Amex $20 Statement Credit + Amex Gift Chain = $0.95 Kid’s Shoes

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I got an email yesterday from a reader (thanks Timothy!) alerting me to an awesome limited time deal going on right now.  He reminded me that vente-privee has a current deal that gives Amex cardholders a $20 statement credit after their first purchase.  Vente-privee is one of those sites that has 4-6 different brands available for a limited time at a discounted price.  One of the brands they have right now is Garvalin kid’s shoes.  I have never purchased Garvalin shoes before for Little C because they are often in the $60 – $80 range, and that is a bit pricey for kid’s shoes in my book.  However, they have several very cute styles available on vente-privee for $20 – $25.  Add the $20 statement credit from Amex into the mix, and you have a heck of a deal.

I picked out a $20 pair of Mary Jane’s for Little C.  With tax they came to $25.95, so a total out of pocket cost of $5.95.  Since vente-privee is a retailer that is participating in the Amex Gift Chain, I also received a gift for my purchase.  In my case the gift was a $5.00 Amex statement credit.  That brought the price of the shoes down to a whooping $0.95. Yes, please.

Even if you don’t have kids, you could pick up a pair of these high quality shoes to donate.  It is worth noting that each retailer has their own list of gifts.  For example,  REI and Vente-Privee don’t have Shoprunner in the list of prizes, so you are guaranteed not to get Shoprunner with purchases from those retailers!

Just another little update on the Amex gift chain, today on my 9th gift chain transaction I got a $25 Amex gift card for myself and 3 to give away to Facebook friends.  My lucky purchase was a $40 purchase from  I made my mom, my sister, and my husband pretty happy with that Amex gift card love.  I highly recommend you register your Amex and join in the gift chain fun, but just be aware that your first gift is virtually certain to be a one-year Shop Runner free subscription if you shop at a retailer that offers that as a gift.  After that the gifts get a bit more interesting.  The $25 Amex gift cards were my best gift so far, but I have also gotten many $5 statement credits and a $10 Amex gift card.

Thanks again Amex, we are doing some great Holiday shopping together!

Here are the Terms and Conditions of the Vente-Privee Amex offer:

To redeem this offer, you must use any eligible American Express ® Card to make your first purchase at ( through 12/31/2011. An Eligible Card is defined as a valid American Express Credit or Charge Card, in good standing and not in default, issued in the U.S. either by American Express or by a licensed third party bank issuer of American Express-branded Cards. Certain Cards are not deemed Eligible Cards, including American Express Cards issued in the U.S. by Department Stores National Bank, Prepaid Cards (including, without limitation, American Express Gift Cards and Serve cards) and American Express Corporate Cards. If your Card is replaced during the promotional period, please call the customer service number on the back of your Card for assistance. Statement credit will be issued approximately 6-8 weeks after the qualifying purchase is charged to your Card account. Your ability to earn rewards may be based on the amount of your purchase after the statement credit has been applied. Individual rewards program terms and conditions apply. If the purchase(s) is subject to finance charges, finance charges will accrue on the total amount of the purchase(s) prior to the application of the statement credit.

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  1. Gary (View from the Wing) and Ben (One Mile at a Time) had been going at it for a while about the demise of AMEX’s Membership Rewards, with Ben saying it’s pretty much over and Gary defending it. I commented on both blogs saying that I’m sure AMEX is doing something to try to make up for their recent losses on the redemption side. While this doesn’t address that directly, they have certainly been one of the most aggressive card issuers this holiday season in terms of promos! For the first time in many years, I finally feel like my yearly fee isn’t a total waste.

  2. This is great! Thank you. I just registered for Vente Privee, bought my daughter a pair of $25 ballet flats, then received a $5 statement credit from the gift chain. Note that this was my first gift chain purchase, and I didn’t receive the ShopRunner subscription. Regardless, very happy!!

    • @Charles, no I have not yet received an email about the statement credit. But, I don’t receive emails for other statement credits like Priority Pass and Airline reimbursements either, so hopefully it will go through just fine.

  3. Not all of the participants in the gift chain offer shoprunner as a prize. REI and Vente-Privee, for instance, are shoprunner-free.

  4. THanks MP, I bought a $20 pair of sneakers for my friend’s son (who is still too small to fit into them, but I can give it to them later) through the AE shopping portal (in case I get extra points) and they charged me $5.95 for shipping. So after I used the AE registered for the gift chain, I got an email giving me a $25 Kiehls egift certificate!!
    Thanks for writing about this, because I too, would never have thought they had offers for under $100 on such a site.
    I have used the gift chain for REI gift cards for the holidays, and have received a $5, a $10 statement credits and a $5 Godiva card and the $25 AE gift card for me and 3 FB friends (although one is declining it as he doesn’t want to let AE have all his personal FB data and access to his friends. Which is another topic we can discuss one of these days….). Anyways, thanks as always for all of your great blogs!!

  5. Thanks MP. I got shoes for my toddler son for 5.95$ and got 25$ Kiehls eGift certificate.
    Fabulous deal..hope Amex gives that 20$ credit. I should have taken the screen shot.
    Any of you mind sharing it ?

  6. I’m not so lazy as to not send in 10 envelopes with the free entries picking merchants that don’t have shoprunner 🙂

  7. Thanks for the tip! I purchased a serving platter for $17.95 from Vente-Privee. From experience, how long does it take to post the credit to your AMEX account?

    I’ll keep you posted what reward I get on the gift chain too!

    • @Courtney, it took a day or two for it to post for me. Congrats on the serving platter, and I look forward to hearing your gift chain experience!

  8. Gift chain has been working wonders, thanks for all your explanation on how it works. So far I’ve ordered twice from walmart, once from vente-privee, and once from Ruelala. My purchases have earned me a shoprunner membership, $2 statement credit, $25 Kiehl’s gift cert, and 4x $25 amex gift cards (1 for me and 3 to share)!

  9. Baby’s got a free pair of shoes! (Well 95 cents- close enough) Thank you for this little gem! I got it in the mail this weekend. One of the cutest deals of the holiday.

  10. Hi
    Did you ever get this credit of 20$ for the first time purchase ? I bought 25$ worth of items using the CitiBank AAdvantage Amex card and now Citibank is asking me to contact Amex and Amex is asking me to contact Citi Bank 🙁

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