Only on a MegaDo is a Two Hour Delay Awesome!

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On the OneWorld MegaDo flight yesterday from Seattle to LAX, the plane experienced a two-hour mechanical delay.  Normally, sitting on the plane for two extra hours would be at least mildly annoying, or if with my toddler, very challenging.  However, yesterday the two-hour delay was not only fun – it was awesome.

Not only did the delay mean two more hours to hang out with your friends on the flight, it meant two more hours of “open bar”.  While I certainly did not maximize that opportunity, I can say with certainty that many others on-board did!  Since it was getting close to dinner, the organizers ran to the nearest sandwich shop in the airport and bought 150 sandwiches for everyone on the flight.  I can only imagine what the sandwich store thought of that order!  The American Airlines ground crew found many AA items like jackets, hats, and vests to raffle off for charity on the plane during the delay.  It was (crazy) awesome seeing how much people would be willing to donate in order to get the American Airlines items.

By far my favorite auctioned items were the bottles of champagne.  Excuse the terrible iPhone photos, but you get the flavor for what was happening on board.

The delay, and actual flight, wouldn’t have been near as memorable if it weren’t for the awesome AA crew.  They were truly fantastic and went above and beyond for us.  One of them is featured in the brand new AA safety demo video, so she was basically a celebrity amongst us!  I hope to run into them on future flights.

American graciously gave us 10,000 redeemable and elite qualifying miles for the mechanical delay.  They even joked the delay was staged so that had a reason to hand out more miles to this miles-and-points-obsessed group!  Now it is time to get ready for the final day of the inagural OneWorld MegaDo!   Next up, Qantas and Cathay.  Can’t wait!

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  1. @carwag, loved meeting you, too!!

    @Angeleno, hazard of writing on a touchpad and not doing a good job editing. Buying a better laptop before my next trip for sure! All fixed now.

    @Michael, it was well worth it and the sandwiches were quite good. 😉

  2. Good for you guys, but this is getting pretty ridiculous. 10K points and 10K EQMs for a 2 hour mechanical delay? This after the SWU re-booking windfall. Maybe the next time I’m delayed or re-booked on AA I should request equivalent compensation (including sandwich of course). 😀

  3. @hikert, This is a special trip, so there are some special accommodations when things go astray. ;). You should come on the next one!

  4. Am I the only one who is amazed at the mechanical delays AA has had on MegoDo? It sort of confirms my sense, growing over recent months of flying, that something is not right with the maintenance regimen at my favorite carrier. They’ve had two huge, embarrassing mechanical snafus on what should be a perfect series of flights. Sure, the compensation is sweet, but these flights should have gone off without a hitch!

  5. @mommypoints – no can do on megado. Have a real job now which is probably why I’m a bit crankier than usual, lol. I would have dropped by to say hi but it sounded like the Boeing tour was private and closed to the public.

  6. I’m not sure if the above comment was a response to my comment, but if it is, I just want to know how much the MegaDo cost. If it cost $10,000, then it certainly wasn’t worth the 10k eqm.

    • Dan, economy was $799. Will share more details when I get home, but while themiles and status challenges are great, most go mainly for the awesome experiences. Well worth it in my book!

  7. Wow, I was stuck overnight by an AA mechanical after putting up with missing GAs, no info on flight status, and then the rebooked flight went mechanical and delayed 1.5 hours. I got 10K RDM (no EQM) only after writing in and waiting 3 months. I get that this is a high profile trip but AA is getting a little ridiculous.

  8. Come on people, this was a special trip, not normally scheduled flights, so shouldn’t be read as related to SOP. The 777 mechanical issue happens and AA can’t keep extra planes at outstations, so made a reasonable decision all around, given the other 777 destinations and connections from LHR.

  9. Agreed, this is a special trip, and compensation was also likely special. I am certain if my flight had a mechanical delay today, the way it would be handled is probably quite different. It sure was nice having the VIP treatment for a few days though. 😉

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