Spring Break Travel Tips

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Here in Texas, we are T-24 hours until many schools are closed for Spring Break!  As a kid, we almost always loaded up the car and drove overnight to go skiing in New Mexico or Colorado for Spring Break.  As an adult, I realize how crazy my parents were for driving us through the night.  It makes for easy traveling for the kids, but then don’t you get to your destination exhausted?!  They must have been tougher than me.

Anyway, I have always loved Spring Break.  In fact, I am taking Little C on a Disneyland adventure in a couple weeks as my own version of Spring Break 2012.  So, when I was lucky enough to work with the Travel Channel to help write a short article on ways to save some cash on a Spring Break trip, I was thrilled.  As an aside, it is very different writing an article for someone like the Travel Channel than for your own blog.  Yes, I am stating the obvious.  A limit on the number of words that can be in the article, getting your work back with red “track changes” all over it, etc. is very different than just hitting a few keys and pressing “publish”!  It was a great experience working with them on this, and there may be some more fun things to come out of a Mommy Points/Travel Channel collaboration.  We’ll see what happens.  No, I don’t get to hang out with Anthony Bourdain.  Rats. 

Many of the tips in the article are probably “old news” for most of the readers of this blog, but hopefully they will help some families that aren’t yet into the world of miles and points keep a little extra cash in their pockets while still having an amazing Spring Break.  Now I am really counting down the days until my kiddo and I are hanging with Mickey and the princesses!  My husband thinks I am nuts for being excited about flying solo with her to California to meet up with friends and spend some time at the park.  While I am certain there will be some “interesting” moments, I can’t wait!

Are you and your family headed anywhere for Spring Break??

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  1. Congratulations on the Travel Channel article! I don’t think I’ve ever gone anywhere for spring break. Usually I just pick my trips when I want to go and make them fit.

  2. @Scottrick, thanks! That works okay until you have kids on a school schedule….then it gets a bit trickier. Enjoy the freedom now!

    @Joe, you must be kidding. Texans are the best!

    @Jamison, ha ha. The cover is blown. 😉

  3. I don’t think we’re going anywhere for spring break this year. However, I’ll echo your comment to Scottrick, — once one has kids in school, flexibility goes out the window. As far as driving with the kids at night, we often end up doing that, but not necessarily by design. We did that this past Thanksgiving, and it worked out well. It’s much more peaceful for the driver, and you don’t have to stop to feed and water them. The next day, you just have to endure the fatigue. It’s not all THAT different from an overnight flight, where one typically doesn’t get much sleep either. As with anything, there are advantages and disadvantages. It just comes down to personal preferences.

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