Great US Airways Off-Peak Availability for 2013 Now Showing on Some Routes

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I have been checking the US Airways site almost daily for a month or so now as they release 2013 off-peak award availability.  I was a huge fan of the US Airways Grand Slam last fall, and collected enough miles for my husband and I to go to Europe in their Envoy Suites next year.  There has not been much availability……until today. 

Admittedly, I have been too sick and too busy to check availability the last couple of days, but when I saw a comment on The Frugal Travel Guy’s website today that the availability looked great today, I scrambled over to check, and it was true.  I have two off-peak Envoy suite tickets on hold while I make sure that the dates will work out in terms of hotels, babysitters, etc.  I’m so freaking excited.  More to come tonight, but check out the availability if you have some US Airways miles that are burning a hole in pocket. 

In case you aren’t familiar with the US Airways chart, in this case Blue = off-peak saver availability in the Envoy suites.  That is 30,000 miles each way (or 55,000 round trip if you have the US Airways Mastercard).  I found London Gatwick and Charles de Gaulle to have exceptional availability on the routes I was checking.  Other cities may also have good availability, but I haven’t had a chance to check them all yet.   

Let me know what you are seeing!

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  1. Mommypoints, this is too funny! Looks like we were in the same boat! I started checking as soon as the schedule opened up for post January 15, 2013 dates. I was originally going to do an open-jaw (into London and out of Paris), but this past Saturday, when I saw the space opening up for CDG, I did not want to risk losing the space (did not see any space for LHR or LGW on that day). So, I booked two Envoy seats for travel around President’s Day weekend for CDG only. Make sure you check out the equipment detail, as the flight from CLT to LGW is on a different plane (no lie-flat Envoy suites). Try to look for planes A330-200 (even the A330-300 has a different configuration). That being said, most of their planes will probably have all been reconfigured by February 2013! I am so excited, too! It will be our first trip to Paris, in celebration of our 10-th anniversary!

  2. We’re finally working on you… getting you to fly in international business class… we’ll have you in a Cathay Pacific first class seat, yet!

  3. @Jimmy, that is funny. Congrats on getting a flight that will work for you two for your anniversary – that is great! Since US Airways says summer 2012 is when all of the A330 fleet while be update with the lie-flat Envoy suites, I’m not too worried, but thanks for that reminder. (you never know for sure if it will get done on time!)

    @Gary, ha ha. I’m certainly not opposed to international biz or first class, it just doesn’t always fit into my daily life these days. 😉 We’re getting there though. The next big trip I am eyeing is Australia and New Zealand, and for that we will NOT be sitting in economy (and we will be bringing the kiddo who will be 3-4 at the time). There’s a big world out there, and some nice seats to sit in to get there, at least when the poitns balances can support it. 😉

  4. I just flew them a few months back. The seat was nice but i felt like i was flying coach when it came to alcohol and the manner in which flight attendants interact with passengers. The amenity kit is the worse of all airlines I have flown.

  5. @mommypoints, I checked with Lucky about best seats for a couple, after researching on Seatguru and FT. First rows are favored by Seatguru, but Lucky prefers anything but bulkhead (due to proximity to gallery and lavatory). A relatively old FT thread ranks the seating for a couple in the following order – (1) two seats across an aisle; (2) two seats in the middle; (3) two window seats. Let me know once you decide what will be the best for two people.
    @Gary, do you mind sharing with us what you think the best seats for a couple are on the US A330-200? Thanks in advance!

  6. mommypoints what flights and routes are you looking at for your AUS/NZ trip? I am planning one sometime next year.

  7. Can Off Peak awards be used on partners? Basically, can I use united to get to Europe, or does it have to be on US metal?

  8. Glad my post on FTG caught your eye – hope you snag a great trip! We’ll be in Paris over Valentine’s Day/President’s Day weekend and can’t believe one (aggressively played) grand slam was enough to get us two business class seats to Paris w/ relatively low taxes. My fiancé now fully comprehends my ridiculous 20 minute Hertz Car rentals. 🙂

  9. Very interesting. I see flights DCA-MUC…taxes ex MUC are crazy high compared to the leg out of DC. That 5K mile discount for having their credit card is a nice little perk.

    For some reason when I search flights to Lisbon it tells me they don’t go there. Maybe it’s a seasonal destination? I think that time of year I would want to head somewhere a little more on the temperate side.

  10. Dear Mommypoints,

    Are you searching for these awards on US Airways’ website? Which website(s) are the best to search for award availability using US Airway Miles for travel to Europe or Australia?

  11. Memphis, TN London, United Kingdom (Gatwick Airport)
    Date: Friday, February 01, 2013
    Award level: Off-Peak
    From $30 each way + 17,500 miles
    Roundtrip purchase required
    February 2013

    London, United Kingdom (Gatwick Airport) Memphis, TN
    Date: Saturday, February 09, 2013
    Award level: Off-Peak
    From $170 each way + 17,500 miles
    miles per

  12. @ikonos, I haven’t gotten far enough into the planning of that trip yet to give great advice, but I will advise you to read Lucky’s Travelsort column on the topic. We are likely either going to use US Airways miles to fly on Air New Zealand or Membership Rewards to Delta (during a transfer bonus) to use on V Australia. However, that option will come with a hefty fuel surcharge. Ultimately, availability will be the deciding factor since there will be three of us needing a ticket.

    @The Deal Mommy, you book it, that’s what you do with that! 😉

    @Matt, US metal for this type of award.

    @ScottwBernard, that post of yours was awesome! It was very unlikely I would have checked availability today otherwise. Thank you very much for sharing. Your tip wins in my book. 😉

    @RakSiam, I’d have to check their route map, I’m not sure about all of their European destinations. I do agree that the 5k discount is great!

    @Chirag, I am using US Airways website to search for this award.

    @Kevin, good job!

  13. @mommypoints We are looking at Australia and New Zealand also, but for Christmas 2013 and 2014; need to work on some CC signup bonus points since we will be 4 people with kids. Saw Lucky’s post, it is helpful but want to see some family strategies.

    • @BothofUs2, I will be building up US Airways miles in 2012 via the Grand Slam for everyone in my family with that goal in mind. I am also building up Membership Reward points as a back-up.

  14. @Tom, I haven’t tracked US Airways availability long enough to state a true pattern. Perhaps others will weigh in.

  15. Mommypoints, thanks a lot for the heads-up!

    A small question – I’m planning to visit US, leaving from London – all other things being equal – would you suggest connecting in CLT or PHL in regards of how nice the airport is, how easy is transiting, how friendly is immigration, how widespread are the dreaded nude scanners? I haven’t been to any of these airports yet.

    Are stopovers allowed on this award? Open-jaws?

  16. @Alan, I haven’t flown US Airways in years, so can offer to real insight as to those two airports. I’m sure folks on the US Airways boards on Milepoint and Flyertalk could offer some opinions though. In terms of open-jaws on these, I have heard yes and no, so I can’t say for sure right this second. I can say that people have done it, but I don’t know if they have just lucked out with the agent they got or if it is actually allowed. I’ll try to find out more.

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