March 3rd: How Does Your United Account Look?

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It’s official, today is March 3rd and we are now United.  Naturally, after putting on Cars 2, and getting the toddler (who never sleeps past 7AM, even on weekends) in bed with me, I had to log-on and see what my new United account looked like.  As you may have read yesterday, I advised that everyone take screen shots of both their United and Continental account, just in case.  Thank goodness, because currently only my Continental miles are displaying, and my United balance has not yet found its way into my account.  I have faith that within the next day or so that issue will be worked out, but I certainly feel better knowing I have an accurate record of what should be in the account.

From reading online, it seems that is a known issue for some accounts.  My reservations all appear to be in my account, and all of my seat assignments seem to be correct upon first glance.  However, according to official announcements, it seems that there are some problems with seat assignments for some accounts.  I read online about a person who had a confirmed Business Class seat that is now displaying as Economy.

The reports from those flying the New United today seem to be mostly positive.  United appears to have been well-staffed for today and were prepared with manual boarding processes for flights that occurred while the system was down for the conversion.  I have to admit I am a bit jealous of Seth, The Wandering Aramean, when he tweeted that he got to be the last person to board a Continental flight!

As Gary from View From the Wing posted on Milepoint, we are still waiting to see what award booking rules are now in play.  He bets the Continental rules, and I have to agree with that guess, but it will be interesting to find out for sure.

What do your accounts look like today?  Is everything present and accounted for or have you noticed some issues with your mileage balance, status, or reservations?

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  1. I logged on to UA just now and it shows zero balance (as opposed to 32k) and I get a message that my number is now my CO number instead of the UA account number. I thought that UA was absorbing CO instead of the other way around. Weird. I blame Obama.

  2. I am in europe so 7 hours ahead of ny– at 3:00 a.m. –still updating —
    6:00 a.m. can now see acct. with “0” miles

    now 10:35 a.m. all miles posted except last 25k bonus from co biz credit card that should be in acct — I assume will post in a few days

  3. My OnePass and MileagePlus balances were combined. At first, I was not seeing an award reservation on United that I made using my US Air miles, although I was able to find it using the (old) confirmation number. It now displays in my account, with the new confirmation number from the merged reservation system. All is well.

  4. My CO reservation confirmation number for SYR-PTY was changed AND I can’t get my Mileage Plus balance. Guess I too will have to let the dust settle for a few days.

  5. Oh never mind, I now see that’s my CO travel bank expiration date not my mileage expiration, so all looks fine here.

  6. Is anyone else getting errors on AwardWallet for both United & Continental?

    My miles have transferred to United, and I set up the new account # on AwardWallet, but it’s giving me an error when it tries to log in.

    Maybe AwardWallet needs to update its login?

  7. Yes, I got an awardwallet error this morning. Don’t worry about it. I’m sure the dust will settle eventually.

  8. Glad to hear that for the majority everything is looking good! My account still just displays my CO info, but I’m sure it will get resolved in time. I assume…. 😉

  9. So far it only displays Continental miles, but if you click through to United history it shows United miles accurately.

  10. Give ’em a few days, forchissake! They warned us that it could be a few days before everything matches up perfectly. Relax a little.

  11. Should have 25k eqms now but the system shows only 5k. It used to be correct a few days ago. Now shows all qualifying eqm flights as zero. Also I had double eqms for sfo/ord that shows zero too. I’m hope that they will fix this.

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