Hilton’s 24 Hour Sale Gives 33% Off and 2,500 HHonors Bonus Points Per Weekend Stay

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Today I got an email from Hilton that describes an interesting promo that they have coming on January 17th.  For 24 hours you will be able to book a room under there Any Weekend, AnyWhere Sale and save up to 33% and get a bonus 2,500 HHonors points for your stay. The booking period for the bonus 2,500 HHonors points will be from January 17, 2012, 12:00 PM EST to January 18, 2012, 11:59 AM EST.   The Any Weekend, AnyWhere Sale also provides 1,000 points for any stay of two nights or longer for stays any weekend night between January 9, 2012, and December 30, 2012.  So it is sort of a promo within a promo.

Stays must subsequently be completed in order to receive the 2,500 Bonus Points. There is a maximum of 10,000 Bonus Points per HHonors member for this offer. Please allow 4-6 weeks from completion of your stay for points to appear in your HHonors account. Rooms subject to availability.  Full non-refundable prepayment required at time of booking. Must book at least seven (7) days in advance of arrival. Some exceptions apply. Discounts vary and range from 20%-33% off Best Available Rates and, at certain properties in Europe, Middle East, and Africa region, to Bed & Breakfast Rate. Blackout dates may apply.

For the purposes of this promo a weekend stay is defined as “a stay is a completed reservation for any night Thursday through Sunday in 2012. If you plan to check-in on a Thursday, a two-night minimum is required to book using the Any Weekend, Anywhere Sale rate and to receive the 1,000 Hilton HHonors Bonus Points through the Any Weekend, Anywhere Sale.”  This promo presumably stacks with the 5,000 HHonors weekend bonus promo that I posted about here.  I have tweeted @HHonors to get clarification on that, but if it works out then you could get 10,500 bonus HHonors points for a two night weekend stay during the overlap time of the various promos!  This also stacks with some of their airline promos that are described by Loyalty Traveler here.

Here are the steps for participating in this 24 hour promo (courtesy of the Hilton Facebook page):

STEP 1: Book an Any Weekend, Anywhere Sale reservation using the form on the 24-Hour Bonus Event tab during the 24-Hour Bonus Event (12:00pm ET on January 17, 2012 to 11:59am ET on January 18, 2012). Only stays booked using the ANY WEEKEND, ANYWHERE SALE rate will qualify for the 24-Hour Bonus Event.

STEP 2: Return to the 24-Hour Bonus Event tab to enter your reservation confirmation and Hilton HHonors numbers.  Note that you will have to like them on Facebook to do this.

STEP 3: Complete your Any Weekend, Anywhere Sale stay by December 30, 2012 and earn 2,500 HHonors Bonus Points!
If you want more information, you can check out the FAQ’s regarding this promo and check out the Terms and Conditions.

This promo seems a little bit complex for some folks who don’t want to mess with all of those steps, but it is worth checking out if you have a weekend stay at a Hilton hotel in 2012.  Just be cautious since this promo does require non-refundable prepayment, which is not very family-friendly.  😉

What do you think of this promo?  Will you be booking a weekend stay when the promo begins on 1/17?

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  1. If my calculations are correct, you actually get 10,500 bonus points by stacking: 5000 + 2000 for the More Points promo, 1000 for Any Weekend Anywhere, 2500 for 24-hour FB event. Plus, since you can earn points and miles, don’t forget about the various airline miles bonus offers Hilton has been promoting to stack on top of that!

    I’m definitely tempted to book!

    • I think you may be right! The More Points 1,000 per night plus the 1,000 Any Weekend points were getting jumbled in my head. Ha ha. Good problem to have. 😉

  2. will not be booking. I hate to make non-refundable reservations as seems all the presumed savings get lost in the few times a year have to cancel and lose the non-refundable amounts.

  3. The non refundable part is a big turn off for us.

    That being said, we are doing the two weekend day stay this weekend for the Q1 Hilton promo points to topoff an account for an upcoming Hawaii redemption. Also found a Delta 2012 MILES promo to couple with the stay.

    The part i dont understand with the promo in your post is if registration opens Jan 17, how could it be valid for stays starting Jan 9th?

  4. @Kathy K, I would assume you earn more base points with elite status, but probably not more bonus points. 😉

    @steven, I hate non-refundables, too. They make me nervous.

    @BothofUs2, that is confusing. I fixed it to hopefully make it less confusing, but what it means is that the Any Weekend, Anywhere Sale can be used starting Jan 9th. It gives 33% off and a 1,000 point bonus for a two-night stay, but the additional 2,500 point bonus can not be booked until Jan 17th for that 24 hour period. Hope that helps some. It is basically a promo within a promo.

    I love how you can get miles and points with HHonors – big plus. Good job!

  5. So, with regards to miles, do you only qualify for base miles unless a certain airline is running it’s own promo? The 2500pts bonus doesn’t come with bonus miles correct? I haven’t seen anything for UA/CO, did I miss it?

    Oh & Go Texans!!!!!!

    • @Houstonmama, with Hilton HHonors you can earn variable points and miles based on your room rate/charges to the room, or you can choose to earn a fixed amount per stay, or you can earn variable points and points (no airline miles). They make it flexible, but it does end up a bit confusing. UA is a partner and without a promo you can go here to see some of the earning options. I’m very much pulling for the Texans this weekend! May take a small miracle, but I’m cheering for them!

  6. I’m somewhat confused as to how individual night stays will give bonus points. I will be in Texas in June, and I’m planning on a 2 consecutive night stay Saturday and Sunday, which if I understand correctly, it will give me 2,500 points if I book today through Facebook, plus 1,000 bonus points. Did I get this right?
    However, the post says if you check in on Thursday night you need a two night minimum stay. But what if I check in on a different hotel just for Friday night? Will that offer bonus points and the discount rate? I’m going to be in one city in Houston on Friday night, and then San Antonio on Saturday and Sunday night (two different stays). How do they record the single Friday night stay?

  7. Just to clarify now that I read my own post, I’m planning on staying one night on Friday night in Houston, and then a two night stay at the same property Saturday and Sunday night in San Antonio. Three nights, two different properties. I rambled a bit on the last post.

  8. Sorry, I should have done my own homework before asking the question. I just found the terms and conditions. It looks like as long as I follow the instructions on the Facebook page, I will earn 2500 bonus points for the Friday night stay, plus an additional 2500 for the weekend stay, plus an additional 1000 bonus points for the two night weekend stay, so a total of 6,000 bonus points. Did I do this right?

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