I Just Earned 71 Miles Per Dollar for a Toy at Gilt.com!

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There are literally almost too many deals to keep up with right now, and that is a fantastic problem to have!  Yesterday I received an email from United MileagePlus telling me that I would receive 1,500 United miles if I joined Gilt.com/united to register and made a purchase.  You have to be a new Gilt.com member (be creative if you must) in order to qualify for the bonus miles.  I actually am a new Gilt.com member, so no alter ego was required for me.

The cheapest item I found was a pound of Aokubi Green Neck Daikon for $1.95.  The only downside is that shipping for that item is a whooping $9.95.  Still a decent deal for 1,500 miles, but I decided to buy something I actually need.  Had I not needed a toy, I would have probably purchased a spice since shipping on those was less and I could make good use of a decent spice.

Since it is Christmas shopping time at my house, that was pretty easy.  I bought a Melissa and Doug Alphabet Sound Puzzle to use as a gift.  If you are shopping for little ones, Melissa and Doug makes some pretty great kid’s gifts.  It came to $20.95 shipped.  This same puzzle can currently be bought on Amazon for $14.53 shipped (if you have Amazon Prime), but I will gladly trade $6 for 1,500 United miles.  If you look at the actual price I paid, I came in at 71 United miles per dollar for my purchase.  Not too shabby!

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    • @DGF, sadly I don’t think I am going to have the time right now to try to buy and resell things. I’m excited the deal is back, but I’m not sure that I will be able to play this time. Can’t wait to hear about your successes though!

  1. I ordered a jar of Hungarian paprika for $5.95 + 5.95 S&H for a total of $11.90. That works out to about 126 miles per dollar. Not sure if the 6mi/$ kicks in on this order as well. If it did, that’d be another 72mi. 🙂

  2. I’m new to getting points for shopping online. Does anyone have time to walk me through it? I’ve signed up for gilt, and United’s Mileage Plus program. Do I need to use a specific link or will it just ask for my mileage plus number when I checkout?

  3. You can go to the Gilt City section and they have cheap dining coupons to qualify for the 1500 miles. I got mines at Whitmans in NYC for $10!

  4. Having trouble locating Deltagoldflyer’s website. Went on skymiles but i don’t see any deals. Is this targeted? Can MommyPoints please explain the deal? Thanks so much!

  5. @G. David, good job!

    @Brian, good tip!

    @Jay, enjoy your chili powder and 125 miles per dollar!

    @Allen, sounds perfect!

    @worldtraveller2, it is involves buying $500 worth of goods from Skymall to get 25,000 Delta miles. DGF did it last time and got like 1/4 million miles or something by buying and reselling items on ebay for a small loss.

    @Raj B, I have to admit that I didn’t do a portal for this one. I just went straight from the email I had. I wasn’t 100% sure how they tracked it so I didn’t want to potentially mess it up. That probably would work just fine though.

    @Goosh, it very well may work for both! Of course, you will have to be a new member more than once…..

    @HikerT, there is a good chance that would work.

    @Patty, it is involves buying $500 worth of goods from Skymall to get 25,000 Delta miles. DGF did it last time and got like 1/4 million miles or something by buying and reselling items on ebay for a small loss. I will be happy to do a short post on it today, or you can get more info by going to deltapoints.com

    @OG, Click on taste, then pantry, then spice blends.
    Good luck!

  6. The links for CO and UA are the same with the backslash United, so I don’t know if it would work twice. I’m thinking not, but I guess you never know. I got the email from CO, but the link is still for United.

  7. We took the risk and made 4 purchases using new accounts for both my wife and I in both our United and Continental accounts. The items we purchased will be used as gifts, so not a total loss in case they don’t come through. If it works though, we’ll net 6,140 miles at over 110 miles/$ spent!

  8. Um…if you click on “Learn More” at the sign up page. Number 11 states: “11. Initial transaction must meet a $25 minimum product value (exclusive of taxes and/or shipping and handling fees) in order to qualify for the 1,500 bonus mile offer” Did everyone miss this? Or is there some other explanation?

    • @Ted, thanks for pointing that out. I did some research and it looks like that just changed today. The good news for everyone that got in before the change is that there is a screen shot you can use available here.

  9. Oh @Ted, I just about had a heart attack, but MP, thanks for clarifying that it’s a recent change. I’m eagerly awaiting my bourbon maple syrup ($5.95 + S/H on my United account) and a set of three Skip Hop plastic bowls with lids($4 + S/H on DH’s account) ordered on Tuesday.

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