Amex Gift Chain Membership Rewards Points Bonuses Posting

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There was a lovely surprise waiting in my Membership Rewards account this morning.  The Membership Rewards “gifts” that I won through the Amex Gift Chain promo back in December had now posted to my account.  I have to admit I very much miss the Gift Chain.  It made online shopping so much more exciting!  It was kind of like playing a slot machine every time you made a purchase and I really hope that they do something similar again this year.  Oh well, even though that promo is over for now, at least we now get to enjoy our extra Membership Rewards points.  I’m happy they showed up in time to take advantage of the 30% transfer bonus to British Airways that ends tomorrow (1/31).

Thanks Amex for posting these Gift Chain points correctly and timely  (at least in my account).  Now the referral point bonuses they are supposedly awarding when you refer a friend to open an Amex account are a totally different story that I will save for another post….

Did your Gift Chain Membership Rewards point bonuses show up in your account?


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  1. I did today also, but I didn’t get as many MR points as you. I received mostly Am Ex gift cards. I have now received all my Gift Chain prizes (Am Ex’s, statement credits, MR points, etc) and effectively saved roughly 45% off of money that I would’ve spent anyways via the Gift Chain. Great promo Am Ex.

  2. I didn’t “win” any MR points through Gift Chain, but in reference to your comment on referral bonus: I referred someone last week and my bonus showed up in less than 48 hrs — certainly faster than any bonus for anything ever. 🙂

    • @Aleks, what card was that on? I have heard good things about the SPG Amex, but I have referred a fair number of people for the Gold and Platinum and have waited 8 weeks and nada. Glad you got your referral bonus!

  3. I had 5 referrals for the Gold card the last time they were offering 10k each (like now) and when they would post was completely random. Just like pending MR points though, you can usually call or message if you want them to post quicker.

    • @TravelandCredit, yeah I am not having great luck with my inquiries about the points thus far. “No record” of the referrals is the story I am getting. Will do a post about this soon. Glad you got your 50,000 points though!

  4. I haven’t gotten mine yet. On the SPG card subject, there is a current offer until February 13th where you can refer others. The current referral offer is for 10,000 SPG points. I referred a friend and actually got the points posted less than a week later. The current offer SPG card offer is 10k SPG points on first use and 15k more after spending $5,000 in 6 months. If there is anyone who is planning on getting the card and needs a referral, feel free to send me an email at and I’ll be happy to send one your way.

  5. Only 1 of my 4 MR gifts of 250 points posted. I’d have to say very poor execution (as usual) on AMEX’s part. I don’t understood why it takes AMEX so long to post statement credits or MR points. Annoying. It’s not rocket science. Would it be so hard for them to post the bleeping points and statement credits as soon as they send the email? I had to email them to get my Small Biz Saturday statement credits and wouldn’t surprise me if I had to do that again for this promo.

  6. @HikerT, that stinks. That is like my experience with the referrals. I hope they straighten it out for you soon, but wish you didn’t have to go through that hassle to get it rectified.

  7. Absolutely every one of my Gifts posted and I made 60 purchases! Between the Gift Chain, Small Business and Foursquare promotions I can pay the yearly fee for the next 3 or 4 years. PRG is a keeper!

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