My AA Mileage Run Ended Up On United

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Are the “Airline Gods” trying to tell me something?  My AA mileage run has turned into a direct flight home on United… hometown airline.  I think it might be a sign.  Due to the tornadoes and storms in DFW last night, all Hell has broken loose on the AA network, especially with flights going through Dallas.  I was not surprised in the least when I was automatically re-booked on an AA flight going SFO-LAX-IAH instead of SFO-DFW-IAH, but I was not thrilled at the prospect of a 1:05AM landing, since I do want to see my kiddo today.  The awesome AA Twitter folks were trying to help me since the hold times on the phone were insane.

In the meantime, I headed to the airport and was re-booked on a direct United flight SFO-IAH that will get me in before 3PM.  I can still pick my kid up from daycare!  I have no clue what my chances are of original routing credit to get the DEQM bonus for flying DFW-SFO-DFW since the airline moved me to another airline, and another route.  I will certainly try to get the original credit, especially since that was one of the main points of the trip.  However, the important part is that I get home safely.  I know full well that mileage runs aren’t really meant for families, but this just highlights that.  I can’t say I will never do it again, but I certainly will not be a regular mileage runner anytime soon.  It’s just not worth it in most cases.

San Francisco was great though, and I can’t wait to get back here (and share some details of the Grand Hyatt San Francisco!).  Thanks AA for helping get me home today – even if it was on a United flight.

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  1. Unfortunately you probably will not be able to get your AA credit, especially since it was due to weather. I’ve had that issue before due to mechanical errors and was needing the flight to earn executive platinum. They absolutely would not do it. Granted that was 5 years ago, so you never know. Goodluck!

  2. yea…you might want to talk to them and ask for ORC, to make sure you get the double miles as well. if u can get into an AA Admirals Club, the agents in there tend to be more helpful than other AA employees you might run across.

  3. In my experience the two words “Involuntary re-route” usually do the trick when requesting original mileage credit.

  4. I had the same situation coming back to Kansas City from Pensacola and connecting through Dallas. They ended up booking me on United as well and I called this morning to see if I could get ORC on AA, but they said no since it was a weather related event.

  5. You are DEFINITELY entitled to ORC credit. If you don’t at first succeed, keep trying. You were on OWMD, right? So you should have high-up contacts that can get this done for you if the lower agents don’t do what they’re supposed to. If you’re still having trouble getting it, drop me an email and I have friends that can help.

  6. and ORC is very important if you want the DEQM, because I think you’re required to have flown the same route roundtrip for this promotion (though I will say in my January MR exploits, I got some DEQM credit on some of my routings that didn’t meet this requirement)

  7. @AJ, that’s the plan. Hopefully it will work out easily.

    @Deals, isn’t it funny how some say it is super easy and some say it probably can’t be done? That is why I am never confident that easy things will happen for sure, since it all seems to depend on who you talk to. Hopefully this one will work out.

    @Frequent Flyer Collector, thanks for all the info. I certainly do plan to ask for the ORC and associated bonus miles. Let’s hope it works without any major hassle.

    @Nick, that is an important key word. 😉

    @phiflyers, that stinks! I’ll keep you posted on if I find a way.

    @HansGolden, I was on OWMD, but I didn’t really spend my time with the “higher ups”. 😉 That said, thanks for the offer. Always helps to have friends!

  8. If you do get the ORC, you could most likely also get credit on UA….It’s up to you how you feel about doing something like that.

    • @applezz13, that is possible. I certainly wouldn’t try to scam anyone and earn miles on both on purpose, but I do very much want the AA miles due to all the bonuses tied to them, so I will be doing everything I can to get those miles. I guess whatever happens with UA, happens. 😉

    • Jamison, did you have a comment on this post? I can’t find one anywhere, but I did see a comment on this post. Maybe that was it? It isn’t #1, but sometimes comments come in earlier, but require approval if they haven’t posted again, and once approved can be earlier in the order. Let me know if it was a different comment that was lost so I can check into it. Thanks!

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