Ultimate Rewards 10x and 15x Earning Opportunities

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The Chase Ultimate Rewards shopping portal is pretty good about running periodic shopping point bonuses.  For example, in March they ran 10x points at Home Depot, which was great for stocking up on spring project purchases.  Now that the calendar has turned to April, there are some new earning bonuses. One of the bonuses that caught my eye, 10x at Nordstrom, is a very limited time opportunity that actually ends today (April 3rd).  I know many of us stocked up on Nordstrom purchases several weeks ago when British Airways had 36x AVios points, but in case you missed out on that promo, or are in need of some more items from Nordstrom, 10 Ultimate Reward points per dollar isn’t too shabby!

One of the other limited-time bonus point opportunities includes 10x points for Office Depot purchases, if you have the Ink Bold Business card.  If you happen to have the “new” Ink Bold that awards 5x points for purchases at office supply stores, then this is a pretty great opportunity to earn 15x points for Office Depot purchases made online.  As you may or may not have noticed, the point bonuses can vary depending on the type of Ultimate Rewards card that you have.  For example, when I log in with my Ink Bold Business card I see the 10x Office Depot bonus, but not the 10x Nordstrom, and when I log in with the Sapphire Preferred card I see the Nordstrom bonus, but not the Office Depot bonus, so pay attention and comparison shop.

As always, I do not recommend making purchases you otherwise wouldn’t make just to take advantage of bonus points, but I do recommend timing your purchases with these bonuses, when possible.  For example, if you know you have upcoming purchase for something sold at Nordstrom or Office Depot, it makes sense to go ahead and do it during the time that the bonus points are offered, rather than waiting until those offers go away.  (assuming the price is right for the item you need to purchase).

Keep an eye on the Ultimate Rewards mall at the beginning of each month as you will frequently see new point bonuses appear (and old ones go away). If you want more details about the various point bonuses that appeared and disappeared this month, then head over to the Frequent Miler as he has a pretty comprehensive list.

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  1. If I shop through the Ultimate Rewards mall but pay with a gift certificate or Nordstrom card, will I still get the points? Or do I have to use my Chase card to get points?

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