Get 10X Ultimate Reward Points for Spring Cleaning and More (via Home Depot)

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I can’t even begin to pretend that we did as much “spring cleaning” this year as we probably should have, but judging by many of my friends’ Facebook status updates, there are lots of folks making some home improvements to the inside and outside of their homes this week.  One thing that we did accomplish was to finally get a new Dyson 41 Animal vacuum cleaner.  We have wanted one for years, but just kept delaying because our old vacuum “worked just fine”….or so we thought.  We were strongly considering buying one last week as our seven-year-old vacuum was starting to have some problems, and then I remembered that Home Depot was having 10x points via the Ultimate Rewards portal this month and decided that it absolutely was a great time for a the purchase.

In my family we have a Siberian Husky who brings in dirt from outside and sheds everywhere, a two-year-old who is always into something, and a 37-year-old who often somehow manages to get even dirtier than the two-year-old.  Needless to say, it is not an exaggeration to say that if I don’t vacuum daily, my house looks disgusting.  So, buying an expensive vacuum sounds insane, but it turns out, we actually need it.

In the interest of full disclosure on why I am in love with this vacuum, this is what the vacuum looked like after just cleaning a couple rooms.  Disgusting.  This is not a blog about vacuums, but it is a blogged geared toward those with families, and I am willing to bet that lots of families also have to vacuum quite frequently, so I wanted to share how “rock star” this vacuum really is.  For the record, my house does not look anywhere near as gross as this picture would imply!  😉

Regardless, the main part of the post is that we were able to pick up several thousand Ultimate Reward points by making this purchase right now via Home Depot.  We ordered it online via the Ultimate Rewards portal, selected in-store pick-up from Home Depot, and within a couple hours drove to the store and picked it up for no additional shipping fees.  I also used my Home Depot credit card to avoid interest charges so we could pay off our expensive vacuum over a couple month period, and it worked just fine with the Ultimate Rewards portal.   You do, however, have to have an Ultimate Rewards-earning credit card to access the UR shopping portal.

Had we just gone straight to the Home Depot retail store without ordering online, we would have missed out on over 5,000 Ultimate Reward points!  We also were able to apply a coupon code online to save some money in the process.  So, if you have some home improvement or spring cleaning projects that will require a Home Depot purchase, I recommend timing it with the current 10x Ultimate Rewards point bonus.  I did a test purchase of an online Home Depot gift card and a physical mailed gift card and neither earned Ultimate Reward points.  The terms and conditions do warn you that they won’t, but since they used to, I tested it to make sure.  So, don’t waste your time buying gift cards from the Home Depot website hoping for points – that deal has been “busted”.

If you are new to the Ultimate Rewards concept, or aren’t sure which credit cards earn Ultimate Rewards points, then check out this post on Ultimate Rewards 101.  They are currently my favorite type of point out there, and can be transferred to Hyatt, United, Marriott, British Airways, and more at a 1:1 ratio.  These little extra steps are what really make the difference in miles and points earnings for my family.

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  1. Thanks so much for the reminder of Home Depot 10X points! We were going to make a trip to Home Depot tomorrow but will now order online via UR portal and pick up in store instead!

  2. @ Bill Using GC to make purchase on HD should give you 10x but buy HD GC won’t give you the points. I have also tested this and the result is the same as Mommypoints.

  3. So you could buy HD gift cards from staples with the ink bold, get 5 pts per dollar, then use said gift cards to buy via UR mall.

  4. You can also buy Home Depot gift cards with Amex Blue Preferred from Kroger and get 6% cash back on them while also earning 4x’s fuel points right now, then use the Ultimate Rewards mall for 10x’s points too. We are remodeling our bathroom and have spent probably $1k this way so far on tools and materials. Total in kick backs this way when filling up my Tahoe is right about $60 per $200 gift card!

  5. @Bill, I think at one point you could. I can’t swear it works now, but it is an experiment in progress at Frequent Miler’s Laboratory. 😉

    @Kathy, oh yes, please! Not sure if I deserve it or not, but I would certainly take it!

    @Peter S, have you tested using gift cards recently?

    @Chris, ha ha – that comment made me laugh out loud! A quick google search returned plenty, but here is one for ya: 😉

    @Randy, it was $50 off for spending a certain amount on appliances (which the vacuum apparently qualified for).

    @DavidAL, should work, if points are awarded for using HD gift cards, which I can’t promise.

    @Curtis, nice! I love those Kroger fuel points. the Amex Blue Preferred is pretty awesome for groceries – I am also looking forward to the Freedom 5x grocery category next quarter!

  6. Thanks so much for this post and especially including the link to your guide to UR! I only just started getting into the credit card rewards and points and have been diligently racking up spend on my and my husband’s Chase Sapphire cards to get the sign-up bonus after following the advice on various different blogs, but you were totally right that no one really had a comprehensive but digestible guide to using the program overall.

    I’d always dismissed these credit card shopping portals as not bring back much, but this actually seems quite good and even better if you don’t always have to use the Chase card directly–like when Nordstrom runs a triple points promo this past weekend but only if you use your Nordstrom card, I should have also earned UR points on those purchases!

    I wish there were a way to receive email notifications about the bonuses in these kinds of portals–how do you remind yourself of which portals to use for what, when?

  7. @Points Envy, ha ha.

    @LIH Prem, wish you would have read it yesterday. 😉

    @KWu, you are most welcome. It is amazing how valuable the shopping portals can be, and you are right about double dipping for retailer card promotions as well. As far as a reminder on which one to use, you can use to compare the different portals for any individual retailer. It isn’t a perfect solution, but should give you an idea. Of course, you can always just stick to UR and just supplement with others occasionally.

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