Why MegaDos Make Me a Better Traveler (And a MegaSwag Giveaway!)

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It’s officially been twelve hours since my flight home from LAX went wheels up, thus concluding my journey through the first OneWorld MegaDO.  It is an abrupt transition going from the “MegaDo lifestyle” of jetting from one city to the next each day, hotel rooms to myself, unlimited free drinks and food at every corner, the company of adults who love to talk about points, miles, and aviation, and VIP treatment at every turn, to the world of a sick (again) kid and husband who is exhausted from being a “single daddy” for the last several days.  You could say it is a transition back to the “real world”.  Thankfully, I love my real world, runny noses and all, so while the transition is abrupt, it is a welcome change.  However, what makes it worth it to leave my normal life for a few days to live the “MegaDo lifestyle”, is that in addition to getting a chance to hang out with some great friends on the trip, I always leave these events a better and more knowledgeable traveler.

So, instead of simply posting about the slew of amazing events we got to take part in on the OWMD (check out the official MegaDO blog for that!), I am going to post about a few ways in which it made me a more informed traveler.

My neighbor (and best friend) growing up was a girl named Kristen who was my age.  Her dad was a pilot for Pan Am.  Prior to having children, her mother was a flight attendant for Pam Am as well.  Wonder how they met…..?  I remember her dad coming and going in his uniform to fly large airplanes to exotic destinations all over the world.  In fact, seeing him in his pilot’s uniform was one of the first concrete memories I have of the aviation industry.  I remember thinking that flying airplanes had to be the coolest job in the world.  My grandfathers were also both pilots, though not commercially, so I do have some young memories of their tales and photos of airplanes as well.

However, I’ll admit that for most of my life I have been more interested in the places that airplanes can take me, rather than the airplanes themselves.  Somewhere between the years of childhood and adulthood I forgot about the magic of flight itself.  It’s actually quite understandable how easy it is to forget about actually flying.  You can easily walk through the airport and onto the plane without ever really even seeing the plane.  Flights are often so smooth and uneventful, that it is easy to take the whole process for granted.

However, MegaDos truly bring the airplanes (and the people who fly them) back into focus.  On the Star MegaDO I attended in September 2011, we toured the Bombardier factory outside of Montreal.  This time we toured the Boeing factory outside of Seattle.  We got to watch Boeing 737s being built.  It was amazing to see.

If that doesn’t bring airplanes back into focus, I don’t know what will.  We also were given the freedom to explore basically anywhere inside a Qantas A380 and a Cathay Pacific 777.  Not only did we get to try out all of the cabins (look for an upcoming post about my thoughts for the best seats for children on those planes), but we got to sit in the cockpit and lay down in the crew rest areas.  Looking out of the window in the cockpit of the 777 was a very memorable experience.

I’ve been increasingly interested in planes over the past year or so, but now I find myself thirsty for even more knowledge.  While not everyone needs to be an airplane geek to travel, I think that having some knowledge about planes, and a genuine appreciation for flight, makes a person a better traveler.

We also got an opportunity to visit the operations center at American Airlines in Dallas.  I posted about how we got “hands on” experience with the evacuation slide, but we also got to participate in both a water evacuation and an evacuation of an aircraft cabin filled with smoke.  Certainly we all had fun with these experiences, but the reality is that we are all now better prepared in the event of a real emergency.   We have crawled into a life raft (which, for the record, is not easy), and have practiced installing the canopy to the raft in the event that it is cold or raining.  Again, it was not the easiest process.

While all of the training events had an element of “fun” to them, evacuating a cabin filled with smoke was actually a bit frightening for me.  Hearing flight attendants yelling in unison to keep your heads down was something I never want to experience in the real world.  It is scary, even in a mock situation.  However, at least we are all now better prepared than we were before.  Again, I think that makes me a better traveler.


Getting a chance to see the operations center at American and hear first-hand how they make decisions about cancellations was also very enlightening.  We learned that their number one priority when making a flight cancellation (other than safety, of course) is looking at whether or not everyone on the flight can get to where they are going by the end of that day.  If the cancellation decision comes down to two flights, and Flight A has fewer passangers on it, but some won’t be able to be re-routed to their destination that day, and Flight B has more passengers, but all can still get to their destination via a different routing, then Flight B is the more likely choice for cancellation even though it impacts more people.  We also heard that they do take into account who is on the flight (so that means you want to be on flights with really important people on it!).  The MegaDo flight from London to Dallas was cancelled the day before our visit with the operations crew, so this discussion especially hit home for those who had been routed various ways to get to Dallas from London.  Again, being more informed makes me a better traveler.

Finally, these trips give me a chance to see and learn about things I would never otherwise experience.  For example, today the MegaDO attendees got to utilize the American Airlines Flagship Check-in.  I had a special curb-side entrance, friendly personal help with check-in, and an escort to the front of the TSA security line.

This is a normally reserved for First Class customers on a three-class transcontinental or international flight, ConciergeKey members, or Five Star Service customers and is currently only available at LAX, but is expanding to other locations in the near future.  While it is certainly possible I will fly in First Class on a three-class cabin at some point, it certainly isn’t my normal flying pattern, so without the MegaDo I would probably barely even know this service existed.  Now I not only know it exists, but I have first-hand knowledge of what the service is like.  Even if that knowledge isn’t all that relevant to my day-to-day life, it is certainly knowledge that can help some travelers.

The same is true for American’s Five Star Service.  The MegaDO participants who went to London got to experience this service on that leg of their journey.  This is a service that can be purchased for $125 per person, or two passengers for $200 (immediate family members under 18 can accompany the paying passenger for no additional charge).  The service comes with: car service coordination, curbside meet and greet, check-in assistance, expedite through through the security link, lounge access, flight monitoring and priority re-accomodation during delays, escort to the gate, pre-boarding assistance, baggage claim assistance, and assistance with customs for international arrivals.

While I am not sure if I will ever need to use this service or not, I can absolutely see many scenarios in which it would be very worth the price paid.  For example, if a parent were traveling alone overseas, with a connection, with small children, this personalized and proactive assistance might be very helpful in maintaining sanity.  I could also see it being helpful if older family members were traveling alone.  While this service is not continuous care or medical assistance, it would help ensure that their travel was as seamless as possible.  Knowing that things like this exist makes me a better traveler.

I could go on and on about this trip, but I will leave it at that.  If you are interested in aviation, the magic of flight, or just want to have a great time with a bunch of miles and points junkies, consider coming on one of these trips.  I promise you will have memories to keep with you for a lifetime.

Now, if you want a bag of enough MegaDO swag to “last you a lifetime”, then you have come to the right place.  Everyone that comments on this post stating why they want to come on a MegaDO will be entered to win my bag of swag.  This isn’t an extra bag of stuff I picked up, this is my (unworn) shirt and bag of goodies.  I was lucky enough to have photos and memories, but I want to at least share some of the goodies we were given with one of you who couldn’t make the trip.  In it is an official MegaDO shirt in size Large, an AAdmiral’s Club pass that is valid through 04/30/12, a box of chocolates from the Hyatt Century City in LA, Cathay Pacific screen cleaner/keyboard duster, Qantas luggage tag, airplane shaped paper clips, many key rings, pens, notepads, etc…  I’m honestly not even sure what all is in there – and let me tell you it was heavy to carry home!

Entries are accepted until 11:59 PM Central on Friday 2/3/12.  A winner will be selected at random from all eligible entries.  Thanks to all who helped make the MegaDO a tremendous success.  Finally, here is a shot of the view from my window while we were flying out over the Pacific today before turning to head back to Texas.  Hopefully one day soon I will continue West over the Pacific on one of those beautiful, large planes I had the chance to explore on this trip.  😉

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  1. I’ve enjoyed yours and posts from the other OMD bloggers these last few days. It’s been great watching you enjoy & experience everything you’ve had a chance to do. Every MegaDo & the Facebook posts of my friends on it makes me want to go more and more (and of course having to deal with significant jealosy at each turn).

    So the question is why I’d want to come on a MegaDo: Simple – for once in a lifetime expeirences that hardcore bird nerds would enjoy, with some of the most fun frequent flyers on the planet.

  2. MP, Loved following your feed this week. If you really wanna have fun, I can arrange a seat for you on the Brooklyn Reality Tour!!

    • Dan, the Brooklyn Reality Tour looks amazing. I lived in Brooklyn for about a year, but would love to learn about it from those who really know Brooklyn. The “mommy” part of Mommy Points limits how many of these awesome events I can do, but I absolutely want to join in one of your “tours” at some point! I have heard nothing but good things. 😉

  3. Sounded like it was a lot of fun and even educational. One thing that interests me about the MegaDOs is the knowledge of the other attendees, and being able to chat and learn…

  4. Meeting the people who run the airline and associating faces to its mileage program are the reasons I would like to attend a MegaDo.

  5. Want to do a MegaDO because it will be a totally rare and different kind of flying/traveling experience, plus meet all the fellow “crazy” MegaDOers!

  6. What amazes me is the access you and the others were given by the hosts. I hope to be lucky enough to join one in the future. Thanks for sharing your thoughts along the way!

  7. Great post! I’d love and truly appreciate the behind the scenes of such a beauteous bird. Much better than from behind my coach seat. Love the glamour of it as you described! Dying to participate in a future MegaDo, thanks for sharing!

  8. Being local from DFW I was jealously contemplating gate-crashing this Mega-DO party 🙂 And reading your great run-down of the happenings it was so awesome, I hope there was a video camera footage of it. Next time I want to feel the same rush of experiencing the world of Mega-DO where every one is so focused on learning and having fun. Nice change of pace from the real world!

  9. I think it is good to find out all the things you don’t think about when you fly an airline. Now you make me wish I went!
    Yet I can still connect with the “didn’t know what you miss behind the scenes” idea, since I did a design project for American Airlines. I was fortunate to tour a Boeing 777 undergoing maintenance and tour the entire plane–cargo hold, first class, cockpit and all. I had no idea how many wires are on a plane until I saw all the panels removed!

  10. I want to go to a MegaDo to get the behind the scene perspective of the travel industry … My favorite airlines, hotels, etc.

  11. I had such an amazing time on the MegaDo. All the behind the scenes tours were once-in-a-lifetime experiences but half of the fun was getting to know all you wonderful people. We were treated to the best each company had to offer. I paid for one drink the entire weekend, and as anyone who went can attest, megadoers party hard. Hope to see you again on a future Do!

    (this isn’t an entry, I have my own swag!)

  12. Definitely want to do a DO to experience flying in a whole different way. Not for business, or vacation, but just for the flying itself. Dreamy

  13. What an unbelievable experience! I have already set in my mind that I want to participate in one Megado in the future.

    Based in Brazil and knowing how fast seats sold, I am not sure when I will ve able to accomplish it, but it sure is a goal for the future!

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and for the giveaway. I love anything related to aviation!

  14. After reading all the reports, who wouldn’t? The flying part is probably the least interesting, but having interesting and knowledgeable people to talk to, plus getting to tour behind-the-scenes ops and airplane factories? That’s too tempting for an engineer 🙂

  15. I loved reading yours and other blogger’s experiences but I am not sure I would participate in one.

    I am curious about many things (for instance, would I really be able to open an emergency door?), but my love for travel has more to do with the destination.

    Being a mother I was particulary glad to know that if you don’t fly first, you can “buy” assistance when travelling with kids!

  16. Maybe the next DO won’t sell out so fast and I’ll get to experience it as well. In the meantime, thank you Mommy Points and all the other bloggers for keeping us informed.

  17. From various posts on MegaDo it seems like this is the one of the best ways to see how airlines / hotels make the points work for you! (and the other way round too!)

  18. Since I am an EXP with AA with 5.6mm lifetime miles, mostly BIS, I really wanted to hear the experiences of others who have spent a good chunk of their lives on American metal. I tried, but was shut out from the megado. I didn’t even make the waitlist. Needless to say, it was disappointing. At least, by reading your blog, I was able to get a sense of the megado and what the experiences were like. Thanks for giving us a peek into it.

  19. Would have loved to do the MegaDo. As a retired USAF flyer I’ve been through oall of the emergecny drills you described… but must say my water survival tarining and evacuation training were a bit MORE rigorous (and a fond memory). Would have been a blase to see if from the civilian/commercial flight side!

  20. I love the fact you got to tour the airplanes and Boeing. I wonder if the regular tours allow for seeing the planes being made. I agree with a previous reader, just being able to pick up rid bits of knowledge from others is invaluable. Great read!

  21. Id love to go to a megaDO because I’m a FFer who loves my airline not just the service they give me. I want to learn more about how they work so I think the behind the scenes experiences would be amazing.

  22. I would love to go to a MegaDO to not only learn about some in and outs you can’t learn otherwise but to also meet some of the BoardingArea blogs I follow!

  23. To play words with friends on my ipad during takeoff, shout drunkenly at AA flights attendants, get kicked off, and see if it makes the national news.

  24. I’d love to attend a MegaDo! Traveling is always (mostly) fun, but learning how to travel in higher classes at lower costs makes it all the more enjoyable!

  25. Pre 9/11 I was allowed in to the cockpit for the landing of a 747 at JFK. It was the most awesome thing I ever saw and I do surgery for a living.

  26. What a better way to learn about miles/points and about airplanes from people who operate them. From meeting traveling geeks to learning about inside of flight, it would be certainly once in life time experience to attend any MegaDo in future.

  27. I would love to attend a MegaDo b/c I have a somewhat unhealthy fascination about the best ways to get free stuff and services while traveling and know I would learn a lot from the trip and the people on the trip!

  28. To talk miles/points with fellow hobbyists and insiders from the industry. Would reenergize me for a year of dismissals from family and friends.

  29. I’ve been interest with aviation since I was a little kid. I had this awesome book for kids about airplanes and flying and no matter how much I fly now, I always feel like a kid in a candy shop. I’d love the MegaDO for that cool behind the scenes stuff. How awesome.

  30. I wish I could go so I could talk with other people who share my passion of miles/points, and not have people start out conversations with me saying “I dont want to talk about miles/points”

  31. Thank you for the update. As a seasoned traveler, but brand newbie to the world of points hacking, the megaDO is a must-do on my list.

  32. From your post, it really seems MegaDo can help us appreciate all that goes on behind the scenes and this would help me be more patient and understanding in times of delays and cancellations.

    I am so glad you got to visit the Boeing factory outside Seattle. I went last year and let me tell you, someone have mistaken me to be a crazy person considering how excited I was hehe.

  33. Being casually in the points game now for 30+ years, (joined Advantage in ’81), it would be interesting to dive into the obsession from yet another angle. Rather than just focusing on the points and cost to get from A to B, to focus a bit on the actual ride would be a new experience.

  34. I think the next Mega Do was sold out a few weeks after it was posted in October 2011 for 2012, and if I am wrong, please let me know. I wish I had been following your blog several months ago when this was all happening, and I might have signed up. However, you can be jealous of me also, I live out of a suitcase as retired person, and stay in hotels for months at a time sometimes, in Israel, in Switzerland, in American and Italy. But as a Million Miler from many years of warrior travel during my careers, I would enjoy learning more about the airlines, especially American to which I was transferred after being a TWA person living in St. Louis, a former hub city. At least the points were not lost in that transition, I certainly hope the new American revitalization will maintain the mileage programs status quo also. Thanks for all your great information.

  35. Enjoyed reading your post. Going to a MegaDO would be a dream. To see the inner workings of airlines and aircraft operations would certainly be an eyeopener. And to be treated like royalty, as you all were…..well, who wouldn’t like that?

    • @Dorothy, this one did sell-out in minutes. Who knows if the next one will or not, but I’m not taking any chances. I’ll be headed to the launch party for SMD4 to secure a chance to register for the SMD4 early! Look for a launch party announcement in the near future for the next DO!

  36. I would love to see the planes up close and un-escorted, plus the meeting of other travel geeks. While you all were getting ready for MegaDO, I did a 3 day 12 segment MR on AA (35K+ EQM. I will tour the Boeing Museum of Flight on my birthday this July while out to attend my husband’s nephew’s wedding.

  37. I want to go on a MegaDO because it looks awesome! I love to travel, but typically am more on a budget, so I normally wouldn’t get these types of experiences. Also, the possibility of getting an upgraded status that can come along with a MegaDO would be great, because I typically don’t earn that on my own. Finally, it would be fun to meet and talk with all of the other miles/points people because my husband sure gets tired of hearing about it!

  38. Some day I will attend one of the miles/points collectors conferences but I’m afraid a lot would be over my head now, Yearning to apply for the UA Explorer card but with 8 Chase cards do I dare? I Enjoy the practical plain speak bent of your entertaining blogs. Thanks

    • @allen, it really isn’t all at an “over your head” level. At least I promise what I say wouldn’t be. 😉 You really should come to one – I bet you would get hooked. They are kinda like Pringles, can’t have just one!

  39. Simple: so that I could meet and swap family travel stories and experiences with Mommy_points! AND to get that cute Hipmunk luggage tag!

  40. Meeting fellow Mile and Point Gurus, loads of miles Spinning around the world WITH Attention, and Boeing Tours ( IDK if I can get a Boeing tour by myself) makes OWMD seriously fun for me.
    I do have some Visa issues, else I would have tried to reserve my spot.

  41. I travel a moderate amount for business and a MegDO experience would really help me be a more savvy business (and leisure) traveler. Everytime I read about a MegaDO, I realize there’s so much I want to learn. Great posts.

  42. It’s been a blast living vicariously through all the bloggers and tweets this past week. I definitely plan on attending a MegaDo some day, when time and money are a little more flexible. It would be great to spend time with people who understand the love of travel (not only appreciating the destination, but the route there!) and getting a glimpse into the inner-workings of the companies I pledge a fierce loyalty to!

  43. I really hope to go to a MegaDO in the future mostly for the opportunity to hangout and learn from other like-minded travel junkies!

  44. I’d love to see the behind the scenes operations of airlines, explore all areas of those large planes, and connect with others who try to make the most out of their points/miles.

  45. One World has been my alliance of choice for many years. To have the ability to see/appreciate the inner workings of any of their airline members would be an outstanding opportunity. I can certainly appreciate why this event sold out in 23 minutes. Next year, a chance to have more participants would be welcome. And, maybe I’ll be one of those lucky ones!

  46. The ability to have real conversations with the airlines about “why” and “how” things happen would be amazing. I had this opportunity with United a few years ago and would welcome the change to do it with another carrier.

  47. I’ve just recently gotten into the world of miles and points, and so far haven’t met anyone “in person” who shares the same passion – just people online. So it’s be great to make real world connections with people at a place like MegaDO.

  48. I think you should change the name of your blog to Mommy Bxxxh.

    You are just one of these sad & pathetic flyertalk losers, a reject of society who lacks any kind of social skills to have any respect in real life who turns to faux elite status to make you feel better about yourself.

    I think it’s hilarious that as a social retard, you still look to form “clicks” within that pathetic group of losers on Flyertalk and feel the need to be “popular” and ignore people who are interested in talking to you. That poor girl on the Sheraton LAX bus tried desperately, for whatever reason I will never understand, to join your make-belief popular click (wait, I mean, a couple of old farts and a fugly bxxxh) only to be ignored.

    I’m not sure who is more pathetic. That girl or you.

    • @No name, while I did meet a girl on the LAX to Sheraton bus who was very nice and who I got to chat with off and on until we went up to our rooms at the hotel, I otherwise have no idea what you are talking about. I had the privilege to meet lots of different people from all backgrounds on this trip, and in no way found the experience to be “clicky”. There are friends who do spend time together on these trips, but I have never found those groups of friends to be exclusive – in fact I have found them to be quite the opposite. One of the best parts of these trips is meeting tons of different people from around the world who all share a common interest in travel.

      Sorry to hear you seem to not like many of the other participants on these trips (including me). Next time, say hi. I’d love to chat with you in real life.

  49. I’d love the opportunity to meet all the bloggers I’ve been reading the past year to really pick their brains in person. And you all seem like such a fun group of folks to hang out with.

  50. Because it sounds like a lot of fun meeting people with the similar interests! Would love to go down the airplane slide too!

  51. I would love to go to a MegaDo just to get Hyatt Diamond status and to hand around like-minded people. .thanks so much for your blog.

  52. I’d like to go on a MegaDO because I think it would be neat to see how the airlines operate! Also…. I think I would bring my husband as he is a little afraid of flying and it might help him with his fear.

  53. Too many reasons I’d love to MegaDO! See the planes, some that I’ve longed to see but haven’t had a chance; meet bloggers and FFFanatics; check out behind the scenes; and more miles in fewer days than ever! Mostly, though, to get my own bag o’ swag!

  54. Mommypoints, you are one classy lady! The way you respond to “unkind” posters (such as no name) shows me how nice you are in real life. I hope to one day do the Mega Do if for no other reason than to meet fun bloggers like you! I live on Kauai so have to fly off the island just to fly somewhere else, so travel is expensive but miles and points help me make my way of life (a passion for travel and volunteering) affordable. Thank you for your great blogs or as we say here, “Mahalo”!

  55. Thanks for the post (and the sweepstakes)! I was bummed I couldn’t make the oneworld Mega Do this year. I’d love to see a Boeing plant and can’t wait for the next one!

  56. Great post! MegaDO sounds like so much fun… to be wined and dined by hotel and airline companies! But I would most love to attend a MegaDO to be able to meet fellow travelers who love to accrue points/miles and get the most out of their travel buck!

  57. I’d love to see the behind the scenes action at the AA training center! And the boeing factory, too. It all sounds really cool!

  58. Would love to attend a Do and meet real salt of the earth folks like No name (#109). Time to go back under your bridge.
    Keep up the good work MP!

  59. I’d love to attend a MegaDo so that I could finally learn why all these things are called XYZDo.

    In seriousness I’d like to go because I feel like I don’t know as much about aviation as I should to be fully enjoying all of the travel that the points game makes possible.

  60. I live in Minneapolis, where we have historically had only one realistic airline choice: Northwest, and now Delta. I’d like to see how the rest of the world lives!

  61. Would love to go on the next MegaDo to meet the points bloggers and mile junkies that have taught and enabled me to visit places I would have only dreamed of (Easter Island in Biz? woohoo!) and I could use that club pass too!

  62. Thanks for your ongoing commitment to the travelling/mileage/mega-do community. I was unable to make it to this MegaD0, but did get to go to the launch event at the WeHo Andaz. I truly enjoyed meeting so many fellow geeks and getting insider perspectives from airline and hotel folks. Just like with miles and points, I always want more,

  63. I could only dream that I would be able to do something like this! As a stay at home mom who spends all of her free time learning about miles and points, this would be an incredible experience. Right now I have to be satisfied that I am the “Mommy Points” of my little family!

  64. I’ve always loved traveling, but am relatively new to the points/frequent flyer miles world. The MegaDO sounds like such a great opportunity to see the behind the scenes action, to really see what goes into getting us from point A to B or what happens to make sure we have a pleasant stay overnight at a hotel. Then, to be able to share in that experience with other people that will get just as excited would be incredible!

  65. I’d like to go and have the opportunity to meet many of the wonderful people who share the passion of travel (at a bargain!)

  66. I love traveling but since getting married and having kids that has been stunted. Give me the change to see the world and experience services that I would never know about otherwise. Thanks.

  67. Thanks MP for the great posts on MegaDo. Look forward to being able to participate one year soon probably when I retire. Look forward to the kind of treatment that I’ll rarely ever get anywhere!

  68. I wanted so badly to sign up for the MegaDo, but I just started a new job and couldn’t get the time off. I think the part I would have enjoyed the most was the emergency evacuations and meeting all of the wonderful people who are as points and flight obsessed as me!

  69. Looks like MegaDos was hands on fun & info filled time…
    I would surely like to try some many of the things, the touring of the airline factory, to see the cockpit, the flagship check ins , lovely rooms to stay & meet the bloggers…

  70. i want a chance to hang out with other peoiple who still truly enjoy traveling and all the crazyness that goes along with it, as well of course as being treated like a VIP and get a whole lot of miles. Thanks!

  71. I want to attend the MegaDo because I’m looking to ditch United and would love to see what the oneWorld crew has to offer.

  72. I want to go to a MegaDo so I can tell my family and friends that there are a LOT of people out there who are even MORE mile obsessed than I am.

  73. I have 3 too many kids to get away on these trips. I have been FT (Flyertalk) and MP junkie for more than 10 years and before that I have been following BestFares.com and so forth. I just love to travel Wisconsin or Hongkong. I love new places. Next Megado I am there.

  74. I would have loved seeing the planes and doing stuff like going down the emergency slide! Sounds like a good time was had by all!

  75. looks like a blast – giving everyone the opportunity to do all the emergency drills would be way better than making us sit through corny safety videos.

  76. I have a MegaDo in my future! I’m leaving work at the end of the month and am finally taking time to travel – and indulge my new career of miles management.

  77. Hope to get to a MegaDO to meet all the cool people whose blogs I read! I tried with this one but by the time I woke up, it was sold out!!!

  78. Thank you for sharing. What a fantastic opportunity to see Boeing manufacture their workhorse 737’s near Seattle. It is definitely the one thing I want to take my 8-year son to see this year. Thanks for blogging about the MegaDo.

  79. I’ve always wanted to visit the AA operations center. Being an EXP myself, I’m always curious as to how flight dispatches are handled.

  80. Sounds like an awesome trip! I was part of the DO in DC a few years back – it is always fun to connect with “real” people instead in virtual reality. 🙂

  81. It would have been awesome to have gone to see the behind the scenes activities, and unlike poster “No Name”, actually hang out with those “losers from flyertalk.” 🙂

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