Earn an Extra 2-3 Points Per Dollar on Dining with the “Get Ahead Bonus”

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If you are like me and spend a fair amount of your monthly income on food, then make sure you register for this “Get Ahead Bonus” dining promo through the Rewards Network.  With the Rewards Network, you typically earn 3 miles per dollar spent on dining at eligible restaurants when you pay using a registered credit card.  Once you have 12 qualified dining transactions in a calendar year, you obtain VIP status and earn 5 miles per dollar on eligible dining transactions.  With the current “Get Ahead Bonus” you will earn an additional 2 miles per dollar on top of your regular Rewards Network earnings in the participating airline programs, and 3 points per dollar in the participating hotel programs.  More on the participating programs below. 

I currently have VIP status with the United MileagePlus Dining program.  So, if I go eat at a participating restaurant, I will earn 5 miles per dollar for VIP status + 2 miles per dollar for the “Get Ahead” promotion + 2 more miles per dollar with my Chase Sapphire Preferred Card (since it gives 2x for dining).  9 miles per dollar just for dining out is pretty awesome!  I wish I could say I had time to cook at home frequently, but truthfully we eat out a lot.  So, 9x on dining will translate to quite a few miles in my household.  I’m am fortunate to have a few decent restaurants in my area that participate in the Rewards Network – I know some other locations don’t have quite as many choices.

In order to get the extra 2-3 points per dollar, you have to spend at least $75 at participating restaurants before 3/31/12.  You also have to complete reviews on the restaurants you dine at within 30 days of the visit.  I have found the reviews to take less than 30 seconds, and I usually do several at a time.  Assuming you have at least $75 in eligible dining transactions by 3/31, you then continue to earn the extra 2-3 points per dollar through 4/30/12, assuming you continue to complete reviews.  You can earn a maximum of 5,000 bonus points through this promotion.

You do have to register for this bonus first, so here are the relevant registration links:

United MileagePlus Dining 

American AAdvantage Dining

US Airways Dining

Delta SkyMiles Dining

Alaska Airlines MileagePlan Dining

Dine Priority Club Rewards

HHonors Dining

As with all promotions, there are some terms, conditions, and small print.  So, here you go:

To earn this bonus, you must spend $75 or more (including tax and tip) in any combination of dines at participating restaurants, bars or clubs between January 30 and March 31, 2012. Please note that activity that occurred prior to you completing your profile will not be eligible for this bonus. You must also complete your post-dine review for each qualifying dine within 30 days of your visit. In addition, all dines must occur during a valid reward period and be paid for with a credit or debit card registered in Mileage Plan Dining. You may earn 2 Mileage Plan Bonus Miles per $1.00 spent and a maximum of 5,000 bonus miles may be earned with this bonus. Offer is not combinable with other Mileage Plan Dining bonuses. Please allow 4-6 weeks from the date of qualifying dine for any bonus points to post to your Mileage Plan account. All account inquiries related to this bonus must be received by June 30, 2012.

You can only have a credit card associated with one Rewards Network program at a time, but you can have different cards registered in different programs.  If you are a new member in one of the programs, make sure to take advantage of new member offers that they often have available as well.  Okay, now I’m hungry!


Disclosure: I do receive a commission if you are approved for the Sapphire Preferred card using my link.  I also use it myself for virtually all of my dining expenses.  Gotta love bonus points just for eating…..now if we could get some bonus points for breathing and sleeping, we would be all set. 

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  1. @Andy, you can have multiple cards associated with each dining program at a time. It’s just that an one card can only be registered with one program at a time (ie no double-dipping). 😉

  2. I notice that Southwest is not participating…which happens to be the dining program I am currently enrolled in! Thought about changing back over to United but I have flights to purchase and Southwest is the only non-stop from San Antonio to Las Vegas…so I need those miles the most!

  3. @maury, unfortunately it looks like so far Rapid Rewards dining is not participating in this promo. I could not find a link for the promo on their site.

  4. I talked to someone at the dining program in the late fall about the lack of Southwest promotions. The same company runs all the programs. The rep mentioned to me that there were some great promotions getting ready to launch for Southwest…but I have yet to see any!!!

  5. True, I use rewards network for AA, US, and Southwest and I never see promos for Southwest. I need SWA points the most right now, so I do hope they bring out some bonuses!

  6. Just received an e-mail from Continental about this offer regardless of whether or not registered with UA? Does that matter with the sign up bonus of 1,000 point after a $50 spend? Using a card not registered for the UA, of course.

    Are gift cards okay for the $50 dollar spend?

    I only wish some of the cafes around here would get in on this. Sometimes it is easier to spend a few dollars here and there (on a daily basis) rather than eating out every dya or so.

    Thanks for any info

    • @Chase, I didn’t think that Continental had a dining program, just United. So, I am a little confused. You can buy a gift card at a restaurant to fulfill the $50, so long as they are just running the purchase through their credit card machine just like any other dining purchase. I have done that myself. Hope that helps some.

  7. Thanks for the answer re. gift cards. . . . I received an e-mail from Continental to join the MPDining using the OnePass Number and not the United number. ??

  8. Does the name on the Credit Card have to match the name on the Frequent flyer account? I’d like to have my dining points go to keep my Dad’s Frequent Flyer account active. Same last name. Different first name. Different address.

  9. I am newbie about dining program. I register my card A,B,C with United dining program. Then I use the same A, B, C card to register for AA dining and US Dividend dining. Is it ok to do like that? Thanks!

    • goals, you can only register each card with one dining program. It will only recognize the last program you registered it with. So, you could have A with United and B with American, but you can’t double dip and register A with United and American.

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