Discounted Award Tickets for Children

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Yesterday I got an email from a reader who was excited that he discovered that Lufthansa offered a 25% discount on award tickets booked for children who are ages 2-11 (ie under 12).  He asked if I knew of other programs that offer a similar discount on award tickets for children.  While I had heard of a few (non-US) airlines that offered such a discount, I admittedly had yet to really do much research on the topic.  However, it was high time that changed, so I spent some time today searching for airlines that offered discounted award tickets for children.

It was actually not simple trying to compile this information, so I highly doubt this is an exhaustive list.  I am looking for others to add to the information that I found.  Also, if you have actually booked a discounted award ticket for a child, I would love to hear about how the process was for you.  None of these programs are US-based, but with discounts of 25%-50% off reward tickets, they are at least worth being aware of, even if you don’t typically earn miles in these reward programs.

SAS (Scandinavian Airlines):

SAS and some of their partners give children between 2 – 11 years of age (i.e. who has not reached the 12th birthday) a 50% discount on award flights.

These partners offer the child award discount:

Jet Airways:

According to their terms and conditions, “10.2.13 Jet Awards on Jet Airways for children below 12 years of age will be ‘charged’ 50% JPMiles for the relevant destination. However, this does not apply for redemptions on airline partners, as the standard published redemption requirement will be charged, irrespective of the age of the guest.”


Children from 2-15 years of age get 50% discount off Award Bookings.

Lufthansa Miles and More Program:

According to their terms and conditions, “1.3  In addition there is a concession for children aged between two and eleven (under twelve years of age) amounting to 25% on the number of miles required for the usual flight award. Children’s awards are only offered on flights operated by Adria Airways, Austrian Airlines Group, Air Dolomiti, Brussels Airlines, Croatia Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Luxair and SWISS.

If you wish to make such a booking, please contact your local Miles & More Service Team as these awards cannot be booked online.  Booking a flight award for children or infants is only permitted if the child or infant is accompanied on the flight by an adult.”

I love the concept of reduced award tickets for children.  It eases the burden on families, and encourages travel with children.  It is amazing how quickly the number of miles required for a trip adds up when you start multiplying it by 3, 4, 5, etc.  Of course, I also realize that the seat is the same whether an adult or a child is in it, so I can understand why many airlines don’t want to discount the seat just because a child is the one occupying it.  Regardless, I very much wish that other airlines would offer reduced mileage award for children.

Let me know about other programs I may be missing, and I will get them added to the post!


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  1. Thanks a lot for composing your write-up Discounted Award Tickets for Children – Mommy Points . I couldn’t know these details, and so i will keep it helpful now in order to reference that in the foreseeable future.

  2. This is great for our family of 4. i had no idea any airlines did this with award seats. Now I just need to get lots of miles in those programs. Four more years of discounted fares for us. Then I guess we will have to start leaving our older son home 🙂

  3. In general, the European airlines are more kiddo friendly than here in the US with discount fares for kiddos and discount award tickets for kiddos popping up here and there. Over here we also get alot of compliants on the travel boards concerning children, but people seem a bit more tolerant over in Europe. At least that has been my experience over many flights and with seeing the reactions to the thousands of teenagers flying home out of Copenhagen last summer. Planes were as much as 2/3 filled with kiddos.

  4. @Chloe, you are most welcome.

    @The Wanderer, ha ha – once you hit 12 years old, you gotta stay home. 😉

    @Samuel, wouldn’t that be awesome!

    @AlohaDaveKennedy, even their websites give the impression of being more kid-friendly than the US websites. Not to get too political, but I have seen a lot of attitude in the US that kids are a burden or are to be avoided, and look where many of our kiddos are headed these days (at least according to my mom the school teacher). Maybe Europe knows something we don’t. 😉

  5. To add to your list, Iceland Air also offers a 50% discount on child award flights.

    As a note, most European based airlines offer discounts on cash fares for children as well. It often is 10% of adult fare for lap infant, 50% of adult fare for seat infant and 80-90% of adult fare for child 2-12. Taxes still must be paid on all fares and are not discounted.

  6. I noticed the other day when booking with avios online that it priced a lap infant at 10% of normal miles. I did not want a lap infant award, which interestingly, you cannot book online, so I will have to call.

  7. I’ve travelled with an infant for no miles on Qantas, but tried booking with Cathay Pacific and they wanted the full 50,000 miles for an infant.

  8. Thank you MommyPoints!! I called and discussed this with LH’s 800 number in the US yesterday. The LH discount is 75% (because the child ticket is issued for 25% of the normal miles). My biggest concerns were: is there a separate bucket for these awards so they are more limited; are there class of service restrictions; and can one adult have multiple kids or is there a 1:1 ratio (the written rules are a little vague on this granular point). The responses were ALL GOOD. They come out of the same class buckets as other awards; they are valid in any class of service; and there is no 1:1 ratio. So theoretically I could fly with one US-Europe business class award at 105,000 LH miles and take 3 kids at 35,000 miles per kids. So 210,000 LH for 4 business class tickets for one adult and three kids. Really good stuff!! Valid on LH, LX and certain affiliate carriers only…

  9. Discounted child awards are not 25% of an adult award. It is merely the discount that is apply to a normal adult award. Meaning a child redemption amounts to 75% of an adult redemption. So the business class award that “thesilb” was mentioning for his children is not 35K per child but rather 78K. So the business class trip for all 4 would be more like 420K. The work “concession” in their T&C’s means they are conceding or giving you back 25% of what a normal adult award would cost. Just wanted to clarify this.

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