Today Only: Targeted Delta SkyMiles Shopping 250 – 500 Miles Bonus

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Thanks so much to one of my readers for forwarding me an email that said that he had been targeted for a one-day (January 31st through 11:59PM EST) only 500 Delta SkyMiles bonus for making any one purchase from any SkyMiles Shopping retailer.  On Flyertalk it looks like others are reporting being targeted for a 250 SkyMiles version of this promo.  Of course, not everyone was targeted….including me.

From the email the reader sent, it looks like they upped their miles per dollar payouts at some retailers for this special as well.  If you are targeted for this deal, I would look to purchase something you would need anyway.  Walmart and Sears are usually good retailers for practical items, and they both offer in-store pick-up so that you can avoid any shipping charges.  Itunes is another good retailer to consider for a small purchase.

I haven’t seen language to indicate whether this is a one-time bonus, or whether you can make multiple purchases to get multiple bonuses.  I’m willing to bet the intended use was for one purchase, but I have no idea.  I am sure there will be some people who go for multiple purchases with multiple small purchases.  If you do that, just proceed with caution, and save screen shots of the offer and terms and conditions.

So, check your email to see if you were targeted, and remember to make the purchase today since this is a one-day only promo!

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  1. I saw the email and went to see if anyone blogged on it…my details:
    Now through 11:59 PM EST 1/31/12, make a purchase of any value and earn 250 bonus miles.

    252miles for $1 on itunes…here I come!

  2. I was targeted for the 500 extra miles. Needed some melatonin for my wife so went through Delta’s store to, whose earnings were upped to 10mi/$. With my leftover credit from previous purchase, an extra $1 off coupon, and ShopRunner membership (thanks, Amex Gift Chain :)), this came out to a little under $8 for about 1200 miles. Not bad.

  3. I got the same offer (only 250 miles, not 500). I also received a promo code from to buy a $25 certificate for $2. Will be in Houston in June, so I plan on buying the $2 certificate through the Delta portal for 250 miles, and I will buy it for a restaurant that participates in the dining program so I can double dip for more miles when I pay the rest of the order. Actually I guess triple dip if I use my SPG Amex.

  4. Oops, my mistake – it’ll actually be 580 miles for a little under $8. I shouldn’t try to do math before my afternoon coffee…

  5. I read your post and realized I deleted this email earlier in the day! I went to my trash and there was 500 golden miles sitting in there. Not bad for an iTunes song!

    Thanks for the post and the reminder!

    Note to self: Read every email before deleting.

  6. I just made a purchase through the skymall but used a different AMEX (not the delta one), does anyone know if that counts for the bonus miles, or do I have to go back and redo the purchase?

  7. Laura, it should be ok. The way you’re getting the miles is by going through the shopping portal. To be safe, I would use the link they provided on the email. How you pay should not make a difference. If you’re not logged on to Delta when you click on the email, there should be a box for you to enter your sky miles number.

  8. @Ken, thanks for sharing!

    @Aleks, nice!

    @Michael, gotta love the triple dip. 😉

    @Jay, ha ha. Glad I was able to help.

    @Laura, I didn’t get the email but I haven’t read anywhere that you were tied to using a specific card.

    @Michael, thanks for sharing that info.

  9. I know I’m a day late on this. I bought some toothpaste from for $5’ish. Something I would buy anyway for about this amount. No taxes and although offers free shipping on $25 I also have a free shoprunner account (another freebie deal from late last year) so even on most items I can get free shipping from them under $25. So my experience was $5 spend for 50 miles plus 500 bonus = .0091 cents per mile not bad for something I’ll use anyway. I could have hit this with my US airways debit for another 2 miles there but I used my HSA account for this purchase instead.

  10. I also had deleted this as just another Shopping Mall junk mail. Thanks for making this post and making me go back and check the trash. I was targeted for the 500 miles and was thinking of trying for multiple purchases. Unfortunately, I had issues with both Lowes and Home Depot, trying to buy a $0.25 switch plate for in-store pickup, so I gave up. Ended up buying razor blades for $24.99 from, who were running a 10x miles promo. No tax and free shipping thanks to the ShopRunner membership I got from the Amex Gift Chain. 500 bonuus miles plus 250 purchase miles is not too bad for something I was going to have to buy this week anyway.

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