does that still count?

  2. @JO – yes it should. It will not post for a week or two but it is the dine date. I pay with us air MC as a follow up proof of date/dine.

    • @Erndog, here is what I found on FT about check-in/check-out dates. If anyone has different info, please feel free to share.
      Hyatt activity date = check-out date

      Hilton activity date = check-in date

      Marriott activity date = check-out date

      Choice = check-in date

      Starwood = check-in date

      Club Carlson = check-in date

      Priority Club = check-out date

  3. Has anyone been able to confirm that a Hertz point transfer to USAir will (or won’t) count as a hit? If yes, can it be done more than one time?

  4. @mommypoints Do you know whether transferring Hertz Gold Rewards into Divided Miles counts as a hit? I have 3 unused rental hits, and over the 600 points needed to do a transfer …any info or direction would be wonderful!

    • @Karlyn, no transferring Hertz points sadly won’t result in a hit. Just hold on to those for when you need a free rental day. 🙂

  5. Thank you so much, MP! If it weren’t for you, I would never have attempted GS 2011 (my first time and going for 16). Question, is there still time to do the transfer? I’m hoping to get a safety hit in as my Skymalls order was cancelled and though the miles posted, not sure it was was a genuine hit.

    • @Theresa, the Skymall cancelled order points have been sticking in accounts thus far. As far as the, I haven’t done this one transfer myself, but a reader left this comment on another Grand Slam post: I was lacking in a lot of programs to be able to transfer them into US Air miles on However, the easiest one I’ve found (and now it’s worked for myeslf and my wife) is to sign up for a Greenpoints account. You can transfer 8US Air miles into 12 Greenpoints, and then 12 Greenpoints back into 1 US Air mile. Of course, you come out of this (-7) US Air miles, but from GP signup to finish, it only takes about 10 minutes, and they post to your US Air account almost immediately.

  6. Probably should have mentioned that I was hoping to do the Asia Miles 1 mile transfer; not enough miles in my other accounts to do anything. TIA!

  7. Thanks Mommy Points for your detailed Grand Slam guidance! This is my first year attempting it and it’s all because of you. 🙂 I did 32 hits (actually 33 for safety) for 80K miles.

    One thing I learned for next year is to START EARLY!!! I didn’t get serious about this until the last week, and do not know if all hits will go through or how many more safety hits to do. Plus, with more time I’ll be able to book cheaper hotel stays for the hotel hits. Lesson learned for next time.

    I’m looking forward to doing the Grand Slam again next year. It was fun! Thank you MP!!

  8. Mommypoints I have a question for you,

    From Grand Slam rules it reads,
    “#9 Earn 1 hit when you share miles at or
    #10 Earn 1 hit when you swap other points into Dividend Miles at”

    I just did the Greenpoints trade on, does this mean that it is worth 2 hits because first I “shared” the miles with Greenpoints, and then a “swapped” points back into my Dividend Miles account? This should count as two hits right?

    • @Nik, Maury is correct. You have to share with a person for the share hit. You can either give or receive miles for the hit. GL!

  9. thanks mommypoints!

    haha I would love to recieve miles!! anyone have 1000 spare miles?? lol i know its a longshot but I just started earning US Air miles for the Grandslam and only have 591 in my account…. lemme know

    • @worldtraveller, it is that weird “after the holidays” type feeling! I plan to post about it soon because you are not the only one! 🙂

  10. Lucky to receive my netflix hit today. I was so worry about not doing a safety hit. Glad I didn’t after all. Next sweep, and I should have a total of 32 hits. Going to aim for 36 hits next year since I have Club Carlson and Marriott Memberships for hotel transfers.

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