Chase Pulled the Ink 60K and Freedom 30K Links Quickly

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Two days ago I posted that there was again a Chase Freedom 30,000 point link available, and last night I posted that there was a 60,000 point Chase Ink Bold link available.  In the post last night I also warned that it may disappear as quickly as the Freedom link did….and indeed that is what has happened (before I could even apply for it!).  I think we may be seeing a new trend here with Chase and these semi-unauthorized links.  The moral of this story is if you see an offer you want, especially if it is one of those unofficial links, then don’t wait as it may be gone within a matter of hours.

The same is true for getting matched to a higher offer.  It seems those who requested to be matched to the Ink Bold 60,000 point application very quickly last night were approved, while those who asked later today were denied.

I’m going to assume it was for the best in my case as I really am a month away from my next planned application, so applying today would have been jumping the gun a little – though 60K Ultimate Reward points would have been nice!  However, the standard 50k offer is still very solid.  Since these type of things are becoming more and more short-lived, feel free to follow me on Twitter (@Mommy_Points) to be kept in the loop as quickly as possible.  Hopefully we aren’t far away from the next great deal!

Were you able to get in on those deals in time?

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  1. I just received the Ink Bold 2 weeks ago, sent a secure message last night after reading your blog and was denied:

    “Thank you for your interest in the Chase Sapphire bonus
    points offer.

    The 60,000 bonus points offer was made through a small
    direct mail test and is non-transferable. The Offer Code
    and Invitation Number included in the mailing can only be
    applied to the recipient?s account. If you are not listed
    as the addressee of the mailing, we will be unable to
    apply the offer to your account. I understand you may be
    disappointed and I am sincerely sorry for any confusion.
    Please know that we will consider reviewing the terms of
    other offers you receive in the future.”

  2. I applied for the card, using my SSN as my business ID. I didn’t get the instant approval, so I wonder if I’m still eligible for the 60k, or if they’ll bump me down to 50k

  3. MP: If a limited time offer comes up and you are in the middle of waiting for your churn date to come up, do you recommend moving it up and applying for other cards on the same day as well?

  4. Yeah I sent a sm didnit get matched. I did ask for the difference if I met s min spend. I did receive the card in Jan… fingers are crossed

  5. There’s a 35K Freedom link up. I had used a 25K link yesterday. Phoned csr and got bumped up to 35K.

    Personal will often bump.

    Biz rarely does.

  6. I sent a SMessage and tried to get an extra 10000 for my husbands Ink Bold (only 45 days old). He was denied. He called and got it instantly in his account.

  7. @Laura, sorry to hear the bump didn’t work for you. Seems pretty hit or miss who it worked for this time depending on the agent.

    @Curtis, it would be nice, but looks like we are seeing a new trend with Chase.

    @shuin, congrats!

    @JP, typically whatever offer you applied under is honored if/when you get approved.

    @Maury, tough question. If you are a true churner who does many apps every 90 days or so then moving your churn is generally not advised, but if you are a smaller time churner 1-2 every few months, it might be easier to move. I’m not sure there is one correct answer on this, but banks do seem to care about the newer inquiries the most, so you don’t want to risk too much just to get in on one deal.

    @HikerT, I had several comments and emails from folks who got in on it via SM last night (on this post and the original one from last night), so it was possible depending on who answered your SM. Certainly wasn’t an across the board match.

    @aznprzn, sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you!

    @tassojunior, good job on getting the Freedom bump!

    @Kathy, glad you stuck with it and he got his points!

  8. I applied at 9am for the new Ink Bold. I had the “old” card from Sept and already got 50K. I got the pending decision and called. They approved me under the 60K application without even having to close my current Bold. We will see what happens.

  9. Sent a SM yesterday and was told once we met the spend on they would bump it 10k. Each of us got the same response (2 Ink bold cards).

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