Priority Club One Day Sale: Yay or Nay for Family Travel?

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As you have possibly seen this morning on several miles and points blogs, Priority Club is testing out a one-day “flash sale” with twelve different hotel properties around the world available for 50-75% fewer points than usual.  This sale is available until 11:59PM EST tonight (Thursday night).  The dates available for booking at the discounted points rate range from late February into early April, though some properties have as few as two weeks available at the discounted rate.

It goes without saying that having hotels available for a discounted points rate is pretty much always a good thing.  However, since this is a “pilot” of this type of sale, I thought it would be interesting to hear what families think about this kind of one-day sale.  Family travel is a very different beast, with far more moving parts than single or even couples travel, and spur of the moment trips can be a bit harder to pull off when you have kids in tow.

In my opinion, if this type of one-day discounted points sale will be available on a regular basis in addition to the fantastic Priority Club Point Breaks deals, then it can only be a good thing.  It would be fun to see the rotating list of discounted hotels.  However, if Priority Club is at all toying with the idea of using this type of sale to replace the very popular Point Breaks, then I would be very much against that switch.

While it is sometimes possible to have successful spur of the moment family trips, more often than not family vacations require planning and coordination that can’t easily be pulled off in such as short amount of time.  Even if you want to leave the kiddos behind and jet off for a getaway to the Playa Bonita Resort and Spam an Intercontinental property in Panama City, Panama available at today’s sale for only 12,500 points per night (down from 30,000 points per night), it still might take longer than a day to secure a caregiver for the kiddos while you are away.  Being able to plan more than a couple weeks in advance is often necessary to make sure that the grandparents’ or extended family members’ schedules are free when you need them to watch your little ones.

Why yes, I am daydreaming of a kid-free getaway to Panama, but it isn’t going to happen today.  😉

So, what do you think of this type of one-day sale?  Would it work for your family travel (or non-family travel)?  At the very least it is great for lunch-time daydreaming.




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  1. I think that these type of sales could potentially work out great for family travel. One thing that you seem to have overlooked is that at least for the 2 or 3 properties that I looked at, these sale rates are fully refundable. If you need to secure someone to watch the kids, you can book the hotel and work on that after. If you can’t find someone, you can always cancel the booking and get your points back. I’m not sure if this will be true for every one of the the properties involved, but it was for my sampling. Always best to check before confirming the booking.

    I agree that if this is meant to replace points breaks, that would not be good. Points breaks have far more options and are usually available for longer timeframes. If they are going to do this in conjunction with points breaks, I am all for it.

  2. I agree that it is incredibly hard to pull the trigger on this one when you have to consider the family calendar. Just wait, MP, until your kid(s) will be doing all sorts of school and sport events! It gets crazier.

    I wonder if one could book and then cancel, risk-free?

  3. @The Wanderer, that does make it easier. I haven’t refilled my PC account, so it isn’t letting me make dummy bookings to see those details (or I am just missing them). That is something to certainly double-check before making a reservation.

    Of course, given that the bookings are still for dates in the very near future, there is still that hurdle of close-in planning that will be challenging for families that don’t live close to caregivers who would be willing to help out while the parents are away.

    Hopefully this won’t be a Points Break replacement, just perhaps a nice addition. Thanks for sharing!

    @bluecat, I know exactly what is in store for my future with calendars and my kiddo ha ha. She is already in dance and with a dance recital coming up – it will just get “worse”. 😉 Looks like according to The Wanderer at least some of them can be cancelled without penalty. That certainly makes it much easier for planning purposes. Hopefully it will stay that way.

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