Awesome Austin to San Francisco Deals Available on American – (Fare Gone)

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Update – didn’t take long and the fares went back up.  Congrats on anyone who got in!

I recently wrote about the sort-of mileage run that I did from Houston to San Francisco.  I loved my one night in San Francisco and wished I had more time there, but the reality that mileage running is not really ideal for families was emphasized when the severe weather at DFW could have easily caused me to not get home on time and caused me to get re-routed to United (thus making even getting the credit for the mileage run on American more difficult).  So, that being said, I won’t be jumping on this deal myself even though it is incredibly tempting.  However, if you have the time, money, and flexibility to make it work, then have at it!

Currently there are several dates in the April/May time-frame that you can fly from Austin – Dallas – San Francisco – Dallas – Austin for just $171.20.  If you use a discount code found on this thread, you can bring the price down to$160.98.  That route is about 1,654 miles, each way so the roundtrip would normally award 3308 miles, and that comes in at 4.8 cents per mile, which isn’t horrible.  However, with the current promo that awards double redeemable miles and double elite qualifying miles on the DFW-SFO portion of the trip (for residents of TX, IL, and CA that register for the promo), you are looking at earning 6,236 elite qualifying and redeemable miles for the trip.  That comes to 2.6 cents per mile, which is great.

If you happened to be lucky enough to be on the OneWorld MegaDO in January (like me), then you earn additional miles on top of that, as they are awarding triple redeemable miles through 5/31 if you can beat the amount you fly on AA last year by a certain percentage.  Frankly, I don’t even want to do the math to see how many miles I would be earning if I did this route and stacked both of those promos since I can’t do it regardless.  I’ll leave that to someone who can actually take advantage of it – ha ha!

Are you getting in on this deal?  If so, I am just ever so slightly jealous of you.  😉

Thanks to this Flyertalk thread for alerting me to the deal!

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  1. Why doesn’t AA offer the DEQM to denizens of every state? I understand they have hubs in TX, IL, and CA. And DFW-BOS round-trip is available to everyone. But they would probably get a lot more business if they opened every domestic route to anyone. What’s their strategy?

  2. Sorry for the super newbie question but I’m not seeing the same price you are. My wife has asking for me to take her to San Francisco for a few days so I wanted to check it out since Austin is only an hour away.

    When I select the flights on AA it says the price is $121 after promo code but then the price jumps up at checkout ($208) So I even tried the same exact flights as you with the same promo code I still see a higher price. Do you have to be elite to take part in the offer?

  3. Joel, you got me. I guess they are just really wanting to build in those markets.
    Daniel, looks like the price has already changed since this afternoon. It wasn’t an elite issue as I am not elite, but looks like fares went up quickly (which isn’t too uncommon)
    toomanybooks, very true. 😉

  4. Good find! I actually just booked my wife and me SW flights from AUS to SFO for 20k SW Rapid Rewards total. If I had waited a week, I could’ve scored. Oh well, at least I got a pretty great award rate.

    • @Noob, I’m pretty sure with Southwest that you can just cancel reservations made with points and get the points back, so you should have switched! 😉 You did get a good award rate though, enjoy the trip!

  5. I got in on this and posted it on my blog. I don’t need the miles per se, but it’ll help me when it comes time what to do AFTER 100K EQM on American… whether to credit to AA for MM miles, or AS for MVPG status. I’m thinking anything under 500 actual miles is going to AS as a segment credit.

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