Help, The Westin Is Guilt Tripping Me!

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I’m tired.  TIRED.  And out of town for work for a few nights this week, thus away from my little one.  I want nothing more than to order room service, do some work in bed, and pass out to crappy TV.  But no.  Look what The Westin Austin at the Domain has waiting for me in my room.  Next to the fluffy delicious Westin Heavenly Bed was…..

….the mother of all guilt trips.

Honestly, I actually think it is pretty awesome, but it just wasn’t on my mental agenda for the evening.  However, I will at least get on it before the night is over – even if it is just for a few minutes.  The guilt trip treadmill also inspired a healthy selection from room service (minus the dressing, of course). No burger and fries tonight.

I’m feeling healthier already…..almost.

Have you stayed in a room with workout equipment?  If so, what did you think?  Did you work-out more than you otherwise would have?


Update:  I used the treadmill for 15 whole minutes… Reef flip flops (I am a certified flip flop professional – do not try that at home!).  It actually felt great to move around some without having to wear my mis-matched outfit to the gym.  Every little bit helps.  😉  I want this room more often!  Perfect for busy folks to sneak in a few minutes of exercise.  Maybe next time I will wear more treadmill appropriate shoes.

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    • @infamousdx, right?! No way i would have done more exercise today than punching the buttons on the remote otherwise.

  1. Haven’t seen that yet in a room. I wonder with some of the thin floors and walls if it causes your neighbors to wonder “what is going on in there????”

  2. Hah! Probably healthier to stay off it when all you’ve got are flip-flops. It’s an amusing look, nonetheless. I can just see some hipster trying that out at a local gym.

  3. We stayed at the westin chaoyang in Beijing and got a beautiful corner room upgrade to what amounted to a workout suite. Treadmill , weights, foot massager and kettle ball. I’m not sure if it was a subtle “suggestion to workout” from the clerk cause my wife and I are a little on the heavier side or not.btw didn’t touch any of it except the foot massage machine. We hiked the great wall for miles anyway so got plenty of cardio in those 3 days lol

  4. I stayed at Westin Chicago Northshore, and they only have 2 workout rooms in the entire hotel which has 16 floors in total. Since I stayed there over almost 2 years and got to know the check-in staff, I had them block into those room for every stay I had with the hotel. I def worked out a LOT more than i’d have by just going to the gym. Its just the liberty of having the equipment in your room – and like you said – the guilt trip or excuse of not working out when you have the equipment sitting right next to you.Totally worth it.

  5. @Arizona Guy, ha ha. I truly am a professional flip flopper. Though it was just a brisk walk to be on the “safe” side. 😉

    @G, now I want rooms like this all the time!

    @drew, nothing but high fashion around here. 😉

    @Jason, hiking the Great Wall sounds way better anyway!

    @Bhumik, I’m not here near as frequently, but I will start at least asking for the room when I can.

    @xavier, I love Austin. I lived here a few years and always enjoy visits back.

    @Jamison, the “I didn’t pack for the gym” trend. 😉 Love it!

    @Jimgotkp, that’s my “tough face”.

    @InACents, the room is on the 2nd floor and the area below it is not a guest room, so they did seem to put some thought into that – thankfully!

  6. While you’re at The Domain, go across the street and try the cupcake place “Lick It, Bite It or Both”! Both the owner (Jace) and baker (Tony) are friends of mine. 🙂 And the owner was on Cupcake Wars. It’s an awesome cupcake place that mixes it up with some great homemade ice-cream. A perfect way to re-earn all those calories you burned off the treadmill. 🙂

    P.S.: How do you like the Westin there? I found it nice, but kind of bland.

  7. @Shelia, probably not, but I do have a nice eliptical in the play room!

    @Ajit, I have seen that place – will have to try it some time! As for the Westin, I have a full review here. It is very comfortable and I enjoy the Domain area of town, but you are right that it doesn’t really have tons of personality. For me, that is okay. I’ve lived in Austin enough to not need any additional “local flavor” at my hotel. 😉

    @annie, they are so comfy! I love them.

    @ncaahockeyfan, Go Irish!! Though the sad part is I left those pants at the hotel (apparently I rushed out to get to work and missed them somehow). Crossing my fingers they still have them when I call. Guess I will have to go back to South Bend and pick up another pair if I lost them. 😉

    @MMS, good for you! I didn’t see any “workout time” on my schedule for this trip, so I left them at home. That’ll teach me!

    @Anne, ha ha. I understand!

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