Skymall 25,000 Delta SkyMiles Promotion

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The Skymall promotion that offers 25,000 Delta SkyMiles for a $500 purchase is coming back any minute now.  Basically, the strategy is to buy an item that you can re-sell for a small loss on eBay (or Craigslist, or wherever….).  Assuming you can buy a $500ish item and re-sell it for around $400ish dollars, you can get 25,000 Delta SkyMiles for just $100!  Of course, some items will resell better than others and your out-of-pocket cost will vary.  The Samsung Galaxy Tablet will probably be a popular target for this promotion since they seem to have a pretty decent resell value.  This promo could be a great way to work towards a minimum spending requirement on a new credit card!

I unfortunately just don’t have the time right now to buy and resell items.  Getting ready for a toddler birthday and Christmas is enough to keep my “free time” occupied!  There is also clearly some risk involved in this as you have to resell the items to recoup your loss.  I didn’t participate during the last go-round either, but I know several of you will probably be interested in this promo so I wanted to at least pass along some basic information.

  • Purchases need to be made from
  • Skymall will price-match other stores, including Amazon, but your total must stay over $500 even with the price match.
  • Shipping and handling does not count towards the $500 minimum.
  • Offer is limited to the first 1,000 purchases made under this promotion.
  • Offer is not valid if you use any type of coupon code.
  • Gift cards and Bose items are excluded.

There are a lot of people excited about this promo, so I highly recommend you register to be notified when the deal goes live.  It is reported to be going live some time tonight.  I also highly recommend you check out Delta Points for info on this promo as he was the master of this promo the last time it ran.  I bet he is going to have a serious points payday this time as well!

Are you going to participate?  What do you plan to purchase?  How many miles are you shooting for?!







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  1. what was his points payday last time? and how much did it cost him? just wondering if it is worth the work it takes, as I also am a physician, own a clinic and have 2 kids! (ie, little time)

  2. @worldtraveller2, I believe he got 1/4 million points last time. He could better answer how much time he invested, but I know he believed it to be worth it in the end. I think he is going for many more points this time. You do sound super busy – kinda sounds familiar. 😉

    @dealswelike, I thought you would end up deciding to get in on this one. Good luck! Can’t wait to hear you do.

  3. @WT2 – What MP said. It cost me about a day of my life and $700 to earn 250k miles. This time I will go for 100k and it will cost me about $100 per 25k but it will cost you more (see my blog)

    If you have 8 friends who you want to give SAMSUNG TABs to you can earn 200k and have really nice gifts to give away! 😉

  4. What is the price match procedure like? It looks like the 32GB Galaxy Tab is $599 on SkyMall and $549 on Amazon. Do I call? Email? How do I “prove” the price? Thanks.

  5. @ Dan. I have many sites you can use on my blog as well as the link to SkyMall for the match.

    What you should do is print the page that shows the item IN STOCK and then email that and the link to them.

  6. @mommypoints good idea to stay out of the risky resale market. To all those who took on that risk, good luck!

    If you are interested in an analysis of the Ebay market place for your Galaxy Tabs’s check out my post I recently wrote. I am not trying to criticize people who got in on the deal. I want to provide you with as complete picture about the risk you are entering into.

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