More 10X Ultimate Rewards Opportunities This Weekend

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I just wanted to post a brief reminder about two different Chase Ultimate Rewards Shopping opportunities this weekend.  The first is Lands End today for 10x points.  I know my mom likes to buy stuff for herself, her house, and Little C from Lands End.  The clothes she gets for C are very well made.  Mom, go order the pillow cases you have been wanting today using the Ultimate Rewards portal!  😉

Tomorrow my favorite clothing retailer, J.Crew is giving 10x points through the Ultimate Rewards portal.  They also have a sale going on where you get up to 30% off depending on how much you spend, so if you are a J.Crew lover like me, it is the perfect time to stock-up!  Additionally, I don’t see any restriction in the Terms and Conditions about gift card purchases, so that might be a possibility as well.

Red Envelope will be the featured retailer from December 4th – 6th and they will be offering 15x points for purchases.

Last week I made my first purchase through the UR portal with a non-UR points earning card.  I used my Pottery Barn credit card to shop at (I had a coupon that was only valid if I used that card!).  I am happy to report that my miles have posted just fine even though I used that card.  I have one other purchase that was made with a different card that I am still waiting to see post, but I was happy that the Pottery Barn purchase posted without any issues.  No promises this will work for you, but it does seem to be working for many people, myself included.

To access the Ultimate Rewards portal you do first need an Ultimate Rewards earning card such as the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card or the newly revamped Chase Ink Bold.  I am not exaggerating when I say that my family has brought in over 30,000 points by using 10x and 20x purchases just within the last month.  These were all either holiday purchases or for home appliances that we were going to have to buy anyway.  Ultimate Rewards is certainly on my “nice” list this year.

Disclosure: I do receive a referral commission if you sign up for the Ink Bold or Sapphire Preferred Cards using my links. You receive a great card and my sincere gratitude.

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  1. So by using your Pottery Barn credit card as method of payment in the UR portal, you received 10X UR points (that you called “miles”); or rather you received 10X of whatever airline’s miles you have associated with Pottery Barn Credit Card. Please clarify. tx

    • @trentswanson, sorry for the confusion. I earned 10x Ultimate Rewards points by going through the UR portal with my Pottery Barn card. Hope that helps!

  2. Good point. I used my business AMEX to sign up for the Pitney Bowes promo several months ago, and got 4,500 UR points. I’ve also periodically use cards other than the Sapphire Preferred in the UR mall, and have gotten my UR points every time. I love Ultimate Rewards, especially since they post mall purchases within days of the transaction. Can’t say the same about the other malls.

  3. I actually don’t have the Chase card, but my husband does. I’ve been able to use my cards in his account and the points have been posting.

  4. Thanks for sharing! My wife loves J Crew and she will be happy to know this. I got a macbook from Best Buy on Thanksgiving when they offer 10x. Will see how that one goes. Normally my points post within a week of transaction. But two orders with Sephora had points missing from October. I secure messaged them and haven’t got response yet.

  5. I have a quick question about this. I see that we can get 35 more points per $ spent for magazines etc. and thought of one scenario. Can I use 3500 points to get cash and use this cash to order magazines which would give me 35*36 points. Then use these points for another such cycle to accrue 35*36*35 points.. just curious.. might not be possible but just wanted to check here…

  6. @Ritesh — if you redeemed 3,500 points for cash, let’s say you get $35. Then you buy $35 worth of magazines and get $35 x 35 pts/$ or 1,225 points. You’ve effectively traded 3,500 points for 1,225 points and a $35 magazine subscription? Meaning your magazine subscription cost 1.54 cents per point. [$35/2275 points]

  7. @Raj, I agree this is a pretty well run shopping mall thus far!

    @Nadine, thanks for sharing!

    @Derek, I believe that is correct. They seem to show as pending until the statement closes. (at least from what I have seen)

    @Sean, my Best Buy Black Friday transactions haven’t posted yet either. Though, they also haven’t even all shipped, so perhaps they haven’t billed yet either. Hopefully they will show up soon!

    @Ritesh, I like the way you think, but I think that Raj is right about this one.

    @M, yes the Ink Bold is a stand-alone Ultimate Rewards earning card, so it can transfer to any of the partners without you having to have another card.

  8. thanks mp.. Sorry I’m still not getting the non-Chase card usage.. If you use AMEX card (MR earner) as method of payment on the UR site, do you earn MR (at UR bonus rate) or do you earn UR (at the UR bonus rate). Is confusing because on the UR site on the upper left, it shows your UR balance linked to a specific UR earning card. I can’t see how a non-UR card can earn UR points without first somehow linking that non-UR card to the UR program. It makes (a little) more sense that the AMEX could earn MR points at the UR bonus rate (but even that seems a stretch due to how UR systems would have to talk to AMEX systems). I’m not doubting your success story, just trying to make sense out of it. Most of us have used up our 3K Sapp Preferred min spend and while we love the UR site and its bonus points, need a reliable go-to card to earn these bonus while plowing toward another card’s minimum spend.

    • @TrentSwanson, here’s how it seems to work….. If you have a UR earning card (Sapphire Preferred or Ink Bold) you can access the Ultimate Rewards shopping portal. As long as you can access the portal, you seem to be able to use any credit card to then earn Ultimate Reward points in your Ultimate Rewards account. Think of it almost like a hotel or airline portal where you can use any card you want and you still earn points. This is a little different since it is theoretically tied to a credit card, but in reality it seems to work by using any card. Those bonus points then just show as pending in your UR account until your next statement for your UR earning card closes, then they post. I know it sounds crazy, and I doubt it is what Chase really wants you to do (so who knows when it will stop working), but it seems to work the overwhelming majority of the time right now. I still use by UR earning card most of the time in that portal, but if you are looking to use another card it seems to still work just fine. Hope that helps some, but let me know if it is still confusing.

  9. Does the 5% dep’t store bonus for the Freedom card this quarter work for on-line purchases? if so, I should be earning 10 pt. per dollar + 5 pts. for paying with my Freedom card at today…

  10. @mommypoints. Thanks so much for clarification.. Have been testing this theory with Chase Sapphire Preferred and BA Chase visa- both chase cards, so theoretically within T&C compliance per popup window “use your Chase card at checkout” language. Test revealed so far that UR rewards show in holding area within 5 biz days when using Chase Sapphire Preferred (Even got my 10X Ipad Best buy bonus!!), whereas BA Chase Card ($1000 remaining to hit $30K Companion, yay!) purchases made on UR site are not posting to UR holding area. Perhaps it takes 6-8 weeks for non UR cards activity to post? I’ll keep you posted on the results. Love your blog.. Keep up the great work.

    • @trentswanson, keep me posted on your experiment! I have had a few more non-Chase card purchases post, but neither my Sapphire Preferred Best Buy purchase or my Best Buy credit card purchase made through the UR portal have posted yet.

  11. I know this is a pretty old thread, but did anyone actually try to get GiftCards with J.crew and have the points post? Now that they are at 10x again I would like to buy gift cards for future use in the store.

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