MegaDO Madness

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I’ve officially got “MegaDO fever”.

Important definitions:

MegaDO: noun

An organized get together of travel junkies to go on exciting journeys and special tours.  Think chartered flights, behind the scenes tours of airports, hotel receptions, crashing flying airline simulators, etc….

MegaDO fever: noun

A serious condition in which one cannot stop thinking about all things related to a MegaDO.  The only known cause for this ailment is to attend a MegaDO (or two, or three).

Now that we have that out of the way, I have to confess that with the holidays, C’s birthday, work,  and other family trips, that I had shifted my thoughts about MegaDOs to the “back burner”.  There were two key events that happened today that totally brought my thoughts back to MegaDOs.  First, I realized that we are less than four weeks away from the first ever OneWorld MegaDO.  This is the infamous MegaDO that sold out within mere minutes.  The good news is that the first waitlist has cleared and the organizers are now working on the the second waitlist.  This trip will be going from Dallas to Seattle to LA and will feature presentations and events sponsored by Hyatt and various OneWorld airlines.  I am particularly excited because my husband will join me for the first night in Dallas (and get to meet some of my internet friends!), and I am also very excited to go to the Boeing factory.  We got to go to the Bombardier factory in Montreal on the last MegaDO, but I am excited to see some even bigger planes at Boeing!

Okay, so that was the first trigger for my MegaDO fever.  The second trigger was the announcement on Milepoint that the official planning for Star MegaDO 4 has begun.  Even better, this DO will not have a North American component.  I am itching to visit some new countries and try out some new airline carriers, so this is super exciting.  There are three trip possibilities that are open for voting:

  • The Nordic affair with a touch of Poland. Participating airlines: SAS, Blue1, LOT Polish and Lufthansa. Charter flight would go from Frankfurt – Stockholm – Helsinki – Warsaw – Frankfurt.
  • The Mediterranean medley. Participating airlines: Turkish, Aegean, TAP and Lufthansa. Charter flight would go from Frankfurt – Istanbul – Athens – Lisbon – Frankfurt.
  • Asian Dawn. Participating airlines: All Nippon, Asiana, Singapore OR Thai and United. Charter flight would go from Tokyo – Seoul – Singapore/Bangkok.

The downside for a working mom like me would be the days away from home and work and the expense.  However, I have a very supportive husband and I do value these experiences very highly.  The biggest expense for many would be the flights to get you to and from Frankfurt or Tokyo.  Of course, that is where miles and points can come into play.  😉  I am not sure whether I would use miles or try to get a good fare.  If I bought a ticket to either of those destinations, it could actually play nicely into one of my 2012 travel goals to try to possibly attain elite status with United.  Though it is possible that finances might necessitate that I use miles.  Either way, I would be thrilled to go on any of the possible trips.  No specific dates have been set, but September has been announced as the month for the MegaDO.

There has not been any formal announcement about any possible “launch parties” or similar for SMD4, but I would certainly try to attend if there was one.  For the OneWorld MegaDO, those who attended the launch party in LA were able to book their seats on the charter 24 hours before the public.  That proved to almost be essential given the high demand for that trip! I have no idea how demand for a purely international itinerary for SMD4 would compare (there was much less demand for the international portion of OWMD than the North American portion), but I would not be one to pass up any opportunity to book tickets early, just in case.

I know that MegaDOs are a little outside of the normal miles and points collecting topics I cover here, but they are very exciting trips for people, like me, who love everything about aviation and travel.  You get to go to exciting places, do exciting things, and spend time with some pretty awesome people.  So, if you are interested I recommend saving up some cash and keeping a close eye on the Milepoint thread about the SMD4.  I will also post major updates here.  Additionally, look for posts from the road about OneWorld MegaDO live as it happens here in less than four weeks.

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  1. I would love to go on any one of the options for the SMD4, but it would definitely be difficult for me to spend such a short time in any of those cities. Can’t wait for more details. Looks like I might need to go on a trip in September.

  2. MP, You mentioned paying for your ticket. My wife says that I’m crazy to think about spending all that money for a few days.
    She thinks it’s crazier to ‘burn’ miles for a few day trip. Just her 2 cents.
    Either way, I lose!

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