Monday Daily Getaway Deal: Priority Club Points for About $0.006 Each!

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I have already done an overview of the Week 1 and Week 2 deals from the Daily Getaways promotion, but I am going to do a closer analysis of some of the individual deals.  The first deal goes on sale tomorrow, Monday April 9th.  The first deal up is one that I plan to participate in.  The deal is from Priority Club, the points rewards program for Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Intercontinental Hotels, and more.  I don’t personally stay frequently in this chain of hotels currently, but I used to have many stays within the Priority Club program since my day job often took me to small Texas towns where these hotels were the best available options.

I also still like to use some strategic point redemptions with this program when cash or points redemptions within other programs are too high.  For example, I have a night coming up at the Crowne Plaza Times Square that I was able to lock in for 25,000 points.  Just before the award chart updated, that hotel rose to 35,000 points.  Considering that priority Club points can be obtained in a very inexpensive manner, that was a far superior deal to paying about $400 for a room or spending large amounts of SPG or Hyatt points for the night.  At roughly .6 cents per point (as in $0.006, or a little over half a cent per point), it cost me $150 for a mid-week night in Times Square at a very decent hotel.  Not bad.  Even at 35,000 points, that is still only $210 if you are obtaining points at that same price, which is a better deal than you would usually be able to find otherwise in the middle of the week in Manhattan.

What makes this deal somewhat less enticing for some than it otherwise might be is that Priority Club points can  unofficially be obtained on a regular basis for 0.6 cents each.  I’m not going to get into the details on doing that here, but just do a Google search and you will easily find out how to do that.  I will say that even to purchase points in that unofficial manner, you have to have at least 5,000 Priority Club points in your account, so this deal still makes sense to get you started if purchasing points in that unofficial manner is in your future.  Depending on the package you purchase, points will cost you around 0.67 cents per point if you don’t have an Amex card or 0.603 cents per point if you do have and use an Amex card.  (For what it is worth, there are so many deals and promos throughout the year that are specific to Amex, that I highly recommend having at least one Amex branded card in your wallet.  You can look here for the best current sign-up deals for various Amex rewards cards).  That is virtually the same price as obtaining the points via the unofficial route, and is a heck of a deal if you ask me.

The different points deals available advertise that they are for a Crowne Plaza, or Intercontinental, or Holiday Inn, etc., but the reality is that you are just purchasing a certain number of points that will be deposited in your account, and you can do whatever you wish with them.  My favorite type of redemption with these points are PointBreaks where nights are only 5,000 points each.  At 0.603 cents each, that is a hotel night for $30.15.  Can’t hardly beat that!

Other than PointBreaks, free rooms range in price from 10,000 – 50,000 points, depending on the hotel. The award chart has already been updated this year, so I would find it unlikely we will see further Priority Club point devaluation this year, though you never know for sure.

Here are the Priority Club deals available via Daily Getaways (prices listed without the 10% Amex discount):

  • 10,000 points for $67.  650 available – 130 during the presale.
  • One or two nights at a Holiday Inn, aka 25,000 points for $167.  420 available – 120 during the presale.
  • One night at a Crowne Plaza, aka 25,000 points for $167.  120 available – 25 during the presale.
  • One night at an Intercontinental Hotel, aka 40,000 points for $267.  300 available – 75 during the presale.
  • You can purchase a maximum of 5 sets of each of the Priority Club points deal, for a grand total of 20 points deals (though it is unlikely that anyone could actually successfully complete all of those purchases in time).
  • Points do not expire.

Since I am frequently looking ahead in case there is a US Airways Grand Slam this year, it isn’t a terrible idea to make sure you have some Priority Club points ready for a possible transfer to US Airways to count as a hit.  Last year it required 10,000 Priority Club points in order to convert to 2,000 US Airways miles and count as a hit.  Admittedly, about $60 is a pretty expensive hit, but figuring that you also get 2,000 US Airways miles in the transfer process, the “real” price of the hit itself comes down closer to $30-$36, if you value US Airways miles at somewhere between 1.2 – 1.5 cents a piece.  (If you have no clue what I am talking about with this Grand Slam talk, no worries, I’ll make sure you are all caught up before it hopefully comes back this fall).

There are some decent numbers of most of the Priority Club points packages available, I think those who are ready and online right when the presale and/or regular sale start on Monday at Noon Eastern and 1PM Eastern respectively, will have a very good chance at getting at least some of the packages they want.  Remember to “like” InterContinental Hotels & Resorts on Facebook in order to get a code to participate in the presale.  You can learn more about the presale and purchase these points directly on the Daily Getaways website.

Will you be getting in on this deal?



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    • @Colleen, these decimals do get confusing, so I have tried to clarify it some now. It is meant to say $0.006, or .6 cents, or a little over half a cent. Hope that helps some and sorry for the initial confusion. 😉

  1. MommyPoints,
    Do you know if the points obtained from this sale will count towards Priority Club status?

  2. MP
    I will defintely be getting in on the deal. However, can you please tell me if the 10% discount is only on actual Amex cards or other amex cards like Bank of America Virgin Atlantic Amex or Citi Amex. The reason is that I have some minimum spending to do on BOA amex cards…:)

  3. @Jordan, great question. They should, so that is another added benefit of getting points via this method.
    @ketelone, should be any Amex (I have even heard gift card Amexs work, though I haven’t tried that myself)
    @Jimgotkp, the Wyndham points are what I want the most as well. However, they will also be the hardest to get. 😉

  4. Has anyone seen the presale code on the IHG Facebook wall yet? It was supposed to show up this morning some time if you “Liked” them on Facebook.

  5. Thanks for sharing all the information about these promotions! I “liked” the IHG deals but don’t see the pre-sale code anywhere. Did they give a limited number of codes?

  6. Whew that was exciting! I got 10k with Amex via my iPad, nothing on PC. I am happy with a win in the first round as a points/miles neophyte. Back to laundry.

  7. @bayguy, happy to help. Congrats!
    @PerryPlatypus, good job and it should. 😉
    @caveman, be ready to go at 1PM Eastern and I bet you will have some luck if you are quick.
    @Jon, thanks for chiming in!
    @Sweeney, it is oddly exciting, huh? I need to do some laundry, too. Thanks for the reminder. Ha ha.

  8. They are really tricky. First they posted 9D327 on my facebook, and when I tried it, I was informed it was an invalid code. Then they changed it to 9D347….but by then it was too late.
    I wrote to them….let’s see what happens

  9. @Larry Abramson, I thought I was dyslexic – I went through the SAME thing and just thought I wrote it down wrong. Dang!

  10. Well I am a newbie I was able to get the 10,000 points twice but I had to go in two different times. I am thinking 20,000 points was a good deal for 120.00. Please tell me if I should have done it differently?

  11. This time I was able to go through the whole process and when my credit card was about to be charged, I got this message “Looks like something’s gone wrong — but we’re working on it. Please try again later.” This happened to me twice so either I will get two times the same purchase or it was a big joke. What a waste. I give up.

  12. @caveman, I got the same thing then realized that, if using an AMEX card, they want the 4-digit code from the front of the card, not the 3-digit code from the back of the card like other cards (even though there is a 3-digit code on the back of the AMEX also. I did that and all went well! I rarely use my AMEX so had to stumble upon this to figure out what was wrong.

  13. Only you and Loyalty Traveler seem to have posted about this — neither of whom do Email Subscriptions. Hence, once again, I have completely missed out on this opportunity.

  14. Sorry for those who had trouble with the code or error messages. That stinks! Sorry for those, like Thunderstorm, who didn’t find out about the deal in time. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @Mommy_Points to stay connected to deals like this!

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