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Wanted to pass along that I added a new credit card to my Top 5 Credit Card Deals page.  Though admittedly the page has way more than five top deals – a renaming is probably in order.  The card to crack into the top deals spot today is the Chase Hyatt Visa.  This isn’t a new card, but recently the offer improved to award two free nights after first purchase.  That is huge for families that have trouble hitting minimum spending requirements.  If you plan to use your two free night at very expensive Hyatt properties, then this card really is a “must get”.  If you don’t have plans to stay at some of the ultra-expensive Hyatts then a card like the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is likely a better choice since you can use those points toward free nights at Hyatts.  Of course, the Sapphire Preferred has a $3,000 minimum spending requirement while the Hyatt card awards the free nights after first purchase, so you need to examine which deal is better for your family.  (Or, you can do like my family is and eventually get both cards!)

You can read more about the Hyatt offer in the Top 5 Credit Card Deals page.

While we are on the topic of credit cards, we have now been told that the Continental OnePass Plus offer will end for good tomorrow at 7AM Eastern (instead of noon as was originally reported).  So on the off-chance you were truly waiting until the absolute last minute on that card, just be aware there are now a few less minutes to work with.  😉  That was my first airline credit card, so I am a little bit sad about it going away after tomorrow.

You can read more about whether the Continental offer makes sense for your family in this post.


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  1. Thanks for the update. Just a reminder that I am still waiting for you to write a detailed summary of best hotel programs for families. I hope you will have the time to write sometime soon as I think there is no one who understands this aspect better than you.

  2. It really is on my “short list” – promise. 😉 I just don’t want to do it until I can do a decent job with it (ie not thrown together in 30 minutes). Soon though.

  3. As a comment to best hotel chains for families…I think it depends on A LOT! Especially to where you travel. My husband and I got Marriott cards…then combined the points for an awesome trip to Maui. Then we both got the SPG Card…and combined the points for Kauai…Then we tried Hilton. Hilton does not let you combine between spouses…so we only use those for short trips. We did use some on Oahu and Big Island!! But we liked SPG and Marriott because they have condo properties! With Hyatt I used my “2 free nights” last year in Maui at the Hyatt…And now we are using my hubby’s 2 free nights in Kauai! Can you tell we like to go to Hawaii!! Best place I have found to go using miles and point I earn strictly from sign up bonuses and credit card spend..

  4. Any reason why you don’t mention the USAirways 40K offer on that page? It might not make the top 5 but it’s as good or better than any of the runner ups on that page. Seems like it would be a good card for families due to the $99 companion ticket for up to 2 companions.

  5. Would you mind sharing some of the best uses domestically for the Hyatt nights? This was the first credit card I got for the bonus and planned to use it for airport hotels to save around $500. It’s when I got to reading on-line about that card that I realized all the benefits of credit card bonuses and got in the game for real. Now I have 2 free nights that I feel like I should save for a better value, but I don’t have international travel plans (or even Hawaii) coming up anytime soon. Two little kids = shorter trips for us. So, I would welcome suggestions!

  6. @kelly s, good points for sure! Thanks for sharing.

    @HikerT, if someone would have asked me if that offer was on there I would have (incorrectly) said it was. I think it was at one point and must have come off at some point accidentally when I was moving the top 5 around. It is a card I have, and it does belong on the “Top 5” er….top several list. You will find it back there soon – just not tonight. Speaking of that card, I’m actually on the verge of using my own $99 companion tickets! Thanks for pointing that out. Maybe one of these days I will also replace the 2011 Grand Slam Hits with more timely info as well. 😉

    @Up&Away, if Hawaii and/or international properties aren’t in your immediate plans, then NYC Hyatts are a good place to use the free nights from a value perspective since they can get really pricey. Some of the Hyatt resorts might also be a good bet for young families. For example, I love the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort outside of Austin, and during weekends in the summer, it can get quite expensive, so free nights could save a chunk of change. Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa and Hyatt Grand Cypress also come to mind as possible fun places to use the nights for families.

    I would just go through the list of Hyatts and see if any of the locations make sense for your family. In your case, I wouldn’t stress too much over whether you are getting the very best deal with your free nights. Just make sure you are getting as much family enjoyment out of them as you can. The Park-Hyatt Vendome will wait. 😉

  7. In reference to your comment, “If you don’t have plans to stay at some of the ultra-expensive Hyatts then a card like the Chase Sapphire Preferred is likely a better choice since you can use those points toward free nights at Hyatts.”

    In terms of redemption, the Chase Sapphire Preferred is a better card, regardless. The 50k points are enough for 2 nights at the highest category Hyatt (22,000 x 2), and you still have 6k points left. After meeting the 3k spending requirement, you’ve got enough left-over to fly short haul on AA via BA.

    This card has additional benefits that the Sapphire doesn’t provide: Instant Platinum status for those who don’t have it (Diamond for those who do), and a free night in a Category 1-4 hotel each anniversary (which largely offsets the annual fee. Those are this card’s real and distinguishing assets.

  8. @Chris, those are some very good benefits of the Hyatt card. I have not read that it provides Diamond for those who are already Platinum, simply that you get two confirmed upgrades (like the ones that Diamonds typically get). The statement about using the nights at high-end Hyatts was more to demonstrate that if you plan to redeem for a lower category hotel, that you get WAY more bang for your buck from the Sapphire Preferred card.

    Thanks for sharing! It’s a good problem to have with all of these solid cards. 😉

  9. Since both cards are from Chase, what is the recommended wait time in between Chase cards so that any and all bonuses would be applicable? Example, if you got a Sapphire Preferred 90 days ago, would one still be able to get the Hyatt card? Or do you have to wait 18 months like with Citibank? Thanks 🙂

    • @Debbie, since they are different products, you don’t have to wait that long to get both. Some people apply for both in the same day and get the second approve via the reconsideration line. However, the most common advice is to put a month between personal Chase applications. I am personally conservative and wait a few months between apps, but there are many reports of success after about a month.

  10. The Hyatt Visa does not provide Diamond status to Platinum members. The way Hyatt has cracked down on promotions like FFN and 2x stay credit, they won’t dilute Diamond status through the credit card.

    Hyatt status at the time of applying for the credit card only determines what type of bonus you receive; 2 free suite nights or two free nights + 2 upgrades.

  11. Have you tried to book these award nights? My husband and i just got these credit cards and the rewards credited to our respective accounts. When I clicked on making a reservation it said that I could only use 1 reward per reservation. Do you have to make individual reservations to use multiple for one vacation? How do you book it? We got these in hopes of getting 4 nights free in Kauai but now I’m confused. Any pointers in doing the booking would be very much appreciated!

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