Westin Beaver Creek Resort and Spa Amenities

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This is one of my favorite posts in the series about our trip to take our toddler to see snow in Beaver Creek, Colorado as it covers lots of the “fun stuff” to do at the Westin Beaver Creek Resort and the Villas.

What made the resort so spectacular was the amenities, so I am excited to share some of the details with you now.  If you want to catch up on other posts in this series, here they are:

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The amenities at this resort are available to guests of both the hotel and the villas, so we were able to enjoy all of the amenities during our stay at both properties.

The Lobby:

Normally I wouldn’t really consider the lobby to be an amenity, but in this case is actually is because it really is a hub of activity and a great place to just hang out.  They sell affordable happy hour snacks and drinks in the lobby in the early evenings (and free hot chocolate!), and lots of families and their dogs gather in that area.  While we are on the topic of dogs, there are lots of them at this resort, so if you have a dog allergy, you are forewarned.  I love dogs, so getting to hang out with lots of well-behaved dogs was fun for us, but I could see how it wouldn’t be for everyone.

There are a couple of different gathering areas in the lobby/lounge area as well as one bar.  There was also live entertainment in the lobby each night.

The Pool:

We went to Beaver Creek during the winter, so it was a little crazy for me to mentally think we would be swimming in an outdoor pool, however that is exactly what happened every single night we were there.  It was super cold outside, but the water in the pool was heated (though not warm enough for me), and the water in the hot tubs was perfect.  Please no hate mail for putting a toddler in a hot tub. 😉   We would only stay for a few minutes in the water so that our kiddo didn’t overheat, but we all had a blast swimming while it was snowing!  It was probably one of the highlights of the trip for our little family.

Workout Areas:

On the way to the pool you pass various exercise rooms.  There was no time for that on this trip, but I was quite impressed by the quality and variety of workout options that this hotel provided.  I could see people coming here just to have a “workout holiday”.

The Spa Anjali:

One thing I did make time for on this trip was the spa.  Well, to be more accurate, my husband made that time for me.  This trip came during the weekend of my birthday, so he planned a “spa morning” for me one day. The spa is located on the same level as the gym and the pool, and this is the view as you walk out of the elevator.

The walkway from the entry to the spa areas really does help you shift gears to get in a more “spa” state of mind.

The women’s changing area was awesome – it was well stocked, very clean, and was not busy at all while I was there.  I was only able to snap pictures because I was the only one in there (though I still felt a bit weird).  It had several showers, a sauna, and a steam room.

The waiting area was nothing short of perfect – it was snowing heavily outside, and it was hypnotic just staring out the window at the snow.  They had nice blankets in the waiting room, and it was so cozy and relaxing.  In fact, I was so relaxed this is where I got the crazy idea to extend our trip an extra day.  It was just too good to leave.

I had what I like to call a “weanie facial” and a massage.  I call it a weanie facial as it was more relaxation-focused than extractions and things of that nature.  The massage was just fantastic – the perfect balance of pressure and relaxation.  I felt like I could melt into the floor after those treatments.  Also, since they knew it was by birthday, the spa attendants had a bottle of champagne waiting for me.  I could barely make a dent in the bottle, but it was a very nice gesture!

Ski Amenities:

This resort is located near the base of the Beaver Creek ski area.  You do have to take a gondola over to the lifts, and I believe those lists aren’t to green runs, so just keep that in mind.  However, the Kid’s Club offers a “Ski School Carpool” for children ages 5-12.  This service will take your little ones to ski school in the morning and bring them back in the afternoon.  They do have to already be registered for ski school and have their equipment.  I would add they should also already be comfortable with the idea of ski school, otherwise you may be setting yourself up for failure.

There is also a ski valet as soon as you enter the property from the gondola so that you can store all of your ski equipment there without lugging it all over the resort.  Since we didn’t ski on this trip (more on that in the next post), I can’t speak for any of the ski amenities first hand.  Though we did do our best to make snowballs…….

On-site Restaurants:

While at the resort we had room service, appetizers in the lobby, Sunday Latin Brunch at Cima, and a quick breakfast in their Market.  The food was good through all of those sources, but the lobby appetizers (that we counted as dinner) and breakfast sandwich from the Market were clearly the most affordable options.  However, Sunday Brunch at Cima was the most fun.  The hot and cold food options were almost endless, and there was more than enough to keep both the adults and the little one satisfied.  The view didn’t hurt either.

It was $24 for each adult, and children under 5 are free.  We also enjoyed some Bloody Marys and Mimosas that were around $7 – $8 per glass.  It was not an inexpensive breakfast, but we felt like we got our money’s worth.  Any time Mom, Dad, and the toddler are happy is a good time.

I have to admit, after looking back at the amenities at this resort, I wish we were still there!  It was just so easy to be a family, relax, and enjoy where we were.  Of course, I’m sure the mimosas and the massage helped with the relaxation a bit.



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  1. this does look a good option…. the kids club providing the option to transfer kids too/from ski school could make all the difference for us. i think there is a good chance we will book this for next years ski trip especially with new spg benefits like the upgrades and continental breakfast

  2. @Mike, I’m sure like most similar locations there is horse-back riding, biking, hiking, etc… all nearby.

    @phil, that does make it easier! I will absolutely return to this property and actually go skiing next time!

    @MJL, it was a great trip and he helped set-up a great birthday. 😉

    • @Carling, I only really saw lots of dogs during the happy hours in the lobby. The dogs I saw were all well-behaved and were just sitting with their families, so I don’t think it was overwhelming for non-dog lovers, but it would just more be an issue if you had some real dog allergy.

  3. funnily enough there were lots of dogs at the westin whistler when we stayed there in february. must be something about the ski resorts that makes them dog friendly

  4. WAIT a minute. i just zoomed in on your pic. $30 PER CHILD PER ROUNDTRIP!? are you pooping me??? you could probably get a private transfer for that amount. with two kids that is $60 per day. meh. maybe not here then

  5. @Phil, that’s funny about the dog thing. I have to be honest, I have no clue what the Kid’s Club fee is – if it is in the picture, I didn’t notice it. My theory on these types of resorts is to save as much as possible by using points and such ahead of time, but then I truthfully don’t worry about the “nickle and dime” once we get there. If it makes our lives easier to pay that fee per day, we would probably just do it. That said, we only have one kid. 😉

  6. Nickel and Dime is one thing but $30 per day per kid is a LOT of money. Maybe they are used to the rich Vail crowd though these days that type is harder for them to find. I genuinely thought the car pool is something they would offer precisely because they are so far from the ski school and it is otherwise so awkward to get to. Clearly it does not cost anywhere near the $30 each kid they charge. So while I agree a bit of nickel and diming is to be expected, I don’t expect to be ripped off either! And we only have two kids… I have plenty of friends that travel with 3 or 4 in tow. With just two kids for 5 days of ski school that comes to 3000 dimes or 6000 nickels

    • @Phil, it is a lot, no doubt, but everything at these resorts seems to be a lot. Heck, parking was just about that charge per day just to have your car sit in the lot, so I guess it is all relative.

  7. I was there with a 1 year old last July. It was lovely. We hiked (with him in a backpack) each day. We took the ski lift to the top and hiked down. We also swam each day, and walked through Vail Village & BC Village.

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