Week 3 of Daily Getaways Brings Back the Amazing Wyndham Points Deal!

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While Weeks 1 and 2 of the Daily Getaways don’t include any “show stopper” deals, Week 3 of Daily Getaways sees the return of the awesome Wyndham points deal.  Last year I was able to buy two of the 32,000 point packages and made great use of both of them for stays for my parents at hotels that would have cost them many times what I paid for the points.  However, given how inexpensively one can obtain these points, the transfer rate of 2.5 Wyndham points to 1 airline mile with several airlines (Delta, US Airways, American, United, and more) is also not too shabby at all.

  • 16,000 Wyndham points for $55
  • 28,000 Wyndham points for $76
  • 32,000 Wyndham points for $110
  • 50,000 Wyndham points for $143
  • 48,000 Wyndham points for $165

That means that the price per point ranges from .27 – .34 cents per point, and that is without the 10% Amex discount.  With it, you are paying even less!  Paying about 1/3 per cent for a point is pretty stellar.  Say that you purchase 50,000 points at .2574 cents each with the 10% Amex discount.  If you wanted to convert to United miles, you would get 1 United mile for every 2.5 Wyndham points.  That means you would have 20,000 United miles for $128.  Amazing.  That is about .64 cents each.  Crazy.  (Though this was super quick math, so let me know if I have jumbled it up somewhere!)

I have already posted about the Week 1 deals and will be posting a full review of the Week 2 and Week 3 deals within the next couple days, but mark April 23rd on your calendar if you want to get in on this deal.  It will go extremely quickly.

Did you get in on the Wyndham points deal last year? What did you do with your points?

Hat tip to Travel by Points for Tweeting me about the Week 3 deals!

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  1. […] Mommy Points has been doing a great job explaining the details of each day of the Daily Getaways promotion that is going on right now. You will have to follow her for every day’s postings, but I wanted to link to what many believe to be the best deal available so far this year. I didn’t participate in the Daily Getaways last year, but I already got in on the Priority Club deal this year and I am looking forward to this Wyndham deal as well. Details HERE. […]


  1. I Immediately converted my Wyndham points into 20,000 Aadvantage miles, whiched helped me achieve lifetime AA gold. Of course AA has just improved their credit card offerings to mirror most of the AA gold benefits. Hrrumph!

  2. James, congrats on getting in on it though!

    Len, I don’t have first-hand knowledge other than what the FAQ’s say. Maybe someone can weigh-in.

    Noel, it is strange, but true. The points are marked as x nights in a hotel, so they are marketing the 48K as three nights and it looks like a bigger “prize” to some, but not to us. It is still a good deal though – just not the best deal.

  3. Got 114,000 Wyndham points out of it, which I eventually converted to 45,600 UA miles. I was debating redeeming for gift cards at a 33% discount instead.

  4. I purchased a lot of these points last year. I used them for stays at Travelodge’s in Seattle (by University of WA), Lynchburg VA, and in Key West.

    By far the best value was Key West where something like 15k points equaled a room that cost $140+, in an area without a hotel room under $100…

    The year before I bought SPG points and converted those to airline points. Last year I felt a bit better about myself since I used the points for US travel as they were intended. The Wyndham points hit a usable price point to me where I could get a room for like $40-$50 a night. Obviously the Travelodge’s are very basic hotels, and some are very tiered, but they provide a bed near where I want to be.

  5. Got all of them last year (190K Wyndham), transferred them all the US (76K after conversion), got the 75% bonus US was offering to elites for a total of 133,000 miles for about $550.

  6. If you buy them all (note that you can buy quantity 2 of the 16K) with an Amex the cost $0.00286 per Wyndham or $0.00715 per airline mile absent of any transfer bonuses.

    And while I got them all (twice) last year, the quantity is extremely limited so your odds are slim. The FT thread had many people who failed to score even one block of points.

  7. Hello! I am potentially interested in the Wyndham points deal, but I would want to transfer the points to spirit airlines. I have been doing a little research to see how many more miles I need for a trip I am planning this summer that I will, in all likelihood, be flying spirit, and I can’t seem to find anything on Wyndham’s redemption portal that indicated I can transfer these points to spirit. Any insight?

  8. I will have several computers going at once – I really need points to top off our airline accounts for our summer vacation next year. Please, Please let us get a couple of packages!

  9. Can these points be used in any combination?
    Say if I get:
    1. 2 nights Wyndham resorts $143 50000 points
    2. 2 night days inn $76 28000 points

    Can this be used as 78000 points for a 4 night stay at Wingate for 64000 points (@16000 points per night). Or do we have to use these points for the said number of nights at the specified brand e.g. 2 nights at wyndham and days inn respectively?

  10. @Jimmy, thanks that’s what I concluded. It looks like they used to be, one place on Wyndham’s site says that they still are, but most of the posts I found indicating that they were partners were from 2010, so that must have changed since then.

  11. Were these hard to get? Last year was my first time and all I tried for was Hyatt points…came up empty handed!! This year I guess I will try 2 computers!

  12. It appears to me that to covert points to miles you must do this in increments of 8,000, 17,500, or 30,000 points. This implies either left over or not enough points for conversions to miles except for the more expensive per point 16,000, 32,000, or 48,000 point purchases and needing to purchase at least two 8,000 point blocks. For those, I come up with a price per mile after the Amex discount of 0.7734375 cent/mile, not accounting for the miles or points you would get from Amex for the purchase. Not bad if you are going to use these miles for international premium class travel.

    Are you certain that Wyndham has no restrictions or prohibitions on using purchased points to get airline miles? Years ago we were burned by such a mistake deal using something like Amtrak > Choice Hotels > Miles or something similar. It was abruptly shut down after they figured it out, leaving some hanging in the middle of the transaction as I remember it.

  13. @barelyelite, I remember briefly looking at the gift cards last year as well. Almost couldn’t go wrong with the points!

    @Iolaire, mine were all used for hotel stay as well. 😉

    @ArizonaGuy, you got all of them – impressive! Nice job with the 75% bonus! I agree there will be lots of folks left empty handed this year since there will be tons of interest and very few available.

    @Caroline, I didn’t see Spirit as an option when I looked, but it is always possible I missed something.

    @Katherine, I know you will be in good company with the multiple computer deal. Good luck!

    @Jimmy, thanks!

    @Sid, you can use the points however you want once they are in your account.

    @Kelly, yes, they were hard to get. Honestly, I imagine this year it will be even harder. It is certainly worth a shot, but they will be gone in a flash.

    @Gary, I would think that even at that rate they are good for pretty much however you are going to use them. 😉 I am sure that historically people have been able to use these miles however they want, including transferring to airline miles. It is always possible that there will be some new restriction created in the future, but it has not been a problem in the past.

  14. New to Wyndham, and feeling quite dumb as I don’t see any link on their page to buy points. Where do you buy 48K for $165?

  15. Blogger, your decimal point usage with the cents is confusing me a bit. In this example: “That means you would have 20,000 United miles for $128. Amazing. That is about .64 cents each.”

    Do you mean to say 64 cents, or $0.64 (the same thing)? Or do you mean to say 0.64 of a 1 cent, i.e. less than 1 cent?

  16. A newbie question….will any Amex branded card (like Citi AAdvantage Amex) will work or we need to have American Express Gold or platinum type of card to get 10% discount?

  17. Oh boo! Some of these deals might have been something for me to try to get in on, but alas, I will definitely not be available and at a computer that week. Too bad these aren’t the deals for week 2!

  18. @ATKCHI, it isn’t available at Wyndham’s site. It will be available via the Daily Deals site for one day only (well, honestly for about one minute only) on April 23rd.
    @crismanila77, any Amex should work. I have even read reports of Amex gift cards working. (though I have not done that myself)
    @confused, sorry, the decimals can get confusing. It is 0.64 cents each (less than 1 cent per piece). Hope that helps!
    @Vinay, I believe any Amex is just fine. In fact, I have heard of Amex gift cards working, though I can’t personally vouch for that.
    @Autolycus, oh no! Hopefully there will be some more good deals in later weeks.

  19. Ok, since it’s free to play if you lose, I may as well try my luck. How does the pre-sale part work? It says to like them, so do I just click “like” on the Wyndham Worldwide Facebook page, and that’s it? If the code is just going to be on the Facebook page that morning, why do I even need to like them? Or will the code end up on my facebook page, and if so when? Not having done this before, I’m sure its very simple, but I haven’t quite figured it out yet.

  20. It is too bad that hotel points such as Wyndham Reward do not serve its purpose (i.e., are not used in hotels) but are converted to air miles. Flying is becoming a torture these days but it is amazing that airmiles are more valuable:)

    That being said, @Arizonaguy,
    How were you able to score so many packages? Did you have buddies sitting on different computers and clicking? I could barely get 32K points.

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