Even More Ultimate Rewards Point Bonus Holiday Deals Added!

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If I could make it “Facebook official” that I am in love with Chase’s Ultimate Rewards, I would.  I talked about some of their deals before, but today I was looking on their site today to see what the next Holiday Point Bonus deal would be and I noticed that tons of one-day-only points deals for November have been added!  Before I go any further, if you do not already have a Chase Sapphire Preferred Card or the Chase Ink Bold Business Card, do not pass go, do not collect $200, just apply for one now so that you can get the 50,000 sign-up bonus points, and so that you don’t miss out on all of these great deals!  That is of course assuming you have good credit, don’t already have too many Chase cards, etc…

In case you are new to the Ultimate Rewards shopping portal, you have to first go to www.ultimaterewards.com, then make your purchases by linking to the various online retailers from that site.  You must have either a Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Ink Bold card to utilize the Ultimate Rewards portal (rumor has it that other cards can be used there as well – though I personally wouldn’t try that).

Okay, on to the now even longer list of November points deals!

I am personally most excited about Toys R Us (for Little C!), Best Buy (on Black Friday no less), and Apple.  Though the 20x shoes.com deal is pretty interesting since 20x points will always get my attention!  Remember, Ultimate Rewards points can be transferred to many of the top airline and hotel programs, so getting 10x – 20x bonus points on purchases you were going to make anyway is huge.  I am personally very excited for the shopping and points-earning portion of the holidays.

Are you ready?  What do you think of the one-day points deals?  Do you have an Ultimate Rewards earning credit card?

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  1. oh yeah, i’m ready. more than a handful of these are regulars for me. surely i cant be the only one completely sick of the insane point bonuses for flowers and magazines (though magazines don’t occur in this bonus).

    thanks for pointing this out MILFPoints.

  2. Love it! After finding the drugstore.com extra points today, I was looking for a list of upcoming UR points deals, so thanks for getting this list together!

  3. I saw those new dates/stores last night and the shoes.com one piqued my interest as well!! I definitely plan on buying some shoes for 20 pts per $!!!

    The new UR home page and sign-on screen is… interesting.

  4. If you have a Chase Freedom, definitely look at Kohl’s this quarter.

    5x quarterly bonus
    5x extra for Kohl’s this quarter
    10x for shopping through the UR portal.
    20x points until Dec. 31!!

  5. I love the UR holiday bonuses but am not loving drugstore.com. Literally everything we use at home is more than 10% cheaper online at walmart or amazon.

  6. @Michael H. – I agree. I typically shop at Target or CVS and prices are much cheaper for these items, not to mention I use coupons on top of it. However I am using tonight’s shopping at Drugstore.com as an opportunity to use up about $200 of FSA dollars that we have remaining. Just added to my cart: microwaveable heating pad, netipot saline packets for my hubby, a first aid kit and some Thermacare heatwraps. I figure the bit extra in spend is worth 10 pts per dollar, and we’ll get reimbursed on all of it.

  7. How will you use ultimaterewards mall on best buy for black friday. Don’t you have to go the store physically? Can you buy bestbuy black Friday sale items on line?

  8. You might not find the doorbusters online at BestBuy.com on Black Friday, but there will be other stuff on sale. Unfortunately, ~10% sales tax negates a lot of the benefit here. If I value UR points at 1.5 cents, the 10x points at BestBuy amounts to 15% off, but only 5% off after reflecting sales tax (vs. an online vendor that does not charge sales tax). If something is on sale it may peak my interest, but not regularly priced items.

  9. MP,
    I have access to Ultimate Rewards portal through my Chase Freedom card. I bought a bunch of gift cards (Lowes, Walmart, Sears) 2 weeks back using my Hawaiian Airlines visa Card and Amex Hilton (to meet minimum spend requirements and christmas shopping) and none of them have posted yet.

    so at least for me, using non-chase UR linked cards has not worked yet.

  10. I don’t understand how they keep track of the fact that you are getting to the external websites through the UR Portal… like if I go to Bestbuy.com through the portal on November 26th, click around for a while and then decide to buy something, how will Chase know to give me my 10x points?

    • @JM, probably not. Here are the terms for the regular days (I highly doubt they will be more lenient on a “special” day).
      Eligible on the redemption, not purchase of gift cards

  11. Looking for a Kindle… Through Ultimate Rewards site, went to bestbuy.com. Unfortunately, no Kindles available on line – ‘In store only’.

    Anybody know of a retailer with a UR bonus selling Kindles on line?


    • @ChuBunch, I think according to the rules it has to be a UR earning Chase, but in practice people have been successful with other Chase cards and even non-Chase card. No guarantees though.

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