$10 Free Amex Statement Credit from FourSquare the Elf on the Shelf Winner!

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Apparently Small Business Saturday was so much fun that Amex has brought it back in a modified version.  I posted some about this $10 statement credit deal a  couple days ago, but I wanted to dedicate a little more time to it since most of us have Amex cards due to our point collecting, and we might as well use those cards to pick up some free cash as well!  I know not everyone has interest in using Foursquare due to privacy issues and related concerns, but for everyone else here is some info on how to get $10 free dollars from Amex.

This go-round Amex is offering a $10 statement credit for syncing your Foursquare account to your American Express card.  You then have to check in to a “small business” on Foursquare and spend $10 or more to get a one-time $10 credit on your next Amex statement.  The beauty of this promo is you can see which businesses qualify as “small businesses” on Foursquare because it will say “Check in Special: Spend $10 to get $10 – American Express”.  Simply “check-in” and then “unlock”  the Amexcheck-in special.  Since the discount is not coming from the small business, you don’t have to show your phone to the cashier to receive the discount.  You’ll receive the credit on your Amex statement within 5 business days. You can find qualifying businesses in your area by hitting ‘Specials’ on the ‘Explore’ tab on your foursquare app (there are hundreds of thousands of participating businesses).  Be sure that the small business you check-in to actually accepts Amex.  It sounds obvious, but you may want to double-check.

You can find more information about this promo here.  The terms and conditions for Syncing your Amex with Foursquare say that each Eligible Cardmember may only have one Registered Card per Foursquare or Facebook account at a time.  That may put a damper on the multiple transactions a la Small Business Saturday, but I’m sure some people have more than one Foursquare account and Amex card.  I don’t, but I’m sure some people do…. There are some questions about this promo like, when does it end?  I have no idea.  I know as of 9PM CST on 12/7 that it is still working for me, but it could go away at any time as far as I know.  Once you load the check-in special for the $10 credit to your phone, you have 24 hours to make a purchase and have it count.  So, I am all loaded up for tomorrow’s purchase at a local restaurant. Of course it is a restaurant that also participates in the United Dining Rewards program, so I am all set for another double-dip.

In case you are new to Foursquare or to syncing your Amex to Foursquare, here are some very basic instructions on how to get it done.

1. Make sure you have a mobile device that is up-to-date enough to download the FourSquare app.

2. Download the FourSquare app from the “app store” or similar on your mobile device.

3. Go to this website to start the process of syncing your American Express card and FourSquare account.

4. Once synced, you can check in to businesses on Foursquare to unlock specials (like this one) for Amex cardholders.

I don’t know about you, but I am loving all of these Amex specials.  What a great season to be a point collector who happens to have multiple credit cards of virtually every variety.  😉
Also, I want to announce that the winner of the Elf on the Shelf is entry #5 who said, “I’d love an elf!”.  Glen, shoot me an email with your full name and mailing address and I will get the Elf sent out to you ASAP.  Congrats to Glen and thanks to everyone who entered or shared other holiday related points tips.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I would NEVER have noticed this otherwise. Just one more post that really sets your blog apart from the rest. Between this, Small Business Saturday, and the Mastercard online shopping promo, this has been a great season for cc promos!

  2. Another awesome feature of this promotion is that you get nearly immediate feedback via Foursquare after you make the purchase. For both (my wife and I) of our visits, we received a notification of the purchase while walking out to the car!

  3. Is the rebate good for purchase at 1 small business only or can i make 10 purchases at 10 different small businesses and get 10 rebates?

  4. Do you get a confirmation email when you load the offer via foursquare to your card? I registered my amex card months ago and honestly forgot which one I used! UGH!

  5. @Tim, this has been a great season for cc promos!

    @Jason, I love when promos are that efficient!

    @NW, it says one transaction total per Foursquare account/synched card.

    @IPBrian, I did get a confirmation email that gave the last few digits of the Amex card that I synched.

  6. @mommypoints did you get the email before or after you made the purchase with your card? I loaded the offer to my “card” on foursquare about an hour ago and no email so far. I have no idea which AMEX to use…LOL! I usually document these things really well. THX for the input in advance.

    • @IPBrian, I got an email after. It was actually a Foursquare message I think, but either way it came after the purchase. Took about 60 seconds for it to come through.

  7. I was able to set up a new Foursquare account, existing one using my home email address and new one using my work email address registering two different cards.

    Then I went to a restaurant that had the $10 Check-In Special and checked in to Foursquare using one account. Then I logged off and then back in under the second account and checked in. Asked the waitress to split the bill between my two cards and received almost instant confirmation on both accounts that I would be receiving my $10 credit.

    Free margaritas and appetizers!

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