The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card Bonus Decreases on Chase’s Website (Though 50,000 Point Sign-up Bonus Still Available Elsewhere)

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Thanks to Daraius at Million Mile Secrets and a reader of his for pointing out that the sign-up bonus on the Chase Sapphire Preferred card has dropped to 40,000 Ultimate Reward points in some spots on Chase’s own website.  This is not good news since that card has been one of the most popular rewards credit cards in the frequent flyer community since it came out.  However, it is not overly surprising since the offer has not changed since the card was introduced, the sign-up bonuses from some competitor cards (like the Amex Premier Rewards Gold) card are lower, we were warned a few months ago that the 50,000 point sign-up bonus was “limited time” only, and March was around the time that it was strongly hinted the offer may change.

The good news is that 40,000 points is still a good offer.  I am glad that it didn’t drop to 25,000 like the Amex Premier Rewards Gold card.  The better news is that you can still apply for the Sapphire Preferred 50,000 Ultimate Reward point offer.

This offer has expired. Please see Featured Card page for updated offer.

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card Application

I don’t know for sure if the 50,000 point offer will truly go away, or it will just get harder to find (like the Chase Southwest 50,000 point offer).  However, as Daraius points out, it makes little sense for Chase to pay affiliates like me to market an inferior offer than they are offering directly, so I would not be surprised if the offer I am able to promote also decreases in the near-ish future.  This is just my guess based on the info that is available.  I would certainly like to be wrong about that.

The Sapphire Preferred is a rock solid card that I personally have and use almost daily. It has no foreign transaction fees, provides access to the lucrative Ultimate Rewards shopping portal, gives 2x points for dining and travel, earns points that transfer 1:1 to United, Hyatt, Marriott, British Airways, plus others, and pairs beautifully with the Chase Freedom Visa and Chase checking accounts to provide even more bonus points.

I’m not saying you have to apply right now or you will never get the 50,000 point bonus, but I do want you to be aware of the direction that the sign-up bonus may be heading, at least in the short-run.  I’ll keep you posted if I get any additional info.


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  1. I see 50K offer directly on chase website….they even run their adds on home page and you can click on for the 50K Offer…..

  2. Haha. Me are amused.
    Thank you for this info. Probably today, I will cancel my old CO Onepass era Chase credit card. I’ve just been waiting for the check to clear, that indicates that I’ve paid my yearly fee. Chase did very well off me on that credit card deal.
    I liked Gary Leff’s guess as to maybe why the Chase site offer has dropped to 40,000. The continued $3000 spent in 3 months, makes me think that if I can’t get the 50,000 offer; well then, I can just wait on applying till just any old time. 😉

  3. I am considering applying for 2-3 cards in the next week or two, so this is a good reminder that I need to evaluate my options and get on with it. BUT, this may be a false alarm. The 50k offer is on as of right now. I hope it is available through your referral for at least another couple weeks, at least!

  4. .
    As likely as not this is just a Chase ploy to get some additional free advertising on their card. Make a little change, all the bloggers write a new article about your card, voila!
    It is like the giveaways they do. Hyatt drops 66K points each on a few sites and gets near-free coverage of their latest offer.

  5. @AF, seems that different browers and different sections of their site yield different offers.

    @John, you just paid your annual fee and now you are cancelling? Perhaps I misunderstood, but most would cancel right before to avoid paying the annual fee.

    @Autocylus, it certainly may be true that there will be a 50K offer available somewhere (like the Southwest card), but my gut tells me that it isn’t truly a false alarm. Only time will tell and I certainly hope I am wrong. Good luck on your next churn!! 😉

    @Ike, ha ha. You never know, but seeing a sign-up offer on such a popular card go down will always get my attention…though I would rather it get my attention by going up.

  6. hi, mommypoints, I have applied for the CSP visa card about 5 months ago and got the bonus, but then switched to the master card. Am I entitled to get the bonus if I apply the visa again?

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