250 Free Priority Club Points for Completing Survey

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If you want to fight with complete a survey for Priority Club,  you can earn 250 Priority Club points.  The survey is not overly long, but is painfully slow.  250 Priority Club points aren’t worth a ton, but they are better than nothing.

I received the link for the survey in my email, but according to this MilePoint thread, it doesn’t seem to be targeted. As was also pointed out in that thread, the survey seems to be tied with them collecting information related to the Freddie Awards since that word is in the address for the survey!

Just be ready to work on other things online while the survey loads as it is slow.  I’ve written this post, had lunch, and priced out award tickets, and I’m still not done with the survey due to its turtle-like speed.

Update:  Finally reached the end of the survey.  Glad to know there is actually an end.  😉

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  1. Did you get a confirmation message at the end? I hit next after page five and got the beginning screen to enter my info again.

  2. This contest is putting me to sleep.zzzzzzzzzzz
    I have been at this for a while & only up to question #8. I am not sure that it is worth sitting through a second time for my wife.

  3. Thought it was just my crappy internet connection. Don’t want to say that it’s “good” to see that it’s not just me, but…

  4. It must have been the traffic or their servers earlier today because I just got in and completed it in less than 3 min.

  5. verrrry verrrry slow. at the end said that i have already taken the survey. i did not. took about a half hour of waiting.

  6. Too bad they left no space to make actual comments on the survey itself. When I finished, and they told me it was going to take 4 to 6 weeks to post the measly 250 points, I SO wanted to give the whole survey a 1.

    Seriously, this is a project of Priority itself, and we have to wait up to 6 weeks for the points to post. What am I supposed to do, put a post it note on my calendar at the 6 week point to remind me to check that the points have posted? Sheshhh….

  7. I guess I should have read the instructions. I thought I was supposed to put the options in my order of preference. I think the highest I gave anything was a 4.

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