My Experience Today Getting a Room With Priority Club Points Using the Old Award Chart

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I’m going to keep this short as we are wiped out after a day at the rodeo, but I wanted to share my experience getting in just under the wire with a Priority Club booking on the old award chart.  As a quick recap, Priority Club changed (devalued) their award chart in January, but allowed Priority Club members to call in through March 18th and request a room under the old award chart.  This cannot be done online.

Today I called Priority Club at 1-888-211-9874 and requested a room at the Crowne Plaza Times Square for 25,000 points – the new rate will be 35,000 points.  Considering how easily I got those points, this was a heck of a deal for a night in Manhattan on a day when rates for that, and similar hotels, were easily close to $500.  I was transferred once and then spoke with a lady who understood what I wanted to do and gave me a “goodwill adjustment” of 10,000 additional points so I could book at the new rate of 35,000 points without actually spending more than 25,000 points.

The whole process of calling in, being transferred, and being on-hold took about 10 minutes, but it was absolutely worth it for 10,000 points.  If you have any interested in locking in a room at the old redemption rate, then act quickly.  You can typically cancel until a couple days before the reservation without penalty, so there is not a huge risk in making a speculative booking (just double check the cancellation policy for that specific hotel).  I can’t tell from reading this article if the old rates are available through March 18th or until March 18th, but either way there isn’t much time left.  I would call tonight to be on the safe side.  You can learn more about which hotels are changing redemption rates and more on this Flyertalk thread.

PS. Since I mentioned we were at the rodeo today, I wanted to add that in addition to being fun, rodeos are very good for teaching little kids patience.  The only way to ride a pony is to wait in the (long) line for your turn.  At least you get to watch them while you wait.  😉


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  1. […] selected the Crowne Plaza Times Square for my first night just before the number of points required per night at that hotel rose from 25,000 Priority Club points to 35,000 Pr…. It was also just before the unofficial way of obtaining Priority Club points rose from .6 cents to […]


  1. Coincidentally, I had quite the opposite experience trying to book that same hotel late last night. While the CP Times Square was listed as available for a reward night on my preferred date in September, when I clicked through to book on cash and points, it said reward nights were not available. I suspected a glitch, and, sure enough, no matter what test date I submitted, even 50 weeks from now, it resulted in the same message. When the same thing happened this morning, I called Priority Club. After getting transferred to the wrong department several times, I finally got a great agent who not only booked the room for me, but also took care of the 10,000 point differential. Thank goodness for competence! Mission accomplished! BTW, I just checked again and this glitch is still occurring for anyone looking to book today.

  2. @applezz13 – the 10k points is added to your account when you call in to get the adjustment. The question is whether the full amount, 35k in MPs case, be refunded if you cancel or would they take back the 10k adjustment? I’m pretty sure, but not 100% positive, that you would keep the extra 10k (but it wouldn’t be right to do so IMHO).

    The nice thing is that the 10k adjustment (like almost everything else in priority club) counts towards the 40k or 60k status.

  3. applezz13, I have read that they “eventually” take them back.

    PSL, thanks for the info and glad you got it to work!

    SteveA, I’m not sure what would happen in the long run, but I agree, it’s not something I plan to test. 😉

    James, thanks!

    @maxwell, hang up and try back. 🙂 Did they say why they would not adjust the rates?

  4. Those points also qualify toward status. So if you book 6 night and get 10,000 points per night back – presto you are platinum member (not that it worth much).

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