Review: The Westin Riverfront Mountain Villas at Beaver Creek

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Today I get to share with you some information about the Westin Riverfront Mountain Villas at Beaver Creek Mountain in Avon, Colorado.  I have already shared some info about planning the trip and the process of traveling with a toddler to Beaver Creek, but now is where it really starts to get good.  If you want to play catch-up, or look ahead to future posts in this series, here is a rundown of what to expect:
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When we were planning this trip, I really had a hard time deciding which type of room would be better for our family.  I didn’t know of if the villas or the hotel would be the best fit.  On the one hand, we certainly like to be pampered a bit while on vacation, but on the other hand the studios in the villas seemed to make sense for a young family.  Ultimately availability decided for us.  We were traveling on SPG points and could only get availability at the villas one day and the resort one day, so we got a chance to try both lodging options.  While I was not exactly thrilled to move rooms each night, I was excited to see both types of rooms. The Villas were going for 16,000 SPG points or around $400-$450 for a studio suite for the night we were there.


Check-in happens at the same desk for both the resort and the villas.  We were informed that while staying at the villas you can either use the valet for $25 per night or you can self park for $20 per night.  We were told when we move to the resort that self-park is no longer an option.  We decided to just use the valet for both nights.  I do want to point out that according to the website, there are also no complimentary upgrades available for the villas, even for SPG Platinum members.  The villas are one of SPG’s vacation rental/timeshare properties, so things operate a little differently than for the hotels.  We explained at check-in that we were moving from the villas to the hotel the next day and they said that late check-out would not be a problem.  In fact, we were able to leave our things in our villa until 4PM.  That was extremely helpful.

The only part of the check-in process that was a bit confusing was when it came time for the front desk agent to give us directions to our studio suite.  They went something like this: “go back down the hall past the front door, turn right at the elevator, veer left, go outside, walk toward the front of the property, look for a door on the other building, go through the entry way, down the elevator, and through the hallway”.  Um, what?!  We tried, got lost, came back, tried again, got lost, asked someone for help, got lost, asked someone else, and finally found it.  We were tired and carrying a 30lb toddler, so it was not the ideal way to start our time at the resort.  If it is that complicated, I highly recommend providing a map or someone to help you find your room the first time.

What really threw us off was that after we got off the elevator, we were in the parking garage.  We actually thought we were lost, when we really weren’t.  It was very weird walking through a seemingly underground parking garage to get to your room.  My husband said, “Guess that is where they put you when you use points here…..”

After we finally determined we were actually supposed to be in the parking garage, we finally found the last long hallway and made our way into our room.  I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive about what a room off of the parking garage was going to look like.

The Studio Suite Living Area:

I was relieved when I opened the door to our studio and saw that we weren’t actually in the basement.  We were now just on the ground floor.  The view from the patio was actually quite nice and it felt great to finally be in our room!  C bolted straight towards the bed.  😉

While the bed was very comfortable, it was nowhere near big enough for all three of us.  So, C and I took the bed while my husband reluctantly slept on the pull-out couch.  Our toddler is done with sleeping in hotel cribs, but she isn’t quite ready to sleep by herself in a bed either.  We’re in an awkward “transition” when faced with determining her sleep location.  So, our sleeping arrangements weren’t ideal, but they worked for the night.

Once we got settled into our room, we went for our first night swim a the hotel pool.  The pool and hot tubs are heated, and it was just so much fun.  I will say it is quite a hike from the villas to the pool, but as I posted about here, we had a blast.  I will talk more about the pools in a later post.  After our swim, we were wiped out and just ordered room service.

I will say that it is so nice when we stay in rooms or suites that have a dining table.  I don’t mind just eating on the bed if it is just me, but with kiddos it is far more practical to have a table to sit at!

We ordered a kid’s chicken and vegetable meal and a meat lover’s pizza.  Both were totally decent, but I was a bit surprised to see brussel sprouts on the plate.  Not my favorite.  Yuck!  The mushrooms were really good though.

The Kitchen:

While we are on the topic of food, this studio suite does have a kitchen, so if you wanted to cook your own food you could save a lot of money over the course of your trip.  Our trip really wasn’t long enough for us to want to bother with cooking, but it is a great way to save on longer trips.  We did make good use of the refrigerator to store milk for C.

The Bathroom:

When you walked into the bathroom area, the sink and tub/shower were on the right-hand side and the toilet was on the left-hand side of the bathroom area.  It was nice to have a little extra space and separation from the tub and the toilet.  Taking a toddler to the bathroom is a full contact sport, so extra room is appreciated.

While we were on the timeshare presentation (more on that in a later post), I snapped a quick picture of the bathroom from the one-bedroom suite.  The one-bedroom suite at the villas was nicer and more spacious than the junior suite, and the bathroom reflected that difference.

The Washer/Dryer:

There is one in the room.  It works.  Laundry detergent was provided.  We used it.

Overall Impression:

The Westin Riverfront Villas at Beaver Creek Mountain was enjoyable for our one-night stay.  The room was clean, functional, well-maintained, etc… But, I do have to admit that while the stay was absolutely fine, the room wasn’t exciting for us.  For 16,000 SPG points, I guess we were hoping for something a little bit more luxurious.  Call us snobs, but that’s just the truth.  I’m sure part of it had to do with how far away the room was located from many of the amenities that we enjoyed.  We also didn’t like how small the bed was.   If you get a one-bedroom, those are a step better than the studio suites.

However, even if the bed had been bigger and the room had been closer, it still just didn’t feel “magical” the way that some rooms and suites do.  Okay, now I know I sound super crazy. The studio suites aren’t bad by any stretch of the imagination, but we just enjoyed our room at the resort more.  I’ll talk more about that room in the next post in this series, so that you can determine which property looks better suited to your family’s travel preferences.

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  1. We stayed here on our SPG free resort night last summer as a baby free getaway and enjoyed it. Guess a free night sets expectations differently :).

  2. My Wife and I use to stay at this location at least once a year. The Villas share amenities with the adjacent Westin hotel which has a fantastic restaurant and fun infinity Jacuzzis that look up the valley. SPG elite members should be aware they are inflexible on upgrades (which they make clear on their website), but also inflexible on simply changing rooms (ADA room which I don’t care for and they would not accommodate a change, not an upgrade, a change… causing an early check-out).

    Afterwards, I had additional charges which took a corporate intervention for response. I did eventually get correctly credited, but time invested and their inflexibility really soured me on the location.

  3. We stay here and the Sheraton and for the price the Sheraton was much better. The villas suck but did get the 50k points to tell them no on the time share.

  4. Stayed there with a buddy of mine… his folks are one of the timeshare owners, but actually on the hotel side. I did do the timeshare tour though and got 10,000 SPG points just for waking up after a night of tomfoolery and letting the sales lady do her pitch.

  5. I think you guys don’t get it when you mention that there are no room upgrades or changes (even for platinums)Each one of these units is owned. The only way a specific room is available for “rent” is when a timeshare owner can’t use their week and decides to try making some money and so makes their unit available for “rent”. What you see on the SPG website is just like answering a “for rent” ad in a newspaper-just one specific unit. And if the going rate now is 16000 SPG points for the Villas and the hotel is only 12000 SPG points I would say that you overpaid.

  6. Sounds like the Marriott Vacation Club villas are more luxurious than the Westin (which doesn’t surprise me — there are waaayyyy more properties). In our last one, we had jacuzzi tubs, private porch, tons of space, etc., etc….

  7. You mention being at an awkward sleeping phase for C. For our 3 year old, we have a miniature size air mattress that we bring to hotels. It even has raised edges to help keep them from rolling off in the night.

  8. Sounds like Rick beat me to the punch, but I was also going to suggest buying a Kids Aerobed. We’ve used our tons on vacation trips or trips to the grandparents when cousins are also joining us and sleeping space is limited. In fact, when the kids get sick we set it up in the living room as their special place to sleep, watch tv, or whatever will make them feel better. Much easier to clean up in case … well, you know.

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