Status Update On My 4th Chase Personal Credit Card Application

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As you may have read, last week I applied for two new rewards credit cards.  The first was an offer I was targeted for from American Express.  It was for the The Enhanced Business Gold Rewards Card® from American Express OPEN, and it will give me 50,000 Membership Rewards points after I spend $5000 on the card within the first three months.  I was thrilled to get in on that since the currently available sign-up bonus (including the one from my link) is non existent as it awards no bonus Membership Rewards points for getting the card.  I received instant approval for that application.  Next up was an application for my fourth personal Chase credit card.  After kind of going through the ringer with them to get my Ink Bold card in November, I was not excited at the prospect of having to do that again.

While the call to get the Ink Bold last year was not fun, what really made the transaction unpleasant was that I had to give up $15,000 of personal credit in order to get a $10,000 business charge card.  While I fortunately don’t need the credit to make purchases, I liked that I had that credit in order to help keep my overall credit utilization score low.  However, I really wanted the Ink Bold (and 50,000 point sign-up bonus), so I made the trade. That trade-off had left me in a situation where I didn’t have a ton of personal credit to play with on my Chase cards.  Since for various reasons I didn’t want to lose any of the three personal Chase cards that I have, and I didn’t have a huge amount of credit to just move over to a fourth personal card, I was a bit concerned when I applied for the United MileagePlus card.  However, the prospect of 50,000 United miles was too good to not roll the dice and give it a shot.  Remember to try and get at least one mile in your United account to try and get targeted for the higher sign-up bonus like I did.  

Imagine my excitement today when I logged onto my Chase account and saw my brand-new United Mileage Plus Explorer account sitting there with a $13,500 credit limit.  That is almost the same amount of available credit that I lost in my Ink Bold trade in November.  Woohoo! Goodness, I love this credit card game sometime.  So, now I was able to get 50,000 United miles before my Continental OnePass Plus card converts to a United card and I lost the opportunity for that sign-up bonus.  Fan-freaking-tastic.  If you are in a similar situation, I highly recommend you give it a shot.  This is one of those “now or never” situations for those of us with Continental cards.

What makes this even sweeter, is that I now have some credit to bargain with when I eventually make my next Chase personal card application (which won’t be for a while).  I am not sure how it will be handled when the OnePass Plus and MileagePlus Explorer cards eventually “merge”, but hopefully the credit line of the two will be combined.  Maybe that is wishful thinking, but either way I am certainly left feeling more confident that once I am back down to three Chase cards, that I can again make a successful play for a fourth card.  There are so many great Chase offers out there, that I am sure it won’t be too long before I start daydreaming about another Chase sign-up bonus. 

Thanks to Chase for not making me go through the recon line this time.  I actually feel super fortunate to be living in a time where getting large quantities of miles is so easy.  Who knows how long it will last, but I am enjoying it for now.  😉

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  1. I think we are in very similar card churning positions. I also applied and was instantly approved for the Amex Business Rewards Gold Card on Friday. Today, I spent 20 minutes on the phone with Chase to get an approval for my Ink Classic card. That brings me up to 4 personal and 1 business cards with Chase. Last time I got a Chase card, they made me give up a bunch of credit, but this time, they let me keep it all. I wrote a detailed post about my reconsideration call today. Take a look and let me know if that is similar to what you experienced to get your Ink Bold. It seems like the people at Chase are treating us the same.

  2. I’m happy for you. I don’t think I’d wait to see if my Continental and Explorer card credit lines merge. I merged my Continental card into my UA Select Visa when the annual fee came due and am now wondering if I should switch to the Explorer card. The United Select Visa is geared toward accumulating miles quickly, which I’m finding to be true, and I understand it shares the Explorer benefit of unlimited access to Standard award seats.

  3. When did you get your Continental card? I hear those of us who received it too recently aren’t eligible for a United bonus, but I wonder if that is true.

  4. Thanks for posting your results! It reminded me to login to my Chase accounts and found out that I was approved for the Chase Hyatt card (initially got the “need more time to review” message during app process). The Hyatt card will make my 4th Chase personal card. I also applied for the Chase United card and was denied, so will call in to do some horse trading for that one.

  5. Thanks as always for sharing your actions and results! It’s very encouraging.

    Can you explain “targeting”? How will I know if I’ve been targeted?


  6. @egwg, I have 5 Chase personal cards, one which I’ve had for 4+ years, one which I’ve had for almost a year, and three which I received in the last year.

  7. Hm, thanks for the reminder. I have yet to have gotten the sapphire preferred card. What do you think? Sapphire preferred or the United Explorer. I also have the continental one pass plus so.. decisions decisions..!

  8. I have 6 active Chase Cards, all personal ones. I would love to apply for the Ink Biz for 50k bonus miles. However, I am not feeling confident. I applied for one BIZ with Citi over a year ago and was denied due to not enough years in BIZ. My Biz would just be selling stuff on ebay and garage sales.

  9. Can you share with us your experience about Ink bold which was not that pleasant as I plan to apply in the next month or so. Thanks

    • @Rich A, when I call to activate my card (once I receive it), I will confirm that, but since I have had my Continental card for years, and there are no terms stating I can’t get both bonuses, I am not overly worried. Will find out for sure soon.

  10. @Vivek –

    1. American Express Credit Card Reconsideration
    877-399-3083/866-379-3643 – new accounts
    800 230 1284 – credit services

    2. Bank Of America Credit Card Reconsideration
    866-458-8805 connects directly to a credit analyst
    877-721-9405 – application status press 3

    3. Barclay’s Credit Card Reconsideration
    866-369-1283 connects directly to a credit analyst

    4. Chase Credit Card Reconsideration
    888-245-0625 connects directly to a personal card credit analyst
    800-453-9719 connects directly to a business card credit analyst
    888 – 609 – 7805 connects to the application status department

    5. Citibank Credit Card Reconsideration
    800-763-9795 – credit department
    866-606-2787 – application status
    888-201-4523 – application status

  11. @The Wanderer, does sound like we are in a similar pattern. Congrats on the approval!

    @Peggy, tough call. If you like your current card, I see no rush to switch. The Explorer card isn’t going anywhere.

    @Tim, I have had mine for years. I know the terms said you can’t get two bonuses after July 2011, but there are some reports on FT of people who have been successful with getting both the OnePass Plus and Explorer card after July and getting both bonuses. No promises, though. 😉

    @carwag25, congrats on the Hyatt approval! Good luck with the United card.

    @JD, you are more than welcome. Targeting is when an offer is sent directly to you. It may be in email, regular mail, etc… It is an offer that usually isn’t publicly available, but is extended specifically to you. There is no magic way to get targeted, but do make sure you haven’t “opted out” of solicitations from the various credit card companies.

    @egwg, I have heard a few reports of 5 personal Chase cards.

    @Tim, congrats and thanks for sharing!

    @Justin, the Sapphire Preferred is my favorite card, so that is always a good choice. However, your window of opportunity with the United card may be small, so I would give strong consideration to that card…..but it’s always hard for me to vote against the Sapphire.

    @Askia, how about both? I say that because one is personal and one is business, so you can get potentially get approved for both at the same time. You will have to call in for one of them, but many people have to call in for the Ink Bold anyway. If you just want one right now, I would say look at the bonus categories coming up for the Freedom vs the bonus categories for the Ink Bold and see what better matches your short term spending, then pick up the other down the road.

    @sil, six personal Chase cards?! You are a legend! 😉 From what I know, Citi is harder than Chase with business cards (assuming you don’t get instant approval). So, don’t let the Citi process keep you from trying with Chase. I got approved with a blog as my business, and while it’s not like I am rolling in income now, the amount I reported then for annual income was very small. They didn’t seem to care since I was also personally responsible for the debt. Good luck if you do decide to go for it!

    @caveman, sure. Check out this post. The worst part was losing so much personal credit to get a business charge card. However, since I now have that personal credit back, it worked out okay in the end.

    @Vivek, I believe the direct number for business reconsideration with Chase is 1-800-453-9719 and the personal reconsideration line is 1-888-245-0625.

  12. @mommypoints, thanks for the link regarding your experience with chase Ink reconsideration line. After reading that it looks like I have very little chance of approval because my argument for business was going to be that I want to separate my reimbursable work related expenses to this card which might not be enough to convince a wall. I have a straight 8-5 job and reimbursable expenses are between 3-6k

  13. I already got the 60K United card a couple months ago but just received a targeted offer for a 60K Continental card. The CO card doesn’t say anything in the T&C about not being able to get the bonus if you already have the Untied card (like the United T&C say), so I’m wondering if I should make the gamble and get the CO card…? Would I even still get the points this late in the game if the new MileagePlus program is starting March 1?

    • @Andrew, if you don’t see any terms prohibiting it in your offer, then personally I would for sure go for it at some point before the expiration date. If they gave you the offer, there are no terms that preclude you getting the bonus, and you get approved, then I don’t see how you won’t end up getting the miles. Good luck if you do it!

  14. @egwg It is possible to have more than 5 chase cards. At one point, I have 6 chase personal cards. Three months ago, Sony decided to give their Sony card business to Cap 1, so I only have 5 now (all personal). I have been with chase for 10 years. After I had four, the next two were not instant approval. I have to call the reconsideration line to get approval. However, I didn’t have to trade away any credit line or close any credit card. Chase focus on your total credit line with them, not so much on how many cards you have with them.

  15. Alright, you have convinced me to pull the trigger on that United card this weekend. That will make it roughly 4 months since my last Chase application and hopefully I still get in before they convert my Continental over to United.

  16. I applied for a business card from Chase mid-2010 and they rejected me. They said they needed proof of a business with a letterhead, utility bill, bank statement etc…

    I was surprised as those who write blogs were saying you could get business cards by claiming Sole Proprietor and using a SSN instead of a EIN.

    Do you have a business? Do you claim your blog as a business? Is AMEX easier to deal with than Chase when claiming a business?

    I do buy and resell some furniture and video games, but I don’t have a EIN number or a bank account for it. Whats a boy to do?

  17. That makes me wonder if Chase is a little more liberal with their approval for the airline branded cards.

    I applied for the Sapphire Preferred mid-Dec and was approved after a week with an $8k limit.

    Fast forward to late Jan and I apply for the 50k mile United card, and I get instant approval for $20k. Nothing really changed in my credit profile other than the addition of the Sapphire Preferred and my mortgage balance going down a few hundred dollars…

  18. Thanks for the awesome advice. I signed into my united account and saw the 50k after first purchase, so that sold me. I will be sure to use your sapphire link next churn however! thanks for the help

  19. @caveman, yeah if you did want to go for it in the future I would rethink a strategy and see if maybe you do something else that could constitute a business and require a business card.

    @Peter S, six cards is amazing. Wowzers!

    @Em, good luck!! Let me know how it goes!

    @The Mean Farmer, well, there is always bad luck. It doesn’t work for everyone, but it does work for a lot of people who do things similar to you. Yes, my blog is my business. Which, in reality it actually is, but still it isn’t like I have a brick and motor store selling ice cream or something. I’m not sure if I would say Amex is easier or not. I have heard that Citi can be harder, if you don’t get instant approval. Up to you whether you want to try again, but certainly many others have had success in similar situations.

    @aeronathan, your guess is as good as mine. I have always received pretty generous lines from Chase on all personal cards, so it hasn’t seem to have mattered which type of card it was.

    @Justin, you are more than welcome, and your support is appreciated. Thanks for thinking of me, and good luck with the United card!

  20. Good post. I had written you at your “contact me” e-mail address about 3+ weeks ago when you posted that you were getting the itch to get new cards. MY worry was that I had a lot of Chase and AmEx cards among others since starting in May. Was afraid I’d have accounts frozen for excess applications. Didn’t get a reply (I’m sure you were very busy at the time)and fearing I’d miss out I applied for the Explorer card also. Got a call from a CSR who had a number of questions. My record was clear, Good credit score and a nominal balance on debt relating to Christmas. She said she would recommend approval and two days later got a e-mail from chase congratulating me re my new Explorer card. Today I see online that they gave me 15K credit a US Airway app and another app also proved successful. Now I do have to take it easy for while. I’m at 25 cards and it’s getting unwieldy.

  21. @Allen, first sorry you didn’t get a response. I try really hard to return all email, though I am sure I miss one or two here and there. I just did a search all through my email for Allen or your email address and didn’t see anything, so I don’t know what happened. Again, apologies if I missed it.

    Back, to your comment…… 😉 First off, congrats on the Explorer card. Second, if you are getting uneasy about the number or cards or feel it is getting beyond what you can comfortably keep track of, I would say take a break. Cancel a few cards when the time comes and get it down to a number you feel you can keep track of. When you are ready, start again. Sounds like you have done well since May!

  22. Be careful on the Amex gold business card. We got one in oct and it was “supposed” to give us 50,000 membership rewards points after $10,000 spent in 5 months. We spent over $30,000 in two months and still no 50,000 bonus. I called up a week ago to see what was going on. They had the membership rewards dept send me a letter a week later saying sorry but we do not see that you’re eligible for that offer. I called up and threatened to cancel our account and all they gave us was a measly 15,000 m.r.p. I am going to write a letter to corporate next. In short, don’t forget those screen shots. Btw, this was a general offer and not a targeted one.

    • @Jason, sorry to hear about your experience. Amex is great sometimes, but boy are they hard to deal with sometimes. The one I got was targeted to me with an invitation code and everything. Sadly, there is no public offer for anything with a sign-up bonus for that card right now. I really hope they honor the deal for you soon!

  23. Hi. I gave up my Continental onepass card as I heard about the merge but I had Chase put my 20K credit limit on my Sapphire card so I can use it for other cards as I apply for them

  24. Congrats on your new card! How many days did it take for the card to show up in your Chase account. I think got approved for the 60k offer when I applied yesterday (on your advice — thanks!!), but I read the decision really quickly and then (very stupidly) closed the tab. I would love to get some confirmation that the application did, in fact, go through successfully. Thanks for sharing your story!

    • @kg, It took between two and three business days. I’m not sure exactly when it showed up, but that is my best guess based on when I saw it. Good luck!

  25. I was in a similar position – I applied on Nov. 3rd for the Amex Gold Business card (75,000 MR points w/ $10K spend in 6 months) and for the United 60K offer (on January 5th). I received my 75K MR points the day after I met the 10K spend and I received my 50K United miles the morning after my statement closed (just the other day). So, both cards have paid out already! Very happy about that – good luck with yours!

  26. Congrats! But… Be careful that those points don’t translate into taxable earnings similar to what Citi Cards has done in the past.

  27. I applied for the United offer early yesterday and got the message that I would know something in 10 days. I have the Sapphire Preffered and Ink. If I sign into Chase, where do I see if I am already approved and the card is added to my account. I thought I had to add the card after I received it in the mail. Sorry if this sounds unclear. Thanks for your help.

    • @Kathy, it should just appear with all of your other accounts online when you log in. It happens automatically. Good luck!

  28. I have separate log ins for my sapphire and Ink. When I got the ink bold a few months ago, the phone rep at Chase told me that i would have to have different log ins since one is a business card and the other is personal. Certainly, there is a way around that? I have checked under each one, and I do not see where there is a new account added so I will either wait a few more days or call the reconsideration line next week and see if they approved me for the United card. Thanks for your help here!

  29. Alright, I am so excited. I called this weekend and was able to get a cust service rep to combine my ink and sapphire into one log in. Very easy. Well this morning, I sign in and my new United card is sitting in my account. I didn’t even have to call the reconsideration number. Way to start the week! Love to read your blog. Your advise and directions on here have helped me earn lots of miles. I just need a vacation more than you know. 🙂

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