12 Hours Until D-Day (aka Mommy and Toddler Go to Disney Tomorrow)

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This post could alternatively be titled, “What the F Was I Thinking??!!”.  Sure, it all sounded great in theory.  The two year old and I pack-up and fly across the country to spend a long weekend visiting friends in California, and we all hop over to Disneyland for a day or two.  We’ll have a great time together, and Daddy can go spend time with his friends fishing back at home.  Everybody wins!  Or do they….?

See, I love the idea of that plan, but to keep this site from sounding too “Polyanna-ish”, here are the real thoughts going through this Mommy’s head with one night to go until “D Day”.  I promise I am not a schizophrenic as this stream of consciousness may imply.  

  • My throat is swollen up and my sinuses are so bad I can barely breathe.  Please don’t let me be getting sick.  Please don’t let me be getting sick.  What will I do if I get really sick on the trip with no one there to help me?  Die, probably I will die.  They will bury me at sea with Nemo and Friends.  Or perhaps add me to the collection of skeletons in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  Little C will be abandoned and thus must join the island of lost boys, er girls.
  • This week, why did I think this was a good week to go to California?  This was the worst week ever to pick.  I flew out of town for work, my husband went out of town for work, I had pink eye, C had poison oak, our dog got sick, I’m exhausted, the house looks like a tornado went through it, I worked a 16 hour day yesterday, I’m too tired to even think straight, are there even clean clothes to pack (The Man has done a ton of laundry while being home with Little C, but still…), what was I thinking?!
  • Little C is thrilled.  This is all going to work out.  She even told me that toddlers aren’t supposed to cry on planes.  She has this mastered.  She should probably write a book instructing all the others babies of the world not to cry on planes.  This will be fun.
  • Disney VIP – why didn’t we sell more things in the garage sale last week and spring for a Disney VIP guide so we can maximize our time, get extra Fast Passes, have less time waiting in line, etc?  Clearly that was a strategic error.  That has to be worth around eleventy billion dollars, right?!  It’s not too late to rob a bank and book a VIP guide.  I should probably do that on the way to the airport tomorrow.  I think the bank has a drive through.
  • Wait a minute, while I am away with the kiddo, my husband gets to lounge around, and sleep in, and fish without any children around?  What?!  Hmmm, something seems fishy about this deal.  Maybe I should take up fishing.
  • How I feel sorry for whoever is sitting next to us tomorrow on the plane.  Please let it be someone good.  Like perhaps a kind grandma who loves toddlers and is hard of hearing.  If whoever it is starts giving us the “stink eye”, I may have to send them to time-out.  Hmmm, I wonder where time-out is on the airplane?
  • I should have probably researched Disneyland more before today.  I can tell you where everything is at Disney World….where to go first to get in line, where to go first to get Fast Passes, where to get snacks, where the good bathrooms are, etc.  I can pretty much only tell you that Disneyland is in California.  Somewhere.
  • That’s okay, I can just download a Disneyland app on my iPhone.  That will solve everything.
  • I will be earning “real” miles and hotel points on the trip – hurray!  EQMs make everything a little bit better.  Thank goodness for Hyatt Diamond suite upgrades, free breakfast, and lounge access.  That should help.
  • I sure do wish that the flight tomorrow had E+ seating.  All toddlers should be placed at least a minimum distance from the seat in front of them.  This should not be optional.
  • I have clearly lost my mind.  This was the worst idea ever.  Why can’t I just sleep all weekend, and wake up only to wander to the couch and watch movies while curled under a blanket sipping hot tea?  How will I survive a weekend of crowds, chicken fingers, ketchup, runny noses, tears, dirty diapers, more tears, Dora the Explorer, lines, people, sippy cups, strollers, and more tears.  (P.S., the tears are just as likely to be mine as hers).
  • Did I pack enough diapers, cash, clothes, and entertainment for the flight?  Oh well, if all else fails we can just count the puppies in Sky Mall.  There are always lots of dogs and cats in the Sky Mall magazine.  Lord help us if there are no puppies in Sky Mall.
  • Bed.  I should probably get some sleep.  I think I can count on my hands the number of hours I have slept in the past few days.  Maybe a miracle will occur tomorrow and me and the toddler can both sleep on the plane.  She did say that babies nap on planes – do Mommies nap on planes, too?  Probably not in Economy.  That is probably reserved for First Class, just like the hot towels.
So now if anyone wonders “what was she thinking” – you know.  😉  Seriously though, I really am excited about tomorrow, and Little C is extremely excited about tomorrow.  She can tell you exactly where we are going, how we are getting there, where she is sleeping in the hotel (in Mommy’s bed of course), she has picked out which toys we are bringing, and even told me to remember to pack a lot of diapers.  It is just unfortunate that in the week leading up to the trip, so many things have happened that have left me completely exhausted and worn down.  That is a hard way to head into a big trip (alone) with a little one who is very “two”.  As most parents already know, two-year-olds are fantastic, but they are also sometimes a bit “difficult”.  Clearly my advice is to do everything within your power to head into trips like this rested, but we all know that sometimes work, illnesses, etc. pop up, and you just have to roll with it.
My plan is to head to bed in about 3.8 minutes, and finish getting ready for the trip in the morning while Daddy plays with Little C.  I plan to laugh at the things that can, and will, go wrong on the journey, and enjoy the things that go right.  This is a big trip for the two of us, and we will make it a great one.  What better place for an energetic toddler than Disneyland?!  I know that I am beyond fortunate to be able to spend the weekend in California with my kiddo, and we are going to have a great time seeing our friends and visiting the House of the Mouse.
Or at least we better.  😉

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  1. Me and the gf are headed to orlando. When u get back from ur trip to disneyland can u let me know where to find good prices on two or 3 day passes?:)

  2. ROFL I love the story. Several years ago we traveled domestically with 2 yo twins to a non-fun destination (non-fun grandmas) and has sooo much worry. It all worked out OK though. Everyone thought they were sooo cute with their little roll around penguin suitcases, and they were 😀

  3. Wow! I can’t wait to hear how everything goes. We’re planning to take our two-year old Mickey fanatic to Disneyland in about a month. However, I don’t think I’d dare send my wife and daughter alone. You are very courageous! Good luck!

  4. I am sure you will have a wonderful time! Have your friend buy the SoCal resident only tickets – $99 for two days – one park a day – see detail here – I just copied and pasted the info. You should be able to buy them at a grocery store chain. Also check out mousesavers[dot]com for other relevant deals. All the best!

    Southern California Residents Can Go Wild for 2 Days for $99!

    Enjoy the magic of 2 days at Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure Park — or one day at each park — at a spectacular rate!
    Pick Your Park!
    Southern California residents can purchase a 2-Day 1-Park per Day Disneyland Resort ticket for just $99 and pick one park to visit each day. Enjoy the flexibility of visiting on 2 different days between now and June 9, 2012. These tickets can be purchased only until June 1, 2012.
    Add a Day and See All That Is New
    With both all-new and classic attractions and entertainment, it can take several days to see everything at the Disneyland Resort. Now, for just $30 more, you can add a day when you upgrade to a 3-Day 1-Park per Day ticket. 1-Park per Day tickets can be upgraded to Park Hopper tickets for just $15 more.
    This offer is only available for a limited time!

  5. Fun I guess, but this post is hardly worthy of your usual, much higher standards. Once in a while, we all need a day off or some down time. Rather than using space fillers such as this, yo might consider offering the soace to a guest blogger. Best wishes.
    P.S. Disneyland is cool for some (from ~4.5 to 95), but I question the value for a 2-YO. Is this kid time – or Mommy Time? Mommy TIme is just fine, but please own it, rather than blaming it on your kid. Hope yo uhave a great weekend, whatever the excuse. Frankly, I’d rather go fishing with Mr. Points .

  6. It’s all a sign telling you Disney is an evil corporation of which you should steer clear!

    My wife teaches high school French and can’t stand all the teenagers who want to watch Disney movies (with French audio). Don’t let your little one be brainwashed by Disney. Moderation is best. 🙂

  7. Good luck. I was laughing b/c I am the Dad staying home and lounging (usually for longer periods).

    You will have fun (albeit tired fun) w her and your friend.

    I think we are taking our 3 yr to Disney World this summer.

  8. LOL, I particularly loved the idea of counting puppies and cats in SkyMall, because it is so true. I’ll have to remember that one in a couple months with our two.

  9. I hate comments like the one “Cook” made! Especially that you are “waisting” space! As a mom I love your information! I follow you on Twitter and Facebook. And yes I am a “mom” who does all this stuff for free travel for my family. Of course you are doing this for yourself not your little girl! You are enjoying the wonders of Motherhood! And you will show your daughter pictures of this trip and talk about it for years to come! Have an AWESOME time!

  10. Glad to hear some of you all can relate (or at least laugh). 😉 We are getting ready now, so apologies for not being able to answer each comment individually, but I will hit a couple of quick points.
    -Thanks for the SoCal ticket into – her husband is active duty military, so they were able to pick up three day park hoppers for $99, a heck of a deal for anyone who is active duty (or traveling with someone who is).
    -The trip is for both of us. While she likely won’t remember this when she is 75, it is setting the stage that travel is a part of life for us. She also will have an amazing time while she is there, and will taik about it for a long time to go. She still talks about the trip to Colorado we took a few months ago. Of course, I want to see my friend and the look on C’s face when she sees lots of Disney excitement as well.
    -Disney VIP guides are real and from what I have heard, they are amazing. However, they are very pricey (for most budgets). I will do another post with some more info after our trip. Wish I could give you a personal review of their services, but that will have to wait until after the lottery winnings of bank robbery monies come in!
    -I agree this isn’t the regular sort of post that I make about earning and redeeming points, but I think for parents it is still important. As a mom of a young kid, I think I would be doing a disservice to make it seem like family travel is always a piece of cake. I don’t want moms and dads to feel like they are doing something wrong if they have similar thoughts on the eve of a trip. These thoughts are normal, and it doesn’t mean cancel your trip. It means get some sleep, take a deep breath, and carry on. 😉 Apologies to those who didn’t find it useful though – it was a different than some, but this is also a different miles and points site than some.
    -I agree about everything in moderation, but I have no problem with some Disney in my child’s life. I also have no problem with some chocolate milk, some drawing, some time on the swing set, some time in the pool, some time in the mountains, etc. She’s so far had some pretty well rounded experiences, and I have happy to have Disney be a part of those experiences (even if Disney isn’t perfect either).
    -Thanks to all those for the well wishes. I barely have a voice to talk today, so C and I may be playing “the whisper game” on the plane. California, here we come!

  11. I’m a WDW VIP Guide. The parks in Florida have been so busy and all my guest have told me that it’s completely worth the (big) expense to have a seamless experience.

    I’ve followed your blog for a while and I believe you will have a great time. You are an expert when it comes to planning and making the most of your time! Have a magical* time!

  12. love it! what a funny post! i promise you , as a mother of teen boys , you are strong and you will survive!!! when little C naps, you rest too!!! enjoy and remember its about making memories that last a life time!

  13. If you have time, stop by a CVS and buy Sambucol. It is a syrup made of all natural elderberry. Very useful at the first signs of cold, flu, or allergy. Hope you feel better soon!

  14. @Cook Hey, guy, this blog is called Mommy Points after all. If you just want hard core travel hacking info, there are plenty of other blogs out there doing that daily. You cold try Loyalty Traveler or Frugal Travel Guy, for instance.
    I don’t have any kids, but I found this post both funny and too close to home. I have been known to have similar feelings just before leaving for a few weeks in Europe, with just myself and my wife to worry about.
    @ArizonaGuy Really, evil? Come on, North Korea starving two million of its citizens to death is evil. Iran stoning gays and young women to death is evil. Disney is a business, like any other, composed of human beings trying to do their best while making a profit. If you find that evil, I suggest you seek out blogs on travel to Cuba.
    The fact that your wife is a teacher who can’t stand her students tells us a lot. I had teachers like that, and I feel really sorry for her students. She should find some other job that she enjoys.
    24/7 immersion in Disney would be out of balance. But to take a youngster to the Magical Kingdom for 3 days is an awesome gift from mommy to daughter. Little C will be wide-eyed and amazed at the experience, and totally oblivious to whatever shortcomings you see in the Disney Corporation. Let a two year old be a two year old. There will be plenty of time for bitter OWS style denounciations of the evils of Capitalism when she gets to college. Hopefully this trip will be a first innoculation against that, though….

  15. I can so relate to this post! Travel is my passion, but occasionally I bite off more than I can chew. I just booked a week in Orlando with my sister-in-law and our 3 kids. The husbands are staying home since they can’t get off work, but I think it’s going to be more of a vacation for the men than for us! Glad to hear your first day at DL went smoothly.

  16. @Arizonaguy

    Yes, the Disney of our youth seems such an ancient memory…I am pretty sure the beginning of it’s demise all began with the movie “The Black Hole”…

  17. @James And this is related to Little C enjoying The Winnie the Pooh ride..um, in what way?

    By the way, Santa isn’t real either. Deal with it…..

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