3,000 Southwest Rapid Reward Points From Freecreditscore.com (Requires Two Paid Months)

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Thanks to travelisfree on this Flyertalk thread for sharing a promo from Freecreditscore.com that will award 3,000 Southwest Rapid Reward points (worth $50 in Wanna Get Away Fares) after you have two paid months with Freecreditscore.com.  So, for $14.95 per month for two months = 29.90, you get two months of this credit score service and the equivalent of $50 in Southwest points.

The Flyertalk thread referenced above mentions that these points may count toward a Companion Pass.  While that is possible, these points could very well be interpreted as a bonus, and thus would not be eligible.  As long as you are good about canceling things on certain dates, this could be a way to pick up some points at a “profit” and get some credit score monitoring in the meantime (though there are cheaper places for that if that is the service you are really after in the long run).


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  1. […] Freecreditscore.com is offering 3000 bonus Southwest Rapid Rewards points after you have two paid months of their service. The cost works out to $29.90 and with the bonus, can be a good option if you need a way to access your credit score for a couple of months. I currently get free credit reports through my bank, so I won’t be taking advantage. If I did, I would still probably cancel after the two months, once I had my bonus miles. Details from Mommy Points HERE. […]


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  4. the trick with free credit score is you have to threaten to cancel and they’ll offer it to you for 7.99 a month

  5. I did the freecreditscore.com promotion for 3000 Rapid Rewards points plus 2000 Bonus points.

    After 2 months, 3000 Experian points posted as “Other” but DID NOT QUALIFY for Companion Pass. I have emailed twice to Southwest to clarify but have received no answers. And where are 2000 Bonus points? I paid for 3 months of freecreditscore.com. I did learn some from the site, but how can you trust a credit company that doesn’t honor its promotions?

    Also, I did eMiles which promptly posted 500 points to “Other” and DID qualify for Companion Pass.

    Hope it helps.

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