Double Referral Bonuses Available to Amex Card Holders for Three More Days

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Platinum card from American Express offers have changed. Please go here for current offer.

If you have an Amex card and want to refer a friend or family member (or random person on the internet), remember that many of the current double referral bonus offers end on February 13th.  For example, the most common referral bonuses for both the Amex Platinum and Amex Premier Rewards Gold cards are 5,000 Membership Rewards points for the referrer.  Currently, the referral bonus for both is 10,000 Membership Reward points.  The Starwood SPG card is also currently at 10,000 SPG points.  That can add up quickly if you refer a few friends or family members.

While the referrals have to be made by February 13th, the people being referred don’t have to actually submit their applications until February 28th, so it might be a good idea to refer some friends and family members even if they aren’t sure yet if they are going to apply.

In case you would like an application yourself, and don’t have a friend or family member to refer you, I can make referrals for these offers:

American Express Platinum Card:

This offer awards 50,000 Membership Reward points after spending $3,000 in the first three months.

It does say that the offer is valid for first-time Platinum Card members only.  The $450 annual fee is not waived, but since you can get $200 airline credit in 2012 and 2013, lounge access, and 50,000 Membership Reward points (among other benefits), it really is a solid deal for some families.

American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card:

This offer awards 25,000 Membership Reward points after spending $2,000 on the card within the first three months.  The annual fee of $175 is waived for the first year.  This offer is valid for first time American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card members only.

I have previously mentioned here and on Twitter, there are some troubles I am having with Amex about getting the points for the referrals I have made over the last several months (amongst other things).  I will say that those troubles continue, but I have started to get some of the referral bonuses for the current 10,000 point offer.  I think the majority of the ones I am missing currently are actually from the “regular” 5,000 point offer.  I will post more about these troubles soon, but since I have now at least received a few of the current 10,000 point referrals, I feel a little better about encouraging others to make some referrals themselves.

So three days left, go refer some online and “real life” friends so that you can earn some bonus points!



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  1. @riverchica, amen. I have now had three post, but I think there are many more that haven’t. The three that did post are from the current 10K referral, so I am hoping it is working better now.

    @Sid j, while this does seem to be a widespread promo with many people being able to receive double referrals, I guess it isn’t across the board. I’m not sure if there is a way to get it to work if it doesn’t automatically show-up.

  2. Do you have any sense of how hard it is to get a business card from AmEx? Thei financial review process kind of scares me. I have a legitimate very small side business, and have been approved for biz cards from Chase and Citi with little difficulty (thanks to your help with what was required).

    Just, be honest and hope for the best? I love my other AmEx products and don’t want to jeapordize them.

    • @nic, I believe you can typically only refer for the exact card that you already have, so you can only get referral credits for the personal version.

  3. @MJL, Citi is reportedly the hardest. I had instant approval for my first Amex biz card. I imagine if you have a real business, it shouldn’t be that terrible. My mom just got hit with a FR and she only has one Amex (and it is a personal), so I think that is the kind of thing that can hit anyone. I will post more about her experience soon. I say go for it.

    @Peter_Ng, I have requested that Amex send you an application. Let me know if you have trouble receiving it and thanks!

  4. I received a 10k bonus way back, about 2 months ago for referring someone. I haven’t received any more even though I referred a few people, but since this is difficult to track I really have no clue whether more will post or not.
    If anyone needs a referral for either the Gold personal AMEX or the SPG personal AMEX feel free to email me at

  5. Just to clarify, the 10k I received were MR points and I really have no clue how long they took since I referred a few people over a period of 2-3 weeks at a forum, so I don’t know who was the person that got approved and when. I also received 10k SPG points for referring a friend to the SPG Amex and since I know he got approved and when, I can report that I received those points withing 48-72 hours or so as well as baxterboy12 reported.

  6. RE: the 10K for SPG referrals …

    I’m pretty sure that when I refer people, they all receive the same link to apply for the card. (That link contains some info that indicates that I was the referrer…)

    Anyway, my thought is that … even though we (as current card holders) are supposed to have made the referrals by today, we should still be able to take advantage of the 10K offer, even after today.

    I’m thinking that … after 2/13, as long as I have the link, I can forward that link directly to additional “referees;” as long as they click through that link (the same link as my pre-2/13 referees), the application should be linked to my account, and I should get the 10K referral points …

    Since that is the exact same link that AMEX was emailing to all my referees, I’m thinking it should work, though I haven’t tried it yet. Does anyone KNOW (or have any thoughts) as to whether this would work?

    The only issue I could see is if AMEX actually HAS to have a record of this particular person having received the invite directly from AMEX; but I don’t see how they could have that type of requirement, b/c it’s very possible that – even for the pre-2/13 referees – an applicant might apply with a different name and/or email address than the one(s) that I provided to AMEX …

    I’m planning to give this a shot and see if it works …

    Hope so!

    (If you want to try it, just make sure to invite someone – or even YOURSELF – and then get the referral link, so you can still provide it to additional people from 2/13 – 2/28 – which is the deadline for the applications…).

  7. @Michael, it is very hard to track. Glad you got some referral bonus points though!

    @baxterboy12, it seems that the SPG card is more reliable with referral credits posting (though that makes little sense since presumably the referrals would work in the same way??)

    @Peter, I will try again. Do you have a different email address I can try?

    @The Deal Mommy, that is awesome. For a few weeks it showed 20K on my screen, but I knew they would never actually honor that. Ha ha. Maybe they will with a targeted mailer. I do have screen shots of the 20K offer.

    @Cory, could work, but since I have such a bad track record of getting these bonuses, it would be impossible to argue for any that don’t auto post.

  8. Can I get some info on the 50,000 miles offer from Amex platinum I applied last week and got it but didn’t get miles. I would like to be able to call and and ask them to credit me the miles and have info on why they should…. Thank you

  9. How often do they run this offer per year? I am wondering if it makes sense to wait before I refer my wife to Amex platinum, in case they run this again?

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