Chase Priority Club Select Visa: Free Platinum Status

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This morning I got an email from a reader (thank you!) letting me know that she just received an email regarding her Chase Priority Club Visa.  The email stated that she would now have Platinum (top tier) status with Priority Club as long as she remained a cardholder.  I have not yet checked with Chase directly about this, but according to this Flyertalk thread, it may not apply to all cardholder accounts, though that does seem somewhat odd, so perhaps it is just rolling out in phases.

Normally, Platinum status requires 50+ nights per year or 60,000 points earned in a year.  Of course, those who spend time on message boards such as Flyertalk or Milepoint likely know faster ways to get 60,000 points than just through regular stays. Regardless, getting the status granted as a perk of a credit card is interesting.  There is already some talk that this further devalues Platinum status with Priority Club.  I suppose that is true, but Platinum with Priority Club isn’t that amazing to begin with, so the benefits that seem most valuable to me personally would not be devalued by having additional travelers with that status. Here is a chart that lists the various perks that come along with the different levels in the Priority Club elite program.

Unlike with many other hotel chains, top tier with Priority Club does not provide guaranteed free breakfast (though some properties do provide that even though it isn’t required).  It also does not have any guaranteed suite nights like you would find with Hyatt or Starwood.  However, the chance at an upgraded room and 50% bonus points on base earnings never hurt anyone.

Given that this card comes with a 60K – 80K sign-up bonus, now comes with ongoing Platinum status for at least many accounts, awards a free night certificate annually (to be used anywhere except all inclusive properties), gives a 10% rebate on points redeemed, has no foreign transaction fee, and only carries a $49 annual fee, it is certainly worth considering.  With so many great Chase offers, I will be sitting out on this one for a while, but it is still a pretty good deal for many.  In theory 80,000 points would give you 16 free nights on PointBreaks nights, at 5,000 points each (and a new PointBreaks list should be coming out in the very near future).  Of course, not everyone’s travel plans will line up with PointBreak deals, but it is a great deal when they do, and can be a great way to really maximize the sign-up bonus that comes with this card.

If you have the Chase Priority Club credit card, did you receive an email informing you of your new (or continued) Platinum status?  Will this influence your decision to keep the card past the first year?

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  1. The free night good anywhere there is points availability is easily worth the $49 annual fee. I’ll use mine in NYC where I get an easy $200+ value from it. The platinum status is just icing on the cake.

  2. Yep, I got a postcard in the mail last week confirming the Platinum status, as well as an email early this morning. Cant complain….I have always had a great experience at the different Crowne Plaza’s and Holiday Inn’s (Club level rooms at the least, suite upgrades in some cases though not as often as I would like) and even upgrades at the Venetian.

  3. Got the postcard and e-mail. Funny thing is that it will probably reduce the amount I spend on the card just to meet 60k points per year (although I will probably meet that with points from promotions this year).

  4. I just applied and received the card. When I called in to activate I had them confirm I was receiving the 80K sign up offer I found on Flyertalk. Then I asked them about “Platinum” status with the card. After a bit of a hold and some research the Chase rep said that effective 3/15 the card now comes with Platinum…

  5. I got a post card and an email this morning that i would be Platinum as long as i have the card. With the annual free night benefit and the Platinum status i think i will never cancel this card if the annual fee remains at $49 a year. I have always been treated very nice at their hotels and regularly upgraded to a better room on account of the Platinum status.

  6. I got the postcard last week (signed up for the card last fall, and got instant Plat with the 80k points), and called to verify it. The cardmember services agent I talked to said I would keep Plat status as long as I had the card. I don’t stay at IHG properties that often, since many of their properties don’t offer a government rate that matches my per diem, but for $49 it is worth keeping for use a few times a year.

  7. My wife and I just each signed up for this card in our January churn. No email for us, but we just received the postcard last night from Chase. Not eventful for us, since the bonus points of 80k we each received already put us into the Platinum bucket. Going forward, we plan to keep the card, not because of the new Platinum benefit, but for the annual night offer. Compared to the top elite programs at Hyatt and SPG, IHG’s is really not exciting, but this could be used to do a match or challenge with your preferred hotel chain.

    I am hoping that there will be no restriction on the annual free night, as there is plenty of redemption opportunity in the expensive Intercontinental category. Back in late 2010, we each did the “2 stays, 1 free night” offer at a cheap Holiday Inn Express, and secured two free nights at the Intercontinental Rome (normally $450+/night, located at the top of the Spanish steps) for our Feb2011 first-time 10-day visit to Italy. It was totally worth the trouble.

  8. I don’t have a Chase PC card. What’s the website where I can apply for one and get 80,000 bonus points?

    • @worldtraveler2018, i linked to the Flyertalk thread that has the link to the 80K application in the post. Hope that helps!

  9. I got the postcard but no email yet.

    Absolutely I’ll be keeping it past the first year! $49 for a free night at high end Intercontinental is more than enough, and this lifetime Platinum membership is just icing on the cake! I’ve been Platinum (and pay for Ambassador as well) for 2 years now and I definitely agree it helps to get better rooms at most properties and the welcome gift is appreciated. I agree that it’s not the same as other top end hotel elite statuses, but you also don’t get those so easily.

  10. Yup, received it in the email last night. $49 is not bad if you are getting one free night annually. IHG has a great presence in Asia and Australia. Gotten quite a few upgrades while staying with them there.
    Also with the hotel rates being pricy, using the cash + points helps keep the cost down.

  11. @mommypoints, the 80k link you have directs us to a February 2010 post that has the application link….were are currently in March 2012 …just saying…

    • @garipi, that is the “risk” with links like that (though I think the post I linked to was from late 2011, but as long as it was reported to still work, I would have linked to a post from any year). That is why I linked to the whole multi-page thread on Flyertalk instead of straight to the application. It clearly isn’t one of my links, but there are multiple reports of success in that thread (including Jimmy’s from a couple months ago), so read through and decide if it is worth it for you to go for or not. I am not aware of a more reliable link for that deal to link to. If you want to be 100%, you can always either go for the 60k offer or just sit tight and perhaps you will be targeted.

  12. @garipi, I looked at mommypoints’ link again – it says November 2011… That was the link I used to apply for our cards in January 2012, I believe, and we both got the 80K pts. If you are already a Priority Club member, sometimes, you will receive targeted 80K pts offer in your emails, too.

  13. I just got the card this month so the 80K bonus points haven’t credited yet. Apparently the 60K points needed for plat can be earned any way, so your sign up bonus points automatically qualify you for platinum the first year for sure. I read that on FT somewhere. But if the status carries on as it sounds like that is nice. But it doesn’t sound like it’s worth all that much. I expect that once the first month statement closes I will get the points and 1 night cert.

    Will probably apply for the Hyatt card in a couple of months.

  14. I got the postcard. I am definitely keeping the card, the Platinum benefit is icing on the cake. I just spent the sign up bonus on two nights at The Palazzo Las Vegas, where I received a minor upgrade due to Platinum status.

  15. I had this card several years ago. If I go for it again, would I get the signing bonus? Tried that once with the BA 100k bonus but Chase did not want to have any of that! Any prior experiences from the trenches?

    • @gpapadop, Chase does not really give out bonuses much for the second time you get the card. Perhaps after many years it may work, but they are pretty stingy about that.

  16. Has anyone tried the link above for the 80k? If so , does it work? If not, does anyone have any working link?

    Thanks in advance

  17. I am thinking this card is a scam. Got the card, spent the required amount but NO benefits! I called Chase who said call IHG. IHG then says call Chase. Seems like a scam in the making. This may end up with the Better Business Bureau and/or small claims. Not sure these offers are worth the hassle No more chasing around CHASE credit car offers for me. I will say I have obtained Citi cards and they are no hassle.

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