Turn Your Holiday Presents Into More Points!

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First, I hope those of you who celebrate Christmas had a fantastic day today.  I know that my daughter had a fantastic Christmas, though it is fair to say that between her birthday (right before Christmas) and Christmas itself she has enough toys to last at least a few years.  She is a very fortunate little one.  Her red kitchen from Santa was one of the stand-outs of the day.  For the record, it was ordered from Overstock.com using the Ultimate Rewards portal for 10x points.  Good job, Santa!

The great news is that you can turn some of your holiday gifts into even more points.  More to the point, you can maximize some gift cards and returns/exchanges for even more points.  While not every retailer allows points to be awarded when you pay with a gift card through a shopping portal, some do.  I have even heard stories of some retailers awarding points for purchases made with gift cards even when the terms and conditions state otherwise, so if you have a gift card to use it doesn’t hurt to make the purchase through a shopping portal “just in case”.  There is a pretty handy thread on Milepoint that talks some about gift cards and shopping portals.  I recommend checking it out when you get a chance.

Another way to earn miles and points on presents is if you have to make an exchange or return.  Here is a quick example….my husband accidentally received two of the same video game from my mom and me (which was totally my fault).  Instead of just taking one to the store and exchanging it for the correct one, we will return the game in the store and then repurchase the correct game through a shopping portal.  It will be the same story with some clothing exchanges I have to make for myself.  I guess it adds a little more work, but for us it is worth it.  This is especially valuable because many of my family members still don’t shop through shopping portals, so these purchases didn’t earn near as many miles and points as they could have in the first place.  😉

Finally, if you were lucky enough to have Santa (or your Great Aunt twice-removed) leave some cold hard cash in your stocking, of course it makes sense to deposit that cash in your bank account, and then spend it using a miles and points earning card and shopping online through a portal.  Again, it does add an extra step or two, but if you are chasing miles and points it may very well be worth your time.  After Christmas sales are when I stock up on holiday related items for next year.  For C, we just buy some Christmas outfits a size or two bigger that are severely marked down, and then pull them out next year (just remember where you squirrel it away, since it’s easy to forget a year later!).  We also have pretty good luck stocking up on winter outwear wear and gear right after Christmas at hugely discounted prices.  So, happy gift card redeeming and miles and points earning.  Oh, and Merry Christmas!

I’ll leave you with one last snippit of Christmas with the Mommy Points family……this time with Dancing Mickey.  He was so much fun!




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  1. Thanks so much to all of you! She is a cutie (in my very biased opinion, of course!)

    Karen, I believe this Mickey is called the Dance Star Mickey and he is available at lots of places. It is currently about $45 on Amazon.

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