Mommy Points Best of and Worst of 2011 Contest!

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As 2011 draws to close, I think it would be fun to all share some stories about how we did on our points collecting and redeeming this year. So, what better way to do that than with a fun best of/worst of contest?! I not only want to hear about some of the top success stories, but I also want to hear about some things that didn’t go quite as well in the travel and points categories. I think it will be educational (and perhaps entertaining) to hear about the highs and the lows.

So, starting soon I am going to launch a contest that will run over a series of posts where you will get a chance to enter your best or/worst of points and travel stories for 2011. I’m not sure how many contest questions I am going to run yet, but there will be several. I have a few ideas of questions I want to ask, such as: highest number of approved Chase applications in 2011 (with details!), highest miles/points earning total for 2011 (again, with details), and most epic family travel disaster story of 2011. I’ll use some of my ideas, but I would love to hear some ideas from you as well. What would be some fun or useful best of/worst of contest questions?

Submit some ideas in the comments section of this post and we will get this contest rolling soon. I think it will be both fun and entertaining to learn from each other’s 2011 successes and mishaps.

Yes, the winners of the contest will receive prizes! They will be of the Starbucks gift card variety. 😉

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    • @Jared, there should definitely be some Amex related questions. How about most promised points never paid out?? 😉 I like a denials the denials idea, too!

  1. During this year’s Grand Slam, I ordered paper towels and cleaning supplies from Office Max. On top of the standard problems we all had with Office Max, my experience was a true comedy of errors.

    First, Office Max’s courier couldn’t find my apartment building (even though USPS, UPS and Fed Ex never seem to have any trouble… and anyway, why does Office Max use a courier?!). I kept getting phone calls from a random guy who said he was driving in circles trying to find where I lived.

    A week and many phone calls later, they found my apartment, but only delivered half the order. I called Office Max and got a refund for the items that didn’t arrive.

    Of course, the second half of the order arrived the next day. Fortunately for me, Office Max processed the refund anyway so I got half of my Dividend Miles for free.

    How does Office Max make any money on e-commerce?! It reminds me of the Dunder Mifflin paper company from The Office.

  2. United Months of Miles was an epic FAIL. Perhaps a question about who had the most storied back-and-forth with Cartera (the company running many of the Shopping Malls) and the outcome?

  3. A few ideas for best/worst questions:
    1. Most number of credit card applied for and approved? And how many points it equated to?
    2. Most # of BIS miles accumulated on one airline?
    3. MR scoring the most EQP in one run? MR scoring the least EQP in one one?
    4. Craziest passenger observed on a plane?
    5. Most effort for the least amount of miles/points? (ie: 5 hours for 50 points)

    Just a few off the top of my head 🙂

  4. I’m not sure how you want to run the contest so I’ll just cover my high and lows now.

    Lows: Missing the latest Delta 25,000 for $500 Skymall event. 1,000 purchase limit, really? Being rejected for a couple of airline cards in general. Stupid Barclays.

    Highs: Traveling by Amtrak to Chicago Union station for the first time. Standing in the main room observing some places where they filmed the Untouchables which regular commuters streamed by like I was some Idiot. Finding the Mommy Points blog. My wife and I going from non-members to each being US Air Dividend Miles members with well over 100k points thanks the the GS11 !

  5. How about worst in apathy & laziness @ UA ORD ?

    Booked US Air miles , routed ORD IAD on UA, pick up LH to Bom via FRA and back in Business.

    AT check in with UA in ORD I asked to make sure my aisle seat was still mine…the agent replied the UA to IAD was cancelled but they protected on a later codeshare (UA & LH) UA to FRA. Again, make sure it is an aisle. Reply: Don’t worry we have you covered in 40 A !

    Took two supervisors to sort out to get back on J calss…70 minutes …adding insult to injury? She asked to pay for two bags as now I am “upraded” to J ! Again the 2 sups. solved.

    Moral: It is easy for them to say NO rather than listen, understand and workaround…most pax accept this….

    I have the agent & sup faces etched in memory, will avoid them like the plague! And if saddled will not hesitate to call them STUPID after my problem is resolved and will ask mgmt. to bust them down to lost baggage or something !

  6. Another suggestion for categories:

    – best/worst mileage earning promos
    – best/worst credit card sign-up bonuses
    – best/worst miles/points redemptions
    – best/worst travel experience (flight/hotel/etc)

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