10X Best Buy Black Friday Ultimate Rewards Points Post!

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The Chase Ultimate Rewards shopping portal has historically been rock-solid for me.  All of my purchases have posted without incident and the points usually display as pending within a week or so.  As it inched closer to three weeks from when I made some large Best Buy purchases on Black Friday, I began to get a little worried.  I trusted that Chase would help out the people who made the purchases on a Chase card, but I was a bit worried for one of my appliance purchases that I made on my Best Buy credit card.  I wanted to take advantage of the 0% interest offer on the Best Buy card for that purchase, so I was willing to take the risk that I wouldn’t earn Ultimate Reward points.

I was somewhat relieved yesterday when all of the points from my Best Buy purchases that I made on my Chase Sapphire® Preferred Card and Ink BoldSM with Ultimate Rewards cards displayed as pending.  Those weren’t the purchases I was especially worried about, but I was still happy to see they had posted without any need for follow-up from me.  I figured that the purchase I made on my Best Buy card probably wasn’t going to be as fortunate.  However, when I logged in this morning I saw that the points earned from the purchase made on my Best Buy card were now displaying as pending as well.  Hurray! What a nice unexpected bonus.  😉

Have your Best Buy Black Friday points posted as pending in your Ultimate Rewards Mall & Travel Earnings list?


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  1. I didn’t do Best Buy, but all of my (considerable) Christmas shopping I did at ToysRUs on the Ultimate Rewards Day have posted — so impressed with how well the system is working! I may have to get the Freedom Card at this rate. Now I wish they would do a points transfer bonus to airlines (United) like Amex does! Pretty please, Chase? For a Christmas present? 😉

  2. Hey MP,
    Do you have any advice for following up on point postings to the United Shopping portal. I made a purchase over a month ago, and the points posted, but the bonus points did not. I also installed the United Shopping toolbar, and haven’t seen points for it.

  3. My Best Buy and Apple posted. I scored big, went to all my friends and offered to pay for their stuff with my credit card and in return for a postdated check. Spent $9,000 which brought a total of 90,000 points!!!

  4. Hi Mommypoints…a groupon purchase from a few days ago is showing up on UR but not from Cyber Monday. I honestly can’t remember if I went through the portal on CM or not…is it possible that there are variable processing times with groupon or does this certainly mean I forgot to go through the portal?? :(((

  5. My Best Buy posted as well. Although, I am having issues with my Apple points. They posted, but not for 10X even though the stuff was purchased on the day with the 10X offer. Will be calling them today to hopefully sort it out.

  6. Follow up to my Apple points: Called Chase and they adjusted the account with the extra 10X points. Now wondering if I should go through all my transactions that were made during the special promos 🙁

  7. I would think if you have something that posted but NOT at the correct amount then I would call and have them correct it. If you have something you ordered in Nov/Dec and it hasn’t been 8 weeks then wait. At least that is what they asked me to do. I had missing orders from October and they fixed them for me, but they did ask me to wait on missing stuff from November. I have placed orders where it truly did not post for 6 weeks…but it did post.

    @mommypoints: congrats on getting those points for the Best Buy purchases you made on your Best Buy card! I think they will be cracking down on that stuff soon!

  8. I was approved for the Chase Sapphire card on the Monday before Black Friday. Chase was nice enough to send the card with in two days so I had it by Wednesday with out charge. I made purchases on Friday to earn the 10x points. The reason I am posting today is because I haven’t seen any of my purchases show as pending. I actually can’t even figure out where to see the pending charges. I have received emails stating that I have earned rewards from other stores, but I am not able to see those pending purchases either.

    Can you please tell me where to see pending points? Is it possible, that I can’t see them because I have never had a statement go through? Do you always receive an email when you have received rewards?

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Beware that the UR Rewards shopping site may not give you the best prices. I just made an order for holiday cards at VistaPrint.com. Going through UR Shopping site the price was $9 higher than the price if I went to the site directly. (It was the same situation when I did it with UPromise also). I haven’t checked other sites but this is something everyone should check before using a points earning shopping site. The price difference was greater than the value of the points I would earn.

  10. @infamousdx, hope they all post soon for you!

    @CU, I also did the Toys R Us bonus. 😉 Transfer bonuses would be amazing and I am starting to seriously eye the Freedom card myself!

    @Stephen, that is awesome. I have just about already converted my friends and family to earning their own points, so that won’t work for me anymore, but it is a great idea!

    @Lily, hope they show up soon for you. If they don’t show up soon, I would send Chase a message or a quick phone call just to check.

    @arjun, I would guess it is possible, but that is a bit weird. I hope they show up soon.

    @carwag25, glad you double checked and they responded so well.

    @Kelly S, it wouldn’t surprise me if that “loophole” closed soon, but it is a nice little bonus right now. Being patient for 6-8 weeks is a good idea, but I don’t blame anyone who wants to check on things a bit sooner since most retailers seem to post extremely quickly. It does always feel strange when you hit one that takes much longer. Patience is good sometimes, too. 😉

    @Jay, I have found the emailed information to often be a day or two behind when things are actually posted. To check your pending points, log into your account, go to your Ultimate Rewards account, then go to Rewards activity, then select Ultimate Rewards Mall and Travel Earnings. You can then check your earnings for various months. Hope that helps!

    @Steve, very true with some of those sites like Vistaprint that has multiple different deals going on at the same time. When I ordered our Christmas cards from there, 50% off was being offered via the UR portal and that was the best I could find anywhere for my particular order, but you do have to pay attention for sure! Thanks for that reminder.

  11. Many of my purchases were not showing up in the UR mall tracking so I emailed the secure message center. I got a very fast reply (and posting of some points) along with a description of an important issue Chase has discovered. The email text is below. I don’t really understand it because some of my purchases post and some don’t and they are all done on the same laptop. Interestingly, I also asked about 2 purchases I made through the UR mall with other CCs and was told I would not get points for them (even though the American Eagle points showed up today!).

    Email Text from Chase Rep:
    I am writing in response to your rewards inquiry.

    I would like to inform that we have come to know of an
    issue wherein Cardmembers who use Microsoft Windows 7 may not receive bonus rewards for purchases made via the
    Ultimate Rewards Mall website. This is due to the fact
    that Microsoft Windows 7 provides the ability to
    launch multiple windows in Internet Explorer during the
    same session. So, when you open the mall tab in the first window and complete the “checkout” process in a new window, bonus points earned will not transfer from current window to new window. Also, if you are using currently Microsoft Windows 7, I ask that you attempt making a future purchase on the Ultimate Rewards website using a different browser.

    Further please be informed that purchases made using Chase card with Ultimate rewards qualifies for bonus points on the ultimate rewards mall. In case you have used any other credit card which is not on the ultimate rewards card from Chase will not be eligible for bonus.

  12. Glad to hear about some of the others having their Best Buy 10x points show, however I’m still waiting for mine. Spent about $560 that day on the UR portal at Best Buy, and used the SPG Amex since my newly approved Chase Sapphire Preferred hadn’t arrived in the mail yet(and the T+C didn’t exclude using another card at that point). Other purchases I’ve made through UR using other cards worked around that time. Keeping my fingers crossed to see something soon.

  13. i spoke with chase about my black friday purchase and why it did not post. I purchased a computer on that friday but they said my card would be billed only after the computer shipped which was like 4 days later, i called chase on that friday to confirm i would receive the points, which they said they can “see i clicked through the mall that day and i would receive the points.” today they were less than helpful and said i would find out through the mail whether or not i would receive the points. Im supposed to receive 12,500 for this transaction and really hope it goes through.

    • @Mike, how strange that you got a less than helpful answer today. I would really encourage you to stick with getting this one honored. Assuming you put the purchase on your Chase card I would be totally shocked if they don’t honor it in the end. Please keep me posted and good luck!

  14. I made a purchase of GC’s when they had the special of Sears for 10x bonus points. I made 3 purchases, $100 GC’s, $200 GC’s, and $2,250 GC’s. I didn’t use a Chase CC and the $2,250 order ended up being cancelled. But, the $2,250 and $200 bonus points show pending. Has anyone had an experience whereas they took back points because an order had been cancelled?

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