My Chase Continental OnePass Plus Card Already Converted to a United Card

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As part of my daily routine this morning, I logged into my Chase account both to check credit card balances, and to see what points might have posted to various accounts.  I tried doing this yesterday, but the system was down for maintenance.  That maintenance might have been required in order to convert old Continental OnePass Plus cards to United MileagePlus Explorer cards, because I now show as having two United cards in my Chase accounts homepage.  I have the new United card I got a month ago, and my old Continental old now also displays as a United card.

I can’t swear to you that this means the behind-the-scenes process is complete on the Chase side and you can no longer get a sign-up bonus for both accounts, but I very much hope that anyone who wanted to try to get a bonus on both cards followed my advice and did not delay past 3/3.  The 50,000 sign-up bonus miles from the United offer I was targeted for posted on my statement today.  Woohoo!  I am very grateful to have gotten in under the wire on this one, and I hope that you all were able to do the same.

Is your old Continental account now displaying as as United account?

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  1. I just saw that, too.

    I hope that doesn’t mean they’re going to give me a hard time about getting the bonus for the OnePass Plus card…seeing as how it WAS that when I applied… :-/

  2. Same for me, even though I canceled the card on 2/25 before it could switch over. Does this mean I can’t get the bonus? (applied for OnePass Plus before 7/19/11).

  3. Unfortunately I was waiting on a refinance to close. We finally closed last Wednesday and the loan is being funded today.

    Is there still any chance I might be able to get the bonus on the United card? My continental card has already been changed at as well. When logging into my United account I no longer see any offers for the MP card at all. Through I can apply for the 40k offer, and will do that if I have to because I have nothing to lose but would like to apply for the 60k card if I can. Does anyone have a link to the 60k offer that I can try instead?

  4. I had the Chase Continental OnePass Visa credit card. Not the ‘Presidential Plus’, or any ‘Plus’, or anything like that. Have had this Continental OnePassVisa since 2005. I signed up for the United MileagePlus Explorer Visa back in Sep 2011 and received the 50,000 mile signup (+20K after match per SM). I couldn’t sign up for any Continental card to get any bonus, because I’ve had my Continental OnePass Visa for several years. So I decided to just see what Chase would do come 3/3/12.

    My OnePass Visa did not “merge” with my United MileagePlus Explorer Visa. Nor did it become the ‘new’ (on United website as ‘coming soon’) United MileagePlus Club Card. It is simply the ‘United MileagePlus Credit Card’. Same limit I had. Same everything. Just says ‘United MileagePlus Credit Card’. So I now have 2 United cards. Basically the same situation I was in before: a card I can leverage with as I don’t need 2 United cards.


  5. I closed mine on Monday, but it still converted to the United Card in my account. I got the Continental Card after July 2011, and I was holding off until United targets me, or creates a slightly different credit card product to apply. Not sure what will happen to that plan now.

  6. Even though we closed our Continental OnePass cards in early February, they changed over to United MileagePlus Explorer cards on the Chase web site Friday night (3/2) around 8pm PST. The logo changed and so did the description of the card.

    The United 60,000 sign up offer (50k for first purchase + 10k for $25k spend) no longer says anything about the Continental OnePass card or July 19, 2011 in the fine print.

    I was hoping to apply for the United card later this month after waiting 30 days from my Sapphire application/approval, but now I am wondering if I will get declined on the United bonus for being a previous cardholder. 🙁

  7. I successfully applied for the 50-60K United Card last week. I wasn’t immediately appoved. I got nervous since I was cutting it close, but when I called 24 hours later the automated system told me I was approved..with a higher and juicier credit line (which will be great for leverage down the road!).
    I then called to cancel my continental card. When I said, “I just got the new united card and I might as well cancel this card since it will convert to a united card,” the rep said, “It isn’t going to change, we haven’t been informed of any change.”
    Who knows. Maybe the logo simply changed. Maybe we can still use the continental card and people will not recieve a new card until their current card expires. If that is the case and we still recieve annual incentives on each card I might leave both cards open.

  8. I’m in the same boat as Elizabeth, Kay and WLN. I cancelled my Continental OnePass card in early February but when I login to it says that account is the United Explorer card. I got my OnePass before July 2011 so I should have been able to get the United Explorer card, but I didn’t apply before this weekend in order to limit my chase pulls. It’s a little unclear right now whether or not Chase now considers me as a previous holder of the Explorer. So, I don’t know if I can get the Explorer anymore, even though I cancelled my OnePass card before the changeover.

  9. @Andrew T, I hope not either – keep us posted!

    @Jason, pretty awesome, huh?! (for the record, I do plan on putting more purchases on it down the road, but not now since I am working on minimums on other cards) 😉

    @WLN, I don’t know for sure. Someone will have to be the first test case to give a true report.

    @Sean, I just have the 40K line as well. The 60K was working when you had some miles in your United account, but that “trick” may no longer work. It’s always possible you will get the sign-up bonus, but there are now some elements working against that for sure.

    @Gary, thanks for sharing that info.

    @Andre, thanks for sharing.

    @AirShadow, you win some, you lose some. In this case, my strategy hopefully worked out.

    @Kay, I’m not sure what will be best to those in your scenario either. Keep us posted!

    @Elizabeth, I’m not sure. Hopefully someone will be willing to give it a shot and report back.

    @umcp, I’m not sure. That type of card has not historically had good public sign-up bonuses, but you never know!

    @Ken, could just be the logo. I hope that is the case, but I have read multiple reports of CSRs telling people that the switch was happening and that it was already too late even if you cancelled your cards. This is interesting for sure.

  10. Grrr, your post prompted me to go check mine too. My CO OnePass Plus now says United MileagePlus Explorer and the logo says United. I got this card in February 2011 and called to cancel or obtain retention incentive a couple of weeks ago. They offered me a statement credit so I decided to keep the card. I’ve been waiting on my mortgage refi to close (later this week) before applying for any new cards, and the Explorer was on my list next, since I was eligible for the bonus. Now, I doubt that I will be able to get this card since my CO card seems to have converted. 🙁

  11. I am so curious…. did anyone else out there already have a Chase Continental credit card AND a United MileagePlus Explorer Visa credit card leading up to this past weekend? I am curious as to whether your Continental card (primarily the limit, etc.) was ‘merged’ into your United MileagePlus Explorer Visa, or whether you now have a totally different United card altogether (as I do)? I now have a “United MileagePlus Explorer Card” and a “United MileagePlus Card” (latter was the Continental card).
    Just curious how many people have this “other” United card (can’t just be me). The Rewards Program Details simply has the miles earned/$ spent, miles don’t expire, and first checked back free. This seems “less” than what it says for my United MileagePlus Explorer, which also has priority boarding privileges, 2 complimentary Club Passes on anniversary, and the 10k bonus miles with $25k spend.
    Who else has this “other” United card out there?

  12. I closed my Continental one pass account in November 2011 when I opened the Marriott rewards. It is still showing as closed:

    Your account is closed and no longer available for use. If you have a balance remaining on the account, please continue to make monthly payments by the due date. Thank you.

  13. My wife and I both had Onepass cards opened March 2011. We both cancelled the cards in late Feb. after transferring most of the credit lines to other chase cards, but leaving enough on the table to open new chase cards. She applied for United Explorer Feb. 29 and was approved either March 1 or 2. Still waiting for the cards and will confirm bonus upon activation.

    I will apply for United Exploer later this year assuming her app will net the 50k points.
    My app was for the Saphire P. and was approved for exactly the left over line from the canceled Onepass.

    We will see but I am hopefull!


  14. In answer to Gary: I have both cards. Nothing was merged. My CO onePass converted to the UA mileage plus explorer card. So now I have two of the same type of card with one being a MasterCard and the other a visa.

  15. Well mommypoints, I decided to get through the “Merger” by simply not doing any business with New United, till I felt comfortable. I liked Continental Airlines; but Onepass had stepped on my toes a couple of times last year. So at the prompting of mommypoints I go and check my New United ff club website. And everything has transitioned just perfectly.
    so today I see this post and it prompts me to check my Chase account. Sure enough my Continental cc is now New United. Bummer. Ironically, my yearly fee just hit!
    I do things a little differently than many of your readers because I am a senior citizen and expect to have fewer years to travel.
    I will pay off my Continental/New United card and close that cc accont. I have plenty of other cards to travel on, and to use to keep my Mileage Plus ff balance alive. Rather than get Explorer soon, I will wait and see if I am interested in Explorer years later. 😉

  16. I got in under the wire on the United card as well. I now have 2 United Cards with Chase, according to my account information, even though one of them still says “Continental” on the front. Still, 80,000 miles in a matter of a few months is not bad for United/Continental. Chase Sapphire and Ink Bold to come….

  17. I sent a secure message to Chase since it now shows the old Continental OnePass card was converted, despite being closed on last Friday. I asked very specifically how this would effect my ability to apply for the next card and if it precluded me from bonuses. This is what I received:

    Thank you for contacting Chase regarding the closed
    Continental credit card account ending in XXX.

    With the merger between United and Continental, all
    previous Continental credit card accounts are now
    considered United MileagePlus accounts. However, please
    be assured that unless you have previously applied for a MileagePlus Explorer account and received an enrollment bonus you will be eligible for the bonus on a new account application.

    If you have any further questions, please reply using the Secure Message Center.

    Bald Army Guy

  18. Does anyone know if we still have this special benefit: when you change your ticket if you are using your credit card United/Continental will compensate the fee?

    Perhaps we lost this benefit when the switch-over took place?

  19. Nice to know I’m not the only one confused. I talked with a representative from Chase yesterday 1/4/2013. I had a Continental One Pass card and a United MilesPlus Awards card! What’s hilarious is that my wife and I travel United now and never pay for luggage. I was told by the Chase rep that neither of my cards had that privilege and she asked if I was an elite traveler. Not to my knowledge although I’ve been a one pass member since the early 90’s. Anyway, I was advised to merge these two cards together into either the Club card or the Explorer card. I chose the Explorer at $95 waived the first year vs paying a $350 annual fee for the Club card. This merger has been a nightmare for Continental customers with flights and credit cards but overall we will continue to use United as they have a major hub in Houston and IAH is close to our home. I don’t care about the 50k bonus miles and had Chase simply consolidate everything over the phone because it was less of a hassle.

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