Anyone Else Worried About All the Chase Links Right Now?

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In the last few days we have had access to a 60,000 point Chase Ink Bold offer (normal is 50K), a 30,000 point Chase Freedom offer, and now via Million Mile Secrets, a 35,000 Chase Freedom offer (normal is 20K).  It seems that links that aren’t totally meant for wide public use are being discovered and shared with the community at large.  Once Chase catches wind of it, the links seem to being shut down pretty quicklyk.  Those are all great offers, and I am very excited to see people getting in on some great point sign-up bonuses (and I am kicking myself a bit for not being quicker to the trigger on the Ink Bold deal), but am I the only one a little worried?

I’m worried because it feels a bit like the feeding frenzy from Amex last summer when all of the sudden their were bonus codes everywhere, and everyone was being bumped to a better sign-up offer.  It was super exciting and super rewarding for many folks, but then the Amex “Iron Curtain” fell and no one was getting bumped for any reason any more.  Not only that, but it seems that Amex customer service reps lost the ability to fix some problems with points posting that they were able to easily do before the bump the bonus madness.  I know I have had some challenging interactions with Amex since that happened even when I was rightly due points, whereas I had not experienced those sort of problems before the clamp down on “bonus bumping”.

So, I am just a bit worried about Chase.  By many in the points community, myself included, Chase is thought of currently to be much easier to work with to resolve issues regarding missing points that other banks, and they are certainly better about matching any higher sign-up bonuses that may appear if you applied for your account in the last 90 days.  I just don’t want to see that go away because they are being inundated with people asking to be matched to better offers all at once.  I would hate to see them go the way that Amex did and become more difficult to work with on issues surrounding points as a result.  That said, I’m certainly not saying people shouldn’t ask to be matched to the better offers as they appear, it’s more just a concern I was thinking about, and I was wondering if anyone else had the same thoughts.

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  1. It makes sense to me now. AMEX CSRs have not been able to help me at all recently(its frustrating). In the past, AMEX has been great to work with until my recent problem. Short story is that I applied for my second AMEX card (SPG AMEX). When I signed up, it was for 15,000 bonus points after $5,000 spend. They have in their system I need to spend $15,000. So what their website said and what was coded in the application were different. All the CSRs can do is submit my information for an investigation. It’s been two weeks now and still no word. If this was Chase, they would have fixed it immediately….or even if I actually did sign up for the $15,000 spend, they’d allow to change me over to the $5,000 spend.

  2. Very insightful, young lady!

    An acquaintance just told me they cut a deal for 5,000 points telling them which blog they read detailing the 60k Ink Bold offer (not yours of course). No honor among offer matchers!

  3. i agree, mommy points. i was in the swell of the bump-the-bonus amex wave last summer. i received the bonus, but my husband did not. he was probably a day or two late, in asking/demanding/begging for the bonus…”iron curtain??” haha! that’s the perfect metaphor!
    amex customer service since then has been poor, i agree. (and all indian?!)
    i guess what i learned from that experience, is not to wait to ask for the bonus match. first thing this morning, i sent a secure message to chase and within a few hours, i had the matching 10k bonus points. ( i had only had my ink bold for 2 months..had JUST met the $5000 spend…it was perfect timing!)
    tomorrow the match may be gone.

  4. Wait a second…. YOU are worried about the masses getting in and killing a deal? I have a solution to the problem. Stop blogging.

    Oh right, if you stop blogging, you stop getting triple-digit referral fees for these cards. Right.

    Carry on.

  5. Well, I do realize the irony in a blogger being concerned about this sort of thing, but I don’t blog about some things that I either find to be over the (arbitrary) line, or that I think will do more harm than good if blogged about. These links are really on that line. I think if a few people use them, they will last for quite a well and not hurt anyone, but if done in mass, I am worried about the result. I think I was too new and too naive to have the same concerns when the Amex codes came out last summer, but I have thought back since then and wondered what role bloggers (myself very much included) played in that situation.

    Of course, at my heart I am an information sharer, but it is still an interesting situation. As to the referral fees, I don’t get referral fees off of these sort of links, so that really doesn’t play into it at all. I share the best links whether they get me a commission or not, but I really hope we don’t see the day where Chase customer service downgrades into what Amex’s has become as a result of some sort of “crack down”.

  6. I guess my points of view is if chase didn’t want the links to be shared they wouldn’t put them avail on the internet so that someone could “find” far as the bump the bonus..its their policy..again if they were consistent throughout and only posted one offer then they wouldn’t have this prob…

  7. MP, it is apparent to anyone that reads your (and Darius’) blog that you’re not in it for the money. But the old advertising adage that eyeballs drive clicks which drive revenues remains true. Its not enough to avoid a conflict of interest, you need to also avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest. If you do that, you will actually increase revenue because your readers will reward your integrity at application time.

  8. Not in it for the money? Please.

    Then why bother with the affiliate links? I’m guessing it’s way more hassle to keep up with them rather than just proving a straight link.


  9. > MP, it is apparent to anyone that reads your (and Darius’) blog that you’re not in it for the money.

    Please explain.

  10. People, I didn’t read Mommy Points being against people getting bonus points, just the concern that CSRs could get overwhelmed and go down the same path that AmEx CSRs…

  11. Thank you for sharing the link, MP. I was kicking myself yesterday when you’d posted that the 30,000 point link had been taken down and resolved to move more quickly next time…which was much sooner than I had expected!

    I actually would like to better be able to support bloggers who provide free content that I find valuable, so hopefully next time I can use a link for an offer that MP would get credit for. I haven’t been following this blog for that long but I continue to subscribe to it because I think the content is excellent. If I didn’t, I suppose I could hang around and write anonymous and snide comments…but I generally think that just putting my attention towards something else instead is more productive.

    Also, I think it’s interesting to discuss and think about it just from a business strategy perspective how Chase might handle the proliferation of targeted offers when links can be shared widely as opposed to how AMEX handled it. I would hope that if they’re smart, they won’t clamp down hard and arbitrarily the way it sounds like AMEX did, but instead either reduce the targeted offers they send out and/or figure out a better way to send those targeted offers in a way that can’t be shared with just a link that’s posted anywhere. Personally I subscribe to the idea that information wants to be free.

  12. Well, perhaps this is something that was better as an “inner monologue” than a post, but nonetheless….. 😉 I have to admit I don’t 100% see the connection between this concern and affiliate links since these links aren’t at all commissionable, but I do know that affiliate links are a hot button issue right now for some. I will say that I do have affiliate links on the site (which is disclosed every time I write a post that includes one), but I would never knowingly promote one of my own links when a better offer is available.

    I do volunteer work in the “real world”, but could not possibly devote this much time and energy to something that was not giving something to my family in return. It would not be fair to them. More power to those who can regularly blog and share miles and points info by just donating their time, but with a kiddo, I don’t have that luxury. So, in my case affiliate links enable me to devote time to sharing info about miles and points while not costing those who read the site anything.

    I appreciate everyone who reads rather they ever use my links or not, but I do not think affiliate links are the enemy. I also don’t think that just because a blogger uses links that means they are just “in it for the money” and/or are just looking to pull a fast one in order to get more applications. If anyone thinks that they are reading a blog that is doing that, I would quickly go find a different one to read.

    I also do not think that these unofficial links are the “enemy” – my heart gets racing for new great deals at least as much as the next person. I love hearing about everyone getting in on these deals and/or bumping their previous offers to these higher ones, I just don’t want to see repeat of what happened at Amex.

    • @Joe, ha ha. Well, that isn’t quite what I was trying to articulate. As I said, I do receive some income for this site, but that is not why I started or continue writing about miles and points. I love miles and points and what they do for our family, and love to share that info with others. However, I could not continue to devote this much time and energy to the site if my family did not receive something in return. That does not mean “in it for the money” to me, but I guess we all interpret things differently. Regardless, thanks for reading.

  13. …and this is what we call trolling 🙂

    The whole point of people publishing, ultimately, is to deliver eyeballs. so yes there’s going to be money involved. even if she wasn’t getting referral links, i’m sure being widely read and know benefits one in many ways, beyond referrals and ads.

    So way to point out the obvious, everyone’s in for the money if it’s there. And if you don’t like the content, remember that no one made you read this.

  14. I’m pretty new to the air mile game. I got my first Amex Delta card this winter after having a costco card for a while and was shocked that they wouldn’t honor a 45k offer that was still open when I had applied through a 30k link the day before. The stodgy customer service was so unlike any of the AmEx interactions I’d had prior I was a bit taken aback. This post helps me understand now why I rebuffed in such a way, even as a valued customer. I certainly wasn’t in any stretch of the imagination someone who had been gaming the system, but I got lousy customer service that left a bad taste in my mouth for AmEx because of it.
    I guess it all comes back to basic game theory, but I lost a lot of respect for AmEx, especially considering how generous I’ve read Chase is in matching offers.

  15. I would put the blame on Chase. If they didn’t put out different offers with out referral codes there wouldn’t be a problem! We did not put out the offers, Chase did. Blame Chase, don’t shoot the messanger for finding them.

    • @Jim, I don’t think there is blame placed on anyone – certainly not on those finding the lucrative links! Heck, Chase is being phenomenal about matching and honoring those links right now, too. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

  16. My hubby was able to get the 10,000 points match (I call, hand him the phone, walk him through it, ha ha). The points posted immediately. Very cool! Secure message wasn’t working for my ink, they didn’t respond after a full day so I called today. Nice rep, says sure I will give them to you. They will be there when your next statement closes. 5000 points post within 10 minutes. Does that mean that she messed up and only gave me half of it or I get half now and half when my statement closes? I really shouldn’t watch these things so close! Ugh! Crazy about my miles and points. 🙂

  17. Aren’t we all really in it for the money? I know I dont read all these point blogs purely for fun 🙂

    And yes MP, I am starting to get a little concerned about Chase’s next move following the recent high levels of exposure garnered by links that weren’t meant for widespread consumption. We shall see. As always this hobby (which I do for the money) is interesting…..

  18. If I apply a card through MP or any other blogs links and get better bonus than the official sites, I will say thank you to the blogger. If the blogger gets commission, I will be happy for him or her.
    The blogger has no power to decide the bonus amount, Chase does.

  19. I’m so sick of you bozos complaining about the affiliate links. What MP and all the other bloggers do is no different than TV, magazines and pretty much any other form of advertising. She spends her valuable time sharing wonderful information in a simple format for folks like you and I to take advantage of, FOR FREE!!!!!! As a matter of fact I try to use affiliate links from MP and the points guy as much as possible to repay them for all they have taught me in this miles game….GROW UP

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