Great Family Travel Tip: Transferring Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Points

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Despite the sticker shock (hello $330!!) I experienced when we kept a Hertz reservation made with Gold Points one extra day while in Colorado a couple months ago, I still think that Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Points are pretty valuable when redeemed for expensive car rentals.  Both my husband and I have Hertz Gold accounts with some points sitting in them.  However, up until recently, I didn’t realize that there was a way to transfer our points to one another.  This is huge since I know many of us got the free 500 points for joining Hertz #1 Gold several months ago, and it can be very helpful to have a larger point balance so that there are more redemption options available.

If you have not yet joined Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program (aka or formerly known as Hertz #1 Club Gold), you still can join for free, but I am not aware of any current point bonus for joining.  In order to transfer points, both parties must be Hertz Gold members.  Here are the official rules regarding transfers from Hertz:

Who can I transfer points to?

Points can be transferred to a spouse or domestic partner that is a #1/Gold member.

What if they are not a #1/Gold member?

The spouse/domestic partner should sign up for a fee-waived Gold membership via Once completed, you must wait 48 hours before calling the Awards Desk to transfer points.  Transferring of points cannot be done without waiting the 48 hours.

How do I transfer the points?

You would call the #1 Gold Plus Rewards Desk (1-888-999-4900) during the hours of 0600-2100 CST Monday through Friday and ask for a transfer of points.

When will the points show up in the spouse/domestic partner’s account?

If both memberships are at least 72 hours old, the transferred points are viewable on within 24 hours of transfer.  However, a Sales Specialist is able to see the transfer of points that same day and will be able to apply the points to a future reservation.  The Awards Desk will transfer you to the Sales area to book the reservation.

How many points can be transferred?

There is no limit to the number of times points are transferred or the amount of points being transferred as long as the points are available in the members account.

Since there is a delay between when an account is created and points can be transferred, it isn’t a bad idea to make sure that both partners have a Hertz Gold account, just in case.  Have you ever used the transfer option with your partner?

Thanks to SanDiego1K for sharing this info with me!

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  1. Gold Rewards can have a nasty surprise. I’d been saving my points to get a sports car for a week. THEN I was clued in that the customer has to pay all the fees and the taxes on the undiscounted normal rate. Ouch !

  2. @mommypoints when you use points to rent, are you required to purchase the insurance? The last couple times I’ve used my points, I was unable to remove the insurance option at booking. While it’s still a great deal to use points on higher end rentals, the insurance is typically higher which makes the rental not quite “free”.

  3. Thanks for the tip! We accumulate Hertz points in my wife’s account for family trips since she has some business travel as well, but I do have the 500 pt. sign up bonus in my account that I wasn’t sure what to do with…until now 🙂

  4. @mangoMan, I normally get airline miles instead of Hertz points, as I find it a better deal that way (e.g. if you have short 1- or 2-day rental at a cheap rate, you can get 600 Southwest points). But if you pay a high daily rate for business travel, then Hertz points will probably be good for normally expensive cars or car rentals in Europe or Asia.
    @Jay, points do not expire as long as you have activity every 24 months (earning or redeeming) – here is a quote from the Hertz website – “Points do not expire as long as the member has any Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program activity in the prior 24 months. Activity means a Gold Plus Rewards Point was either earned or redeemed.”

  5. @Jay, Jimmy is correct. 😉

    @tassojunior, that is true it shows it when you reserve the car, but most people seem to report that it comes off when you turn in the car. I know mine did in Colorado, but I don’t think it did when I rented in Corpus (though it was a super cheap rental to begin with).

    @Sam, I have never had that issue on the full size car and SUV that we rented.

    @Haonan, glad you found a use for the points that suits your needs!

    @mangoMan, happy to help!

    @Jimmy, thanks for weighing in!

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