United Months of Miles Bonuses (Finally) Posting!

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Oh boy, I think I might see pigs flying as I look out of our front window.  The United Months of Agony Miles bonus miles are finally starting to post.  This has to have been the biggest mess of a promo from 2011.  Heck, evidence of that is that we are still talking about getting miles from it and it is almost March of 2012!  On a positive note though, miles are posting.  Hallelujah!  The miles starting posting this afternoon, but have been back-dated to 2/24/12 and are coded as “Description is not available”.

While I would rather stab myself with a million small straws than rehash all of the Month of Miles details, the short story is that it was a targeted United promotion that came out in August 2011.  There were a few versions of the promo, but the one I got was 1,000 United miles for every three transactions with United partners.  There was a $10 minimum for shopping transactions.  At first you could earn unlimited miles through this promotion and by buying (and returning) gift cards – people were quickly racking up hundreds of thousands of miles.  Literally.

So, a few weeks into the promo, a cap of 25K was put on earnings.  United did say they would credit those who had already earned more than that before the rule change.  There were many issues with people getting all of their transactions from the shopping portal to post, and there was also confusion about whether dining transactions under $10 would count since in the original terms and conditions it did not specify that dining transactions had to be greater than $10.  Some people even got it in writing from United that dining transactions had no minimum, but that changed somewhere along the way in September.

You can read about the original terms and conditions (and see a screen shot of them) in this post.  Then, if you are feeling masochistic, you can read this post to see some of the terms and condition changes.  In the end, the dates of this promo were August 11h – December 15th.

I have 32 dining transactions in my United MileagePlus Dining account that were $10.00 or greater between August 11 – December 15th and another 6 that were less than $10.00.  I also have 18 retail transactions that were greater than $10 in my MileagePlus Shopping account.  I clearly was not one who was “maximizing” this promo by buying tons of gift cards!  However, I can’t get all of the United shopping transactions to load, it is possible there were more than that during the time period.  Frankly, at some point along the way I stopped updating my own spreadsheet and now I just can’t tell for sure what I bought and when.  Even if I just had 56 transactions (if they counted the <$10 dines before the rule change), then I should have received at least 18,000 miles instead of the 16,000 I received.

Based on reading this Flyertalk thread, it seems that most people are receiving what they expected (or more), so I have to assume that the early sub $10 dining transactions did count.  If so, the most logical explanation for my shortage is that many of my retail purchases made through the MileagePlus Shopping Mall were made when I was logged in with my Continental number.  I have that number memorized, so I use it more frequently.  While the MileagePlus Shopping mall was the same for Continental and United, it would appear purchases didn’t count for this promotion if you were logged in with your Continental number.  At least that is my best guess as to what happened with my account.  That makes total sense in retrospect, but it isn’t something I gave much thought to at the time.

On the bright side, it’s still 16,000 miles that I didn’t have yesterday, so props to United for mostly making good on this promo for everyone!  I’m actually pretty pleased with the miles that posted for me as I didn’t really buy anything during this promo that I wouldn’t have bought anyway.  I would like to see it come back again this year, but just with much less drama.

I would love to hear if your miles posted, and if it looks like you got all the miles you believed to have coming to you!

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  1. I think some day I will have a nervous breakdown. There is so much to track. I have no idea what is what. Now you understand why I chose my name caveman. Yes, I adore those primitive caveman days. All you had to worry was food. No United airlines of course. Anyway I will take what I get as it is almost impossible to go back and figure out all my purchases. Long live 17k united miles.

  2. Amen. There are not enough hours in the day sometimes to track everything. At least not at my house. 😉 Sometimes, I choose to just be happy with what I get!

  3. I got 22k out of 25k. I noticed that they were recording my purchases from Nov well. Not at the beginning of the promotion. Should I go through the pain of getting 3k miles more that I am entitled to or just move on with a stress free life? I am happy I go something for “free” here. you gain some you lose some…

  4. Sweet! Just checked, and 4 hours of frantically ordering $10 Home Depot gift cards in the afternoon of 9/9/11 (before midnight hit Eastern time) paid off! 60K for me! Thank you for the post – made my day 🙂

  5. In our family, Mom and Dad were targeted for only 500 miles for 4 transactions, so we played for our son, who got 1000 miles for 2 transactions. Didn’t try too awfully hard, but nabbed him 14K, which posted today — very pleased!

  6. 87,000 miles posted for me! I got lucky and received the 2 transactions = 1,000 miles offer. It was a little bit of a train wreck, but considering they ended up honoring all of us early shoppers, it actually went well if you didn’t have to send emails to get transactions to post. Some people had better luck than others I’d say.

  7. Wife got the full 25K, while I got 24K out of the 25K I expected. And it’s not worth the effort of trying to get the missing 1000.

    I’ll say this, the whole MOM thing was a mess, but it’s sure nice to see our UA accounts jump by 49K! I hope United does a better job of this promo next time… If there is a next time.

  8. I’m sorry I missed out on this one. United isn’t my first choice in miles anyway. My guess is that they wouldn’t be posting even at this late date but they want to post them before the March 3rd account change over. By the way make sure you’ve converted over via the email you should have received by now.

  9. Got the extra 2/1000 from whatever’s posted on united (dining and mall). So dining sub <$10 indeed got honored.

    But their mall missing a bunch of miles already, and i've given up on those a long time ago.
    I think this whole ordeal added 10 years on me 🙁

  10. I got 407K miles. All my Sam’s Club, Home Depot, and sub $10 dining transactions seemed to post. It was 6 months in the waiting, and only today did it feel worth it.

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