Mini-Points: US Airways Targeted 15K Bonus, Hyatt Promo Registration, 36 Avios Per Dollar, and more

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It’s a Friday night, so I will keep this short and simple since I am sure you all have hot plans for the evening.  Or, if you are like me, you will be catching up on recorded television shows from the week with your partner while your little one snoozes in their room down the hallway.  Hot night indeed.  😉

  • This serves as your official reminder that it is now February, so if you were targeted for the 15,000 mile bonus from the US Airways Dividend Miles MasterCard, then start using that card pronto.  You have to spend $1,250 per month in February, March, and April in order to take advantage of this 15,000 mile bonus, so don’t fall behind in this already shorter-than-normal month.  I just pulled mine out of the “credit card vault” today.
  • Also, if you are a US Airways credit card holder you can purchase or gift Dividend Miles for 50% off through 2/29.  This isn’t that great of a deal for most people, but can be worth it if you are redeeming the miles for an expensive international premium cabin reward.

  • Registration for the new Hyatt promo is now live.  While this promo isn’t great for infrequent travelers, my husband will almost certainly get the full 44,000 point bonus since he is on the road so much right now.  I will probably only get 4,000 bonus points, but who knows what will happen between now and April 30th.  Can’t hurt to go ahead and register.  Find out more about this promo here.

  • The Points Guy posted about an awesome way to potentially earn 36 British Airways Avios per dollar at Nordstroms.  Sadly there isn’t room in my budget right now for lots of Nordstroms purchases, but I did pick up for Little C a new pair of Tiny Toms and a Tea spring dress for a total of about $60 with free shipping.  If all goes as planned, it should be over 2,000 Avios for a pair of shoes and a spring dress.  Not bad!
There you go, short and sweet just like I promised.  Happy Weekend!

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  1. what does your husband do for a living? just curious since a lot of companies don’t allow 16 night hotels in Hyatts unless you are executive level

    • @brad he is a director at a small-ish tech company. He mostly stays at an affordable Hyatt Place near his company’s main office, but does mix it up occasionally with a Hyatt Regency here and there.

  2. I hit my US Airways $1250 for January with no problem and just pulled it back out on February 1 to start up for this month. Got the 15k offer for Jan-Feb-Mar for my card and can’t wait for it to post. After my earnings from this year’s Grand Slam, this bonus will put me over 200k US Airways Dividend Miles. Now I just need to plan a trip.

  3. Thanks for reminding me about the promo with Nordstrom’s mommypoints. I nearly forgot about this promo, despite receiving the promo from the BA Shopping Mall. 🙂

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