The Least Sexy Way to Earn Points Ever: Dog Food, Diapers, and Amazon Prime

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It doesn’t get much less sexy or exciting than diapers, dog food, and shipping charges.  However, they are three items that the vast majority of family households need at one time or another.  So, I want to make sure that you are getting the most excitement possible out of those expenses.  Naturally, on this website, that excitement comes from earning as many points as possible, and spending as little money as possible.  So, here are a couple tips to make sure you are getting the most out of your dog food, diapers, and Amazon shipping charges……yes, families live exciting lives! 😉

Dog food:

I refuse to feed our 12 year old husky dog food that they sell in the grocery store.  My husband thinks I’m crazy, but she was my “kid” for a full decade before I had a real baby, and she had a pretty nice life during that time (well, at least ever since I sprung her from the pound on 9/11/01).  Anyway, the level of attention she receives certainly took a nose dive after our toddler was born, but she is still very well cared for, and eats high quality food that I can’t just pick up with my other groceries.  Since she is a big dog, I have to buy big bags of dog food.  In case you have never picked up a big bag of dog food – it is heavy!  I used to absolutely hate going to buy her food since it was out of the way, cost a decent amount, and it was heavy.

That all changed when appeared on the scene a few months ago.  They are a sister site to,, and, and I love them.  When you have a coupon code, there prices can actually be lower than the local pet store.  Even without a coupon, I have found their prices to be fair, and they offer free shipping with a purchase of $49.  Here’s where it starts to get even better, purchases can be combined with purchases from any of the other “sister sites” that I mentioned.  So, if you need some laundry detergent from, you can add that to your dog food purchase and check out from the website.  They offer free shipping at just $39, so you can ship a smaller order for free. 

Additionally, you may notice that the various sites have different point earning potentials through the miles and points shopping portals, so if you need to buy items from two or three of the different stores, make sure to check-out from the store that offers the best points earning potential from any of the shopping portals.  For example, currently gives 3x from United MileagePlus shopping, but is only offering 0.5x points from the same portal.  So, if your main purchase was baby items, I would think about whether you need to add some dog treats to your order and check-out from  Just a thought.  😉  If you are new to shopping portals, I plan to do some more posts about them soon.

Diapers and Amazon Shipping:

I have been a huge fan of the Amazon Mom program since it was created, however it seems they have recently devalued the program a bit (now down to 20% off diapers and wipes instead of about 30%), and I don’t think they are currently accepting new customers.  Guess it was too good of a deal.  Anyway, the first year I had it, it came with free Amazon Prime.  Amazon Prime gives you free two-day shipping on Amazon products, including baby essentials.  For a while there it felt like I was ordering something for our baby or myself almost every single day.  That has slowed down now, but I still very much appreciated free two-day shipping and $3.99 one-day shipping, so I recently purchased a year of Amazon Prime for $79.  Since you can have four people on your Amazon Prime membership, I have no doubt it will more than pay for itself.

So that’s the money saving piece, here’s where the miles and points come into play….. The Chase Freedom Visa card has Amazon as a 5x points retailer for the first quarter of 2012.  That means it is a perfect time to purchase Amazon Prime.  Pay for Amazon Prime with your Freedom card before March 31st, and that purchase will earn 5x points.  I also made sure to change my primary Amazon credit card to my Freedom card so that all our diapers and baby supplies get auto-billed to that card.

Remember that in order for the points earned from your Freedom card to be valuable Ultimate Reward points, you also need to have either a Chase Sapphire Preferred Card or the Chase Ink Bold business card.  You can learn more about how that combination works in harmony on this post.  You can bet that we will be maxing out the $1,500 limit on Amazon and gas purchases for 5x on our Freedom card this quarter!

So, there you have it.  Those aren’t the most exciting ways to earn points ever, but they are some of the most practical ways.  Earning miles and points for something you were going to have to buy anyway is always a positive – as is saving time and money. 


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  1. the chase freedom points on amazon aren’t tied to the ultimate rewards portal right? then why not go thru the Hawaiian Air shopping portal and hit up amazon that way using your chase freedom…

  2. Of course, you know the minute you stock up on 6 months of diapers, Little C will magically potty train herself (if only it were that easy!).

  3. Great tip on the dog food. I like using for flea & tick medicine for the cats & dogs off UR when the points are at 10/$.

  4. My dog’s food is 48.99 at vs 38.99 at Petsmart. 🙁 does seem to be more competitive, but still a couple of dollars more expensive.

  5. Thank goodness we no longer buy diapers but we do buy Iams dog food. is a good site but they are much higher than petco, Walmart and target on the size and brand food we buy. I rotate around to different sites depending on who has it on sale. When I first turned my brother inlaw onto buying dog food online for miles they delivered the first huge order to his neighbor in a rural area. He wasn’t real excited to bring it over to his house 🙂

  6. Sorry I am on the road and can’t respond to all comments right now, but I agree isn’t always cheapest (unless you have a discount code), the free shipping and no taxes (at least in most states) make them very competitive. I would much rather pay a couple extra dollars than go to make the purchase at the local PetsMart. 😉

    Re the Hawaiian portal….certainly worth a shot. Many of my Amazon purchases are auto shipped, so I can’t use a portal, but I also have yet to ever actually have Hawaiian miles post when I have used that portal for Amazon.

    Congrats for those who are done with diapers. We are VERY close ourselves. 😉

  7. I did this a few weeks ago with A YEAR’S WORTH of green tea kitty litter (our favorite brand) we bought at Amazon using Amazon Prime for free shipping plus doing it on the Chase Freedom card! Lots of points plus free shipping — thanks Chase and Amazon! Our kitty cats also appreciate you 🙂

  8. However, my problem is remembering to go through the malls. I recently bought something on Groupon and didn’t think to go through a mall and just thinking about Amazon and the Hawaiian mall right now made me realize I forgot to use it for a recent $75 purchase. Darn it!

  9. I’ve earned a few thousand Hawaiian miles in the past 3 or 4 months that I’ve been using their mall. Not chump change. Also Lyssa make sure to check out to figure out if UR, Hawaiian, Ebates, etc is the best mall for a particular online shop.

  10. @CU, it is a good time to stock up on staples like that from Amazon with the Freedom card!

    @Lyssa, glad your posted. Maybe I should try them again. The purchases I tried a few months ago all never showed up, but worth another shot!

    @Matt MSP, glad yours posted. You guys have encouraged me to try again with them. I agree the evreward is a great website to compare earning potential.

  11. Do you need to have one of the UR cards first or only when you’re ready to redeem? ie: earn on the freedom card for a year or so, then get the UR card and roll over to those in order to redeem to airlines or travel charges. This obviously assumes the connection to UR is allowed in a year, but you get the question.

    • @Nem, just when you want to redeem with an airline or hotel partner. You can collect them ahead of time with just the Freedom.

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