What’s the Point: Two Grandparents + 36,000 Avios = Priceless

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We last saw Little C’s grandparents (my husband’s parents) in November when we went to Kansas City for the weekend.  Since we don’t like to go longer than three months without our toddler seeing them, February meant it was time for a visit!  In fact, one of their Christmas presents from us was tickets to fly down for the weekend.  I made these reservations a long time ago using British Airways miles when American Express was having a 50% transfer bonus.  Then, when British Airways changed to the new Avios program, I was able to rebook the trip from Wichita to Houston for even fewer points.  In fact, it was now just 18,000 Avios per ticket, and most of those points had come from the Amex Membership Rewards program during the 50% transfer bonus.  So, in reality the two round trip tickets had just “cost” us 24,000 Membership Reward points.  That is amazing considering that one domestic round trip ticket is usually at least 25,000 miles, so we had scored two for less than the regular price of one by maximizing the Avios value in short haul redemptions.  Of course, if they were going or coming from an American Airlines hub, we would have been able to spend even fewer Avios.

While there isn’t currently an Amex transfer bonus to British Airways, I have high hopes that one will come back eventually, and when it does I will absolutely be taking advantage!  So, that is how they got here, but here is why it is priceless.

We have talked about them coming all week, so C knew that on Friday they would be here.  She was so excited when they arrived and hasn’t wanted much to do with me since they got here.  I even got to stay in bed until 9:40AM this morning because she was having so much fun playing with her grandparents.  If you are a parent of a young child, you know that staying in bed until 9:40AM is an almost unheard of luxury.  Not to rub it in, but they are also staying with her tonight so that my husband and I can go stay at a hotel, go out to dinner, sleep in (again!), etc….  They get some good time with our kiddo, and we get some good time away from our kiddo.  Everyone is a winner!

One of my favorite moments of the weekend so far was when they decided to make a choo-choo train on the stairs.  Daddy and C took turns being the engine, and her Grandpa was the caboose.  They made train noises and blew the train whistle!  You can’t do that via Skype or over the phone.  You can only make trains like that in person, so for our family that means airplane travel…..and miles and points.

They also got to see first-hand our daughter’s love for animals and horses when we went to a petting zoo today.  They had seen her animal fascination in pictures and videos, but it is just not the same as seeing her squeal in person when she sees the baby goats.  Of course, she tried to pick them up and take them with her, but that’s another story.

We are very pleased to have found a frequent flyer program that meets our family’s travel needs so well for short domestic trips.  As always, connecting with family is often the point of all of this…at least for us.  Happy Weekend!


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