What’s the Point: Best Easter Travel Memory

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First off, Happy Easter!  So far we have had a bunch of fun at my house enjoying what the Easter Bunny brought.  It’s normal to have Reese’s for breakfast one day a year, right?  I have to admit though, I do feel a little bad that my kiddo doesn’t quite understand that Easter Egg Hunts are a full-contact sport.  I remember Easters growing up with cousins sprinting around the yard to try and collect as many eggs as possible before someone else scooped them up.  Since she is the only kiddo, and has no cousins nearby to celebrate with, she just leisurely walks around pointing to the eggs and carrying them one at a time back to her basket.  We’re going to have to get her around some other kids next Easter!  Perhaps that is a good reason to do some Easter travel next year…  😉

Did your Easter plans take you away from home this year?  I remember my favorite Easter travel memory was my first semester at NYU for grad school.  I started there during a Spring semester and went home for my first visit at Spring Break in March of that year.  I figured I would not make it back home to visit until the semester ended in May.  However, a last minute fare from LaGuardia to Houston popped up in the weekly Continental specials that week (back when the specials used to be pretty good), and I was able to fly home and surprise everyone for about $128.  I think that was also the trip when I got very lucky on the return segment and was able to be voluntarily bumped a few times in order to get some travel vouchers.  Miss some class in order to get free future travel?  I chose yes.  The best part of the trip was certainly walking into where my parents were having lunch the day before Easter (with my aunt’s help) and seeing how surprised they were that I was home, but getting bumped a couple of times going home didn’t hurt either.

I loved reading The Points Guy’s post yesterday about spending 50,000 miles in order to get a last-minute domestic ticket to visit his 89-year-old grandmother for Easter.  While I love using miles and points to go to fun or exotic vacations, I am pretty certain that the best redemptions for me will always be the ones that involve bringing family together.  For me, that is the point.  I hope you are enjoying Easter Sunday (or Master’s Sunday as my dad calls it) wherever you may be.



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  1. “It’s normal to have Reese’s for breakfast one day a year, right?”

    What do you mean *ONE* day a year? tomorrow all of those Reese’s eggs will be on clearance and that will feed me for a week! Happy Easter!

  2. Thanks for the darling picture of Little C. Yes, she is getting to be a big girl, although she still looks like her dad to me. Mommypoints is right; time to start the socialization process so the holidays don’t come to mean “all about me”.
    I, too, enjoyed TPG’s post about using miles to connect with his family. If my mom were still alive she would be about the same age as his grandmother. But no amount of frequent flyer miles can get me to her now. I seem to rememmber Mommypoints as being the first to suggest that points and miles can have value other than for international flight. Thank you.

  3. Dad here. The memory of your unexpected Easter visit is still fresh. We were eating at Panera and a girl walked in and we commented that she looked like Summer. I guess so, since it was Summer. Surprise, Surprise. Good one. Thanks

    • Holy moley, my dad commented on my blog?! That is a first. Welcome, Dad! That was a pretty cool surprise. I remember talking to mom was I was driving from the airport to lunch pretending that I was still in Manhattan. Fun stuff!

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